Where to Buy CBD in UK: Effects of High Potency Marijuana, CBD | JRE Pot Debate

Joe Rogan - Effects of High Potency Marijuana, CBD | JRE Pot Debate

Where to Buy CBD in UK: CBD Cream For Pain

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If I don’t put my glasses I don’t know what the [ __ ] they’re saying oh my people don’t get depressing it actually I’m saying psychosis is a different thing okay okay I think we are discussing overall mental health yes I mean look I’m saying this because I really think that this is something that I’ve made a big turn over the last few years with myself that I don’t quit bathroom break yes please go I don’t think marijuana is as safe as I used to think it is I used to think it was benign I really used to think there was no big deal but I have a friend that I discussed the other day who was a really confident [ __ ] muscular a handsome man that never did anything and he took a marijuana edible to go to sleep and for two weeks this guy was like this is a different guy not that I was taught it’s not Rafi no a different guy he took it and he experienced suicidal thoughts and and all these he had like severe consequences I think that the human beings we vary so much biologically that to just make this overall blanket statement of what’s good for you is good for me is irresponsible and I’ve been irresponsible as saying that well one reason it’s interesting what out reason I think that alcohol is so widely accepted despite all the problems it causes and again alcohol can certainly cause problems yeah is that alcohol affects most people pretty much the same way you know if and you sort of know if what somebody looks like when they have one drink when they have five drinks got some dress I’ve got some friends that get those gerbil eyes you ever see when they start talking crazy but you sort of know that and you sort of know how long it’s gonna take to clear your body and you yes cannabis is so different it’s a really complicated drug and it does affect different people in different yes and also the tolerance has changed yes so you know people say well two and a half milligrams of THC you vape it that’s like one drink for somebody who you know who doesn’t use but then if you if you’re a tolerant user you can use 200 milligrams in a day that’s 80 drinks it’s a weird drug and then there’s the issue of eating it yes when you eat it your body produces something called eleven hydrogen’s on a tab alight it’s a far more psycho action you were all along for the ride when that happens yes you are yes and it can take days for it to get out of your system I know many people have eaten marijuana edibles and then they call me up the next day like dude I’m still hot yeah yeah so so so I think I think the legalization community has sort of said for years like oh there’s basically no downsides to this there’s only upsides the cops will bus smokers they’ll be tax revenue all these people have a way to get high that’s clearly safer than alcohol and unfortunately that’s just not true I think you’re right and I think the the issue that people from what I’ve read are having with your book or people that are marijuana advocates that think that your position is unbalanced and that you’ve ignored the positive aspects of THC in terms of like what he was talking about cognitive benefits for people with psychotic episodes and that you were only focusing on the negative plead guilty today yeah because I think that for 20 years people have only heard the positive right eye I think that’s I think that’s also I’ll plead guilty that myself because I think that I’ve only been discussing the positives and one of the things that I’ve tried very hard to do and one of the things I’ve learned how to do from doing this podcast and experiencing criticism and communicating with a bunch of different people with a lot of different viewpoints is examine my own positions and try to figure out am i coming at this from a truly balanced position or am i trying to support a conclusion that I started out with and I’m trying to you know somehow or another back up my own work or back up my own just my own statements and and and sort of prop them up instead of being really honest and objective right it’s very difficult to do listen I wrote a book called tell your children that yeah about marijuana mental illness and violence you’re I don’t think you can you can think that that book is gonna be a compendium of the pros and cons above if you want to tell your children the truth though you really do want to tell them the pros and cons right and you did indicate Alex you said you know we should tell people the truth yeah in the book right so you know I think that when you’re telling and you’re saying that that you’re telling the truth and Alex I’m agreeing with you that you’re telling part of the truth right but part of the truth is you know a little bit deceiving and deceptive it in some ways right you want to tell the whole truth when you tell the whole truth then you give the whole story and then people can actually make you know a good informed decision based upon that like if people are going to just read one part of the story then of course they’re going to make a decision just based upon that one part they’re not going to make you know an informed decision based upon all of the price and because of that people are going to make you know some very poor choices I completely agree with that but to me the last 20 years have been an exercise in the other side in the legalization side doing a very very good job talking up its arguments and essentially there’s there’s almost nobody on the other side there’s this one I bet what’s got Jeff Sessions you had the [ __ ] goddamn attorney general that’s telling people that good people don’t smoke marijuana that’s literally a quote yeah God that little morons not an office anymore but that’s that’s a terrible thing to say people don’t smoke marijuana there’s a lot of wonderful people who smoke – is not true and and and by the way I think this is a personal choice okay especially for adults yeah okay and and you can make bad personal choices you go look I play cards I’d love to play poker I’m said that on this trip to LA I didn’t get to go to a poker room but you can go a new casino and you can see people of Los Angeles but you can go to a casino and see people who’ve lost their houses it doesn’t mean that gambling should be illegal it also means that there’s less and more dangerous forms that device in your hand where you can bet on what the next pitch is gonna be gonna be a ball or a strike yeah that’s more dangerous than my having to drive to the commerce and play there and one hundred percent or 98 percent THC that an 18 year old vapes is a lot more dangerous than a 5 percent you know CBD 15 percent THC product the doctor heart might suggest his patient uses once a night to go to sleep but that that’s the message that you know we should be putting out there right we shouldn’t just be you know focusing on one side of the story like that part you know should also be you know and in the book and like you know your book you know in some ways has made me rethink the way that I write you know because my first book was co-authored with Jeremy cost and called friendly fire you know my second book that I’m writing now is called cannabis for PT G so it’s how to transform post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth right because I feel that and you know we all know examples of people that have you encountered really difficult obstacles in their life and some people have you know succumb to that stress and they’ve gone down you know the wrong path kind of thing and then other people have used that stress to their advantage and they’ve actually become you know better because of it and you know CBD and THC can both help facilitate that process you know when you’re looking at someone like like a veteran for example you know the hallmark of someone with PTSD is someone who doesn’t leave their home and they can’t sleep at night so like when I see a debt in my office a lot of the times they’ll be leaving their home like five to ten days a month right so when you give them CBD and this is really important for people understand CBD has been shown to decrease learned fear that’s incredible right so if you can get people outside of their home because I’m not talking about again you know someone who’s you know too nervous to like go to a you know at the bar with like the friends or some like that I’m talking to people who like you know it’s difficult for them to go to the grocery store just like pick up a few things so you know those are the type of people that I see in my practice with CBD is really excellent for that then when you look at you know the the nighttime component you know THC again is excellent for reducing nightmares that’s been shown in studies and it was even shown with one pharmaceutical drug now blown again I don’t really use now blown very much because it’s only one cannabinoid and I do believe in the entourage effect and using all of the cannabinoids so I don’t use that that much but that shows that she she can reduce nightmares and you know if you have you have you have PTSD I mean if you talk to someone who has PTSD and again this is this comes from a clinician support of you they will tell you I will try anything and that’s the same way when you get with like you know the parents of kids who have see shoes all day nobody wants to see that yeah and like Alex you know if your kids you know ever started getting getting seizures which you know I hope I hope they don’t because it’s it’s terrible you know what it can do to people but your when if that ever happened you know I would hope that you would consider you know CBD as a potential treatment I think she’s not against that I think we have to be really clear as tension like CBD you know again CBD at all I don’t know I don’t think anybody is I think no one really is arguing except maybe the federal government in certain levels is arguing against CBD that’s probably some pushback from the pharmaceutical industry the reality is CBD has proven to be at least as far as I’ve read very safe and very effective for a bunch of different disorders especially those that are about reducing and have it something do with inflammation or seizures yeah one of my good friends his son has developed seizures and CBD knocked it out just killed it this is very recently you know you’re somebody who’s you know who’s a cannabis user you obviously know a lot of users why do you think it is that people you know in legal states where they can really express a preference they can go into a dispensary know exactly what they’re buying why is it that they want such high potency THC product because they get used to it your tolerance develops it builds up you know every year we do this thing called sober October well we don’t do any no drinking no no pot and then we do some sort of crazy challenge me and three of my buddies and when we do it what it’s it’s very interesting how your tolerance is radically reduced like I’ll smoke pot at the end of that month and I’m like holy [ __ ] like I don’t even know what I’m talking about in the mid-sentence and I’m just bullets creaked whereas you know now like I smoked a little weed last night did some stand-up had a great old time there’s no issues with it at all but I’m used to it and if the weed that I smoked last I assume you don’t smoke right I do not okay if you and me were together last night and I gave you a hit of my joint you’d be still there in the corner in the fetal position gone what and the [ __ ] is going on because the marijuana is ridiculously powerful but once you’re accustomed to it once your body acclimates it’s really not that big of a deal the problem is you you’re dealing with a lot of habitual daily users and for those people like my friend Joey Diaz there’s a video of him giving this other comedian how many milligrams of those stars of death Oh Tilly like when we give Owen what did he give oh I think just one he ruined his life and about 200 to 250 oh I made a video but the day changed Owens life like literally [ __ ] the guy’s head up like he went outside he vanished he’s gone yeah well I think I think there’s a real argument to be made it’s particularly with him well I was gonna make two points on that so you definitely can develop a tolerance yeah and I tell people all the time trying to take at least one three-week break but the evidence does show that if you stop for four weeks generally all your receptors return and it’ll be like you’ve never used cannabis before yeah and that’s even with people who are really really heavy users I can go back and get the study but I mean these people are you using I’m pretty sure it was like close like seven joints a day well really heavy users and noop dogs a good example of that you know my friend Tony Hinchcliffe his good buddies with Snoop Dogg and he said Snoop Dogg just smokes all day and he just like is always high and you know you’re like well what do you do when you’re not high he’s like what I’m never not high so everything he does he is high as [ __ ] everything he does look for that guy it’s not that big of a deal and for the way he lives his life like he’s just a relaxed easygoing guy it’s no problem you could be high all day and live his life and he’s obviously wildly successful with this strategy yeah loudly second point I was gonna I was gonna make on that too though was there does not appear to be any tolerance at the cb2 receptor so she she attaches to the cb1 receptor and that’s and that’s where we know we can get tolerance you know some people you know they they have some pain they use some THC and sometimes they need a little bit more same sometimes asleep you know they use THC it’ll work and then we’ll stop working with CBD – we haven’t seen that meaning like the people who you know get get seizure control generally they don’t need to increase of dose like the girl I was talking about earlier you know I first subscriber I think when she was 20 and she was by him 20 she’s 25 now she’s never increased her dose and she’s just used the same amount to CBD for the last think we should really stop talking about CBD I just wanted to make a note on the on the Italian someone I just want to make a note that CB to the doesn’t appear to be tolerance it’s all yeah it’s just there’s just such a significant impact when when it comes to especially edible THC it’s a there’s a significant impact on people’s state of mind and it’s not always good no that’s just a fact we

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