Where to Buy CBD in UK: “CBD is One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Tried for Anxiety”

Joe Rogan "CBD is One of the Best Things I've Ever Tried for Anxiety"

Where to Buy CBD UK

CBD does that too it’s better better for you than all that stuff seems to be no side effects okay all right the side effects is people think you’re a hippie that’s the only side effect right

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The Joe Rogan experience gotta get off the CBD oil man his mess around your brain man you can’t be too relaxed right yeah that’s CBD [ __ ] it saves vacations for me I don’t stress out like it’s it’s it’s I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tried for anxiety it’s it’s weird and I didn’t even know I had anxiety until I started taking CBD I think these little jammies these are this is uh this will [ __ ] you up though this is one in one one part CB don’t put this one but yeah it does not put this in your you can put in your butt but you will get no nervous you’re gonna get paranoid but it’s it’s a weird like the CBD THC high is a different high because CBD does something to alleviate anxiety it sort of just leaks makes you comfortable with your own demise lets you do the existential angst is the flames don’t seem so hot so you like yeah we’re all gonna die yeah but right now we’re not dead cool look at the colors let’s feel that feel the warmth the Sun but this uh this is not like funk this is not functional like you don’t wanna I don’t do this if I have anything super important to do but but just CBD oil hmm I just find it it did puts you in a great place okay like it but I’m journal not topical its internal yeah topical is really good for muscle aches okay it’s really good really the probably the best thing I’ve ever found for like a alleviating soreness and stiffness and stuff like that because I found I was yeah in Europe all of a sudden discovered that they actually had ibuprofen like cream to put on ibuprofens terrible for you alright really really bad what I found out was that if you let your pets lick it they get liver failure and die so don’t did you guys accidentally didn’t know I had a person who works at the Humane Society I mentioned you know mentioned that I found this stuff and like I just in desperation and Europe like she had some storm muscles and uh she’s like don’t let your pets like that cuz they were trying to kind of figure why these kittens were dying Oh God my friend Cameron Haynes is a runner and he runs marathons and runs ultra marathons he runs he’s 240-mile Moab [ __ ] ridiculous runs that last three days and he was having like all this joint pain so he’s taking ibuprofen every day of st. taking 800 milligrams not just once but sometimes twice a day and he was just constant aches and pains so dr. Rhonda Patrick had been on the podcast she was talking about the dangers of ibuprofen and about what it does to your gut biome and how much it [ __ ] you up and it actually creates inflammation and actually can cause stress or it can cause strokes rather and all sorts of horrible horrible things so I call him up and I said hey man that stuff’s fine to take every now and then for a headache but you can’t take that [ __ ] every day you just can’t do it and you’re you’re [ __ ] your body up just get off of it and I sent him the recording he listened to it he’s like Jesus Christ I don’t have a stroke so he gets off of it all his pain goes away it turned out his pain was being caused not just by the running but by the fact that he was creating inflammation by destroying his gut biome by taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen 2 times a day so the idea of like fixing himself was [ __ ] him up crazy death chasing that yeah yeah so [ __ ] ibuprofen okay well we don’t I take it every now and then but you can’t take it every day so you’re a liar no I mean just saying don’t take it every day but if I had like a bad headache I’ll take you some Tylenol or some [ __ ] it’s not Tylenol right Advil yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s just not something you’re supposed to take all the time yeah I never realized it was doing what you said yes I was more achy than I should be and then like you know bad night out you didn’t drink enough water right okay boom coming ahead yeah then you’re fine you can still do that but CBD does that too it’s better better for you than all that stuff seems to be no side effects okay all right the side effects is people think you’re a hippie that’s the only side effect right

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