What Will Help Me Lose Belly Fat Fast in 7 Days


I have done Lucy’s recommendations for 5 days now and I can say it works. I have lost a couple inches round the stomach where I carry a lot of my weight and I am now comfortable in t-shirts. Which I didn’t think would happen again. Thank you so much Lucy, your the best. You have restored a lot of my self confidence.

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this is a seven-minute workout that you followed this for seven days to lose between one to two inches from your waist and as a qualified weight loss expert and fitness trainer with over 25 years experience I know what works so I’ve put together this program you follow it exactly for seven days and I’ve had such an incredible response on Facebook social media that I decided to create it as a video for you in real time now if you haven’t done a warm-up hit the pause button now March on the spot for one minute if not we will get straight into this seven minute workout so the first move we’ve got coming up you’ve got ten seconds before it starts just so you can see the move we are just doing the straight leg kicks and taking the opposite hand towards the foot you’re going to be doing this for a duration of 60 seconds so the key thing with this is keep your back nice and straight and this exercise routine that I’ve designed for you is going to be doing two things we’re going to look at doing calorie burning so we are going to be reducing any excess of body fat which means we’re going to be helping to reduce any belly fat then also all these exercises that I’ve specifically created for you are going to be toning and strengthening and sculpting through your waist and your tummy muscles alright that’s good so you’re doing another 30 seconds so the aim is you are going to do this workout seven days in a row so for the first day today you can have my voice on so you can hear the narration and the coaching then when you do day two day three day four etc you can mute me and have on your favorite music but please promise me you do this for seven days because I know you are going to love the results and let’s go last five seconds four three two and one alright so move number two you’ve got a ten-second preview before we start I’m gonna hold the arms up in front and you’re just going to take one foot from one side to the other it’s called a pendulum swing if you don’t like doing impact and jumping you can just step that from one side to the other so this one here we are gain we are helping to increase your calorie burn we’re toning through your waist we’re working through those abdominals it’s good and we’re just doing it non-stop again we are that duration of 60 seconds but you’re already 20 seconds down you just got 40 seconds to go and keep thinking about the benefits remember in life if you put in 100% you get in results of 100% back so that’s where I really want you to focus this week I’m doing this for seven days non-stop and also aim to do it first thing in the morning that way you have then preset your metabolism your calorie burn for the rest of the day all right that’s good and we’ve just got lost 10 seconds coming up now of this move so let’s just keep going it’s feeling challenging but just think you’re increasing your heart health your fitness your well-being so we are doing more than dropping the inches all right we’ve got three let’s go two and one so move number three that we’re going to be doing this one we’re going to reach up tall and walk out if you find it too hard to come all the way down onto the ground what I suggest you do this move standing close to a sofa and you can then just walk your hands out onto the sofa and then come back up if you find it too hard to come all the way down onto the ground so we’re walking out so this one again we are still increasing your calorie burn and we’re performing an exercise which is also then going to help to really strength and develop those tummy muscles that’s good reach up and then walking that out that’s good keeping that going reaching up so you are nearly halfway through on this one that’s good and reaching that back up and remember the more you exercise and if you do this for the duration of seven days everyday you do it you’re increasing in your health but you are also increasing your active a muscle tissue which means you are going to reset your metabolism it is going to naturally speed up your metabolic rate so you will find that you are burning more calories every day as a result of doing these workouts and we have now got last five seconds I’ll count you down for let’s go three two and one alright so for our next move move four we’re going to do a skater’s lunch so we are just taking it from one side to the other now with this one it’s a really good calorie burning and if you really exaggerate bringing that arm over do that for 60 seconds that’s going to help shape and sculpt into the that’s good and so we’re well over half ways well over halfway through today’s workout so let’s just keep going keep focused and remember right now you are investing in you and your health and I know as a trainer with over 25 years experience I know how to transform our bodies and our minds these are results from my workouts of every single age every background people that have never even worked out before or I’ve worked out you’ve done diets and their weight has yo-yoed backwards and forwards mine is about keeping the results it’s about a lifestyle it’s about seeing your body change that’s good and let’s just keep going you’ve got last 10 seconds coming up now and let’s just keep going you can do it and I’ll count you down from the last five nearly done so this is really a nice aerobic exercise and sculpting three let’s go two and one alright so we are already now on move number five now this one you’re going to be in a split stance and it’s as if you’re about to sprint and we’re going to do 30 seconds on one leg then we will change to the other leg okay so let’s drive that up that’s good so with this one here the benefit here you are working through your upper body you’re working through your middle body we’re toning through your abdominals we’re working on your core stability we’re also timing through the legs let’s just keep that going that’s good and you want to keep pushing yourself when it feels challenging that’s when we really get the results that’s good we’ve got 10 more seconds left on this leg then we’re going to change to the other side let’s go for take it three two and one let’s now change take that to the opposite leg so you’re driving that leg up as if you’re about to run keep going that’s good then we just got two moves after this so we’re nearly done today keep thinking of those benefits a look at these real results this is as a result of simply working out and eating a healthy diet alright that’s good let’s go last ten seconds and then we’ve got from now let’s drive it up go five take it four three two and one alright so move number six stand with your feet wider than shoulder it’s distance part we’re going to reach the hands up and then down to the side so this one here again we are just increasing with calorie burn but also what we’re doing now we’re shaping into the waist this is where we’re going to lose those inches take it from one side to the other make sure you don’t mean forwards neither lean backwards you’re literally just going down to one side and really take that arm out as far down try and get it but on to the line of the knee reach it across that’s good coming down so these side bones are really good for working your internal and external obliques which means these crisscross muscles across your waist have to draw in those tummy muscles that’s good and reaching it over so we are less than halfway through on this one it’s good and you’ve just got now twenty seconds to go let’s keep that going each time try and come down a little bit further and then we’ve got the last move now the last move we’re going to come down onto the ground to perform the abdominal crunch if you don’t like doing exercises on the floor for your tummy you can stand up and just do neela for 60 seconds alternating knee lifts all right so let’s now come down onto the ground this is a move seven fingertips to the side the head we’re going to criss cross so you take the elbow over towards the opposite knee we’re doing this for a duration of a sixty Seconds the reason why I’ve chosen you this abdominal exercise to do is this one engages all three major muscles so we are working through what’s known as the transverse abdominus with your deepest abdominal muscle it’s also working through your internal and external obliques that’s what shapes the waist and then it’s working on the top muscle the rectus abdomen one that is attached from underneath your ribs all the way down to the pubic bone alright you are doing really well you have just got now last 30 seconds for me so keep going that’s good it’s all about pushing yourself to the max remember we are just doing seven minutes and you are just doing seven days for me and non-stop we are going to get amazing results and because we’re just doing seven minutes we’re not going to worry about a rest day we’re just going to go for it seven days to see one to two inches off your waist and let’s just go for it you got lost five seconds from now four take it three two and one and that is your seven-minute workout complete now I’m going to quickly run through a cool-down stretch and also some tips for you if you really want to see results if you need to hit the pause button to grab some water if not we will get straight into doing a summer stretching so the first thing that we want to do is it’s a good idea to actually take your measurements today and if you can with a tape measure measure around the narrowest a part of your waist it’s also a really good idea to measure at the widest part of your hips because you might find that it comes off more from the hips or it might come off more from the abdominals but if you make a note of these two measurements and in just seven days if you stick to it but what you need to be is be strict and make sure you don’t miss out on a workout the other thing is be super good with a nutrition and I promise you if you do that you will see results okay that’s good and the great thing is by doing this challenge it’s also going to really help to re-energize you it’s going to get you on that positive Road that healthy and lifestyle and the nutrition it simply doesn’t have to be about eating just a lettuce leaf you can enjoy food there are so many lovely recipes and don’t forget I’ve got my healthy eating book which has got lots and lots of quick easy healthy recipes that are easy to make it’s good make sure the supporting legs slightly bent upon that one and let’s not just take the arms behind just feel stretch through that upper back and remember with Fitness fitness rewards you in so many ways there will be so many benefits you were going to get from today’s workout you now will have so much more energy you will feel in control it helps improve your confidence your health your well-being your mental state absolutely everything and just let’s reach the arms up so we have also worked through the arms the legs absolutely everywhere so well done if you liked today’s video please give it a thumbs up if you’re not already hit that subscribe button if you like it please share it on Facebook and as a qualified online trainer with over 25 years experience I know what works and how to get new results so seven days come back and let me know how many inches you lost

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