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Welcome back everyone good to see everyone again and we have some great callers all lined up and we’re just going to dive right in there’s a lot of stuff we want to talk about today if there’s anything that i say that even borders on the area of hearing anything i take no responsibility that’s between you and your doctor check with your doc before taking any advice and that way you can keep me out of trouble

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How about that all right so we have uh how about russ let’s take russ uh on and hi you’re first up ross welcome to the show glad to be here how you doing russ i’m doing great today dr burke how are you doing excellent so i actually talked to you a couple of years ago um just on the phone but uh today’s question is completely different so you have a very distinct voice and i do remember uh your voice somewhere so that’s cool yeah i guess that’s a good thing yeah so go ahead with your question there russ okay yeah so um my question i wrote this in and this is just your advice on it i know that you can you know not really diagnose anything or give me any recommendations against what my doctor’s uh telling me to do um so essentially uh after high school right now i’m 25 years old so maybe around 19 or 20 um i was getting really into working out and i was taking like testosterone boosters let’s just say um and now i’m at the point where my levels are very low and i went to the clinic a few years back to have my testosterone levels drawn and they came back about 300 so they put me on trt and i was on trt for a couple of years maybe almost three years and then when i moved here to florida it was actually right before the pandemic and i was like all right i’m just gonna get off and see if i can get my levels back to normal and they just never raised i went to get them tested recently and they were 113 which is pretty crazy low um and then i was like all right you know what i’m gonna i’m gonna let it go a little bit longer it’s been like five six months now that i’ve been completely off treatment and then i went to get my levels tested again and they were 268 so still pretty low and i guess i would just ask you if you have any recommendations uh whether it be just natural herbs or eating or working out i’ve i’ve tried everything i’ve tried supplementing with you know glutathione and just trying to get more sleep it’s pretty hard to do intermittent fasting right now because it just feels like i’m completely drained all the time um so yeah just i guess your opinion on that would be great okay so we have the hormone which is the communication and that’s kind of where the problem is we have uh low testosterone so um what i would do i would start supporting the gland itself not and not even worry about the hormone because um i think excuse me um those years of taking this it just kind of caused your own body to kind of shut down the production so there’s a really good product out there by a company called standard process and it’s called or checks or checks by standard process i would recommend taking that and you just need to take like not a lot probably just one before a bed for maybe three months because that’s going to give certain parts of your body all the required parts that it needs to build back up and restore that function the main thing is to not do any not take anything that relates to testosterone itself because that’s going to like create a resistance and now you’re like you’re going to be dependent on taking more of that also testosterone follows the pathways of growth hormone so anything you can do to enhance growth hormone now of course fasting would be great but you’re kind of too tired so then you get into exercise short bursts of high intensity of exercise lots of rest lots of sleep and and the biggest thing that inhibits testosterone is the stress which i know you probably don’t experience any stress um ever so i’m being sarcastic but anything you could do to extract stress from your body and sleep more is going to be very therapeutic but that’s what i would do and then just give it more time it seems like it’s coming back up but you know i think you’re 25 so you have a lot of potential to get this thing back to normal make sure you take enough zinc as well because that that will help you as well okay goodly noted yeah i wrote down that product it’s orchard o-r-c-h-e-x is how you spell it yes that’s right yeah i used to use it when i was in practice it works great for these situations and um a lot of people don’t even know about it but it’s a it’s a very powerful it doesn’t have any hormones in it but it actually just builds up the gland so um let us know how that works for you okay that’s great russ you did a terrific job the rest of you folks in the green room there have a hard act to follow that’s for sure now why don’t we kick it off with a quiz question and doc if you would ask this of the audience okay so what food contains the most wow uh steve i think we have uh an older quiz uploaded so i’m just going to ask the question okay we have an older question there somehow that slipped in there the first question is um why does androgens like testosterone since we’re on this topic in women with pcos why does androgen increase when you have pcos what’s behind that that’s the first question for everyone but this relates to females yeah there’s a condition called pcos where they pcos where they have high levels of androgen so they have facial hair they have a deeper voice acne weight gain hair loss and the question is why is that occurring what’s behind that all right that’s terrific doc we’ll see if we can’t queue up the correct questions and if you’d like why don’t we go to uh mark and let me unmute mark just a moment please we’ll go to mark in colorado beautiful golden colorado your old neck of the woods i think doc wisconsin close though good morning dr berg yeah i’m originally from iowa so i know about wisconsin okay that’s where i went to school that’s cool wonderful um so i had my gallbladder out six years ago and so i i have some i i started keto about seven weeks ago which has been wonderful um i’m 64 years old and and i need to lose weight and be in better health um so i’m i’m somewhat concerned about how much dairy i’m able because i love cheese too and then i have a large prostate and and um had some biopsies last month and out of 14 biopsies i have cancer one and and so i’m wondering about estrogen and and not wanting to raise that and my testosterone levels so any recommendations with with those two with those two issues yeah so you do you do have cancer that’s what they said yes okay is it uh what stage is it do you know the glycine score was seven three plus four they um they say it’s a low risk cancer so they’re going to watch it for six to six to 18 months something like that and they’re going to watch my psa my psa was at 62 i think um but but they said my my prostate was at a like 160 grams where where um normal is like i don’t know 60 to 80. and they and they they put me on testosterone um to try to shrink my prostate but my urine flow was not good with it and so um i’m not sure i’ll talk to my urologist about whether to continue that or not but any sort of feedback would be great okay well i have some good news and some not so good news the good news is that there’s a lot of potential for improvement in that area there’s a guy that contacted me probably several months ago uh maybe maybe six maybe even a year ago his name is uh guy tundel uh tendon ball balm tunden bone um he had stage four prostate cancer it spread to his bones he has he had like um i think it was three weeks to live well it’s been two years now he’s uh they can’t find any more cancer and um he’s doing amazing and from that we’re even gonna help to sponsor some researchers doing some studies to just to really nail down exactly why he’s still alive but the point is that if you watch my video interview with him and in his channel which actually is in french but he i think he has some english videos he can kind of tell you what he did he did a lot of you need to be doing a lot of fasting um unfortunately you’re going to have to this is the bad news you’re going to have to put the cheese sink to the side for a while okay i’m sorry but that’s the bad news um and um it’s just because there’s too many hormonal factors that can stimulate growth but i think given the fact that the um the type of cancer you have is um low risk i think you have a really good chance of cleaning everything up in your diet making sure that you’re doing all the things i recommend with the cruciferous and the fasting and the low carb and just pull out of this thing a to b um but i would highly recommend doing routine uh strict intermittent fasting with a minimum of 18 hour fasts and i would definitely definitely do frequent periodic fasting right now just to help shrink things and put you in a better uh state so your doc says wow everything’s normal and so i would do every week every week you fast for um 48 hours i would do that okay if you and then every month if you can go longer i think that’s going to create a really huge change for you um you you want to really be careful about anything with soy um and estrogen and you’re gonna have to do like a lot of organic foods and and and support the liver too if when you eat salads like make sure it’s like throw some kale in there some cabbage routinely try to get a lot of those foods in there because that’ll just i mean it does several things it’ll actually cause the cancer cells to commit suicide it’ll help string things and then if you have a good amount of garlic every day that’ll be good if you actually go to my last keto summit and you get the digital recordings the first video is about cancer and it’s also about what to eat and it’s also i interview guy and you’ll get a lot of data from that i think that would be well worth it to get all that data there’s a lot there so just take one thing at a time but wonderful yeah i’m currently i’m currently eating at noon and at six or seven and and i’m trying to close that window and and go to one but i haven’t gotten there yet do you do you get hungry um if i if i don’t have any keto treats i don’t get hungry once i eat the keto treats then they start getting hungry i hear you i hear that’s a that is a good point um yeah so you just got to keep yourself really busy um and keep those treats you know away from you because you’re right if it’s in the house it’s like well let me just have one and then it’s over all right thank you so much hey you’re welcome you’re welcome all right steve what do we have as an answer for the first question which is um why do women or young teenage girls have high levels of estrogen if they have pcos um high levels of androgen if they have pcos all right guys well the audience says 30 say a decrease in testosterone uh we just spoke about that 35 percent say an increase in estrogen and 35 a uh increase in insulin uh resistance so we got any winners out there okay we have 30 winners um i think that um it just uh you know tells me that 30 of people are watching my videos so that’s good um i was hoping to be more like 40 but uh it’s insulin when you have high levels of insulin you’re going to get high levels of androgens if you have pcos and the young female who ask this question i’m doing a whole video for you by the way i was on social media do you want to know i’m like under 18 years old why am i getting pcos it’s simply because you have high levels of insulin that’s the only reason and it’s very a to b you just need to lower insulin they rarely test test insulin you can’t really tell what’s going on with insulin by checking your blood sugars that’s a different test you have to check a fasting insulin test and it will be high if you have pcos the specific test is called homa ir um and then what you can do is you can just start getting a healthy keto go to my website download the free eating plan and then uh intermittent fasting with that so you’ll find that that is what you need to do to lower the insulin and you’ll start noticing these symptoms start improving pretty fast well that’s terrific and by the way the world for certainly dr berg the staff of dr berg and the whole world stand behind you mark uh with that cancer fight that you have and and we you know we hope and pray that uh you uh get past that and we’d love to hear from you again as you move through that process and speaking of the world why don’t we do a shout out so people are coming to us this morning or viewing in canada the uk uh hang on i think just as oh gosh azerbaijan uh kuwait saudi arabia india pakistan cameroon puerto rico ghana russia uh welcome russians botswana denmark germany belgium mexico algeria south africa good grief australia tunisia and all across these united states and if i didn’t say canada all across there and and wait did i say mexico i did because they’ve been unusually silent in past months so there they all are and how about if we uh go to these people are watching on social media to you uh jenny you jenny the person claims from youtube what is the best time of day to take zinc supplements what would you counsel eugene you know it this is a good question because it comes up quickly frequently when should i take certain supplements it’s a minor minor point in other words it’s not going to make a big difference if you take it before bed or in the morning or during lunch time just as long as you get in your body because the body is going to take it and then regulate it and use it when needed you don’t store a lot of zinc so it might last four days but um i would not i would do it when it’s most convenient for you i when i wake up in the morning i’ll take a big thing of water i’ll put some wheatgrass juice powder some electrolytes i use the the plain wheatgrass juice powder and then what happens is i’ll take the keto energy i’ll take my nutritional yeast and i’ll take the vitamin d and i’ll take uh the trace minerals and then i’ll take everything in the morning and then i’m done for the whole day um i do take my cod liver oil um pills as well but that’s pretty much what i do and that way you don’t have to worry about it now there are certain things that you would take right before sleep if you’re taking a sleep aid or for lunch or your your dinner if you have a digestive thing or a gallbladder you would take that around that time but other than that any time is totally fine wonderful okay wes sam from youtube is 15 years old congratulations can i do intermittent fasting even though i’m not an adult and you know i know doc you have talked about children of babies certainly there’s a point where you don’t want to do that so when can they switch over and be confident about doing intermittent fasting with all its great benefits well okay so there’s two situations if you’re a teenager or you’re a young adult do you have a weight problem if you have extra weight that’s a little different and yes you want to do a little bit more aggressive but you want to really make sure you take all your nutrients to because you’re growing and you want to it’s important you don’t want to just just do dirty keto um which is um any old quality type food as long as it’s low carb um now if you don’t have a weight problem and you want to do intimate fasting just because you want to get maybe get better grades because it helps your brain which is a smart thing to do then i would start out the first stage which is just three meals no snacks no snacks just eat more at the meal add more fat and then i think you can go to two meals as long as the meals are big enough if your metabolism is very very fast just eat more food and definitely more fats and make sure it’s nutrient dense i don’t know if i would go to one meal i would just do two meals a day and i think that would be totally acceptable if you’re getting all your nutrients and the main thing with young kids or growing adults is the the trace minerals the omega-3 fatty acids the b vitamins the vitamin c unfortunately the average american only consumes one and a half cups of vegetables so where they’re getting their folic acid where they’re getting their vitamin c where they’re getting their potassium or magnesium they’re not so they’re deficient and that can affect their development that can develop affect their cognitive performance so that’s why i always recommend something called healthy keto so if you follow that plan it’s my book even you can download it on my website it’s a free eating plan and and follow that to a tee and it should work for you all right well that’s great and by the way kenya and israel just chimed in so uh the the viewership continues to grow uh and doc i tell you what we have up next will be um our friend louie and we’re going to have him on but before that any of you folks that got an invitation to come online through the application process if it says busy keep trying kind of like the phone calls because we’re only allowed a certain number of folks in the queue and after they drop off then you’ll have an opportunity again so don’t give up on that and keep trying and then once again for some reason you’re not able to get in this week we’re going to put you to the top of the queue next week as we continue to accumulate uh you know names so hang on just a moment let’s unmute our friend louie and louie uh just stand by and welcome to the show dr berg you’re on with louie hi louie hello hi dr good morning happy friday happy friday i’d like to start off first first and foremost to honor you this morning i’ve been waiting to honor you for some time now the scripture says to give honor or honor is due and so i gotta tell you doc four years ago i was pretty ill i had not only did i have a fatty liver pre-diabetes gallbladder issues but eventually it led to cascaded to me having sibo candida brain fog it was awful i felt very ill and uh matter of fact i uh bouts of uh diarrhea nausea all day some vomiting and just i felt awful weight loss so i went to see my medical doctor and uh nice guy but probably gave me the worst advice you could ever have he said go vegan go vegan and eat your fruits and vegetables and don’t eat anything with fat don’t eat anything with a face on it you’ll be fine so i did i actually got worse obviously and so i uh you know i was pretty scared pretty scared because i didn’t know what to do i mean you can’t trust your medical doctor i mean so i got down on my hands and knees and did a lot of praying and praying and said lord you got to tell me what to do i mean i’ll do it just tell me and along this i found you and i know it was god led and i started researching and then i said okay i’m going to try this healthy keto approach with intermittent fasting i was pretty scared at first don’t get me wrong because eating fat was demonized right and so but the fasting i wasn’t afraid of so the fasting gave me immediate relief and the along with eating the protein i started feeling stronger and then i was afraid to eat the fat but i did it with the bile sauce i take your products which are amazing i started feeling healthier and stronger when we fast forward now here i am uh no longer have a fatty liver my liver enzymes are the first time ever within range i’m 50 years old now and my lymph is the first time in my life for my liver enzymes are completely within range my worst a1c was 6.4 now my best ones have been 5.2 wow yeah amazing huh and i’m trying to get it down to 4.9 as my goal okay i feel great um i do your keto and your courser healthy keto which approach is way different from what i see a lot of people doing dirty keto it’s not clean at all it’s awful so i’m helping people i’m a dr berg certified uh keto coach and it’s been an honor to to help other people family friends and and it’s just been a great journey i uh and i wanted to honor you i just uh i was praying about it and i unless even when i hear your music i said god lord this man has no idea how much he’s helped me and i hope i get the opportunity to honor him wow i really appreciate that um because i don’t sometimes i don’t i don’t i’m just doing some videos and then i don’t know who’s on the other end so it’s really nice to hear that and i appreciate you saying that absolutely absolutely so with anyway with that being said so my question for you is uh regarding metabolic flexibility i have my thoughts and opinions on that but i really would love to hear your uh your thoughts and opinion opinions on metabolic flexibility yeah okay so um that’s a condition where you can you your body is so thought adapted you can go you can kind of go off the program and then get right back on and your body just responds because you developed all the enzymes in the uh adapted mitochondrial enzymes for uh for the ketogenic diet your metabolic flexibility really depends on your history of insulin resistance if you did like what i did growing up living on junk food and pure sugar and carbohydrates and never eating anything healthy until you’re 28 years old then that could take some time to become more flexible so i would say the average person minimally it takes a month to start becoming flexible with your fedex adaptation as well as your ability to start to really get into some hardcore fat burning and then you if you if you kind of go off you can get right back on um but i would say it goes up to like maybe three months for some people and even longer um but the biggest thing is like even dealing with patients who are not very flexible in other words they go off and it takes them forever to get back and produce those same results especially if they’ve gone back and forth and back and forth forth and never really stuck to it long enough for it to work it’s all about building up that health reserve and there’s uh you’re up against time of having this problem so i think you’re gonna have to just in your mind if if you’re watching this give it a year a year maybe even two years that’s what you have to think with because it’s not going to happen overnight but as you do it and you stay consistent and that is the key then your body starts getting it’ll adapt to it just like even exercise like so many people just don’t give it enough time and they have to have the right technology and they have to do the right things but then it just takes time i know i’m 56 i think i’m 56 yeah it takes like my workouts compared to when i was 18 completely different back then i can just do something and see change immediately now it’s it takes there’s a long time it’s like because i have this age type thing in the middle it takes time but um that’s what i would say that’s how i would answer it um get your clients to uh stick with it consistently and um also you being a health coach um i’m gonna i’m gonna be getting with all my keto health coaches because i just created a really awesome power presentation that we’re going to be delivering to the public it’s a free orientation on getting everyone on the right thing right from the very beginning the keto program so that way we can do zoom meetings and actually just get everyone to do the right thing because what we’re finding out is that what people think is the right thing is not the right thing now apparently i know this might be shocking but they haven’t read my book from cover to cover um they may have watched videos and because i have like 5 000 they don’t they don’t necessarily have time to watch every single one i don’t know why that is but um so stay tuned i will be giving you that um that powerpoint and we’ll show you how to deliver it but i think we we all need to more help to spread the word and i think you being a keto coach can can just help so many people and it’s exciting and i appreciate those wonderful comments boy that’s terrific and his son levi is off to school great kid we got to know him a little bit this morning and i love this new format because we really get to see into the eyes and souls of people on here but we don’t want to forget the eyes and souls of people on youtube and facebook so let me bring someone in here for facebook manavi from facebook what is your advice for someone with ms that’s a tough one i did two videos on that and uh the the most important thing is high levels of vitamin d three because um there’s some research done that vitamin d3 can help to reduce greatly the inflammation that’s going on in ms and if you can actually just get rid of inflammation in any of the autoimmune diseases if you didn’t have that one factor you would be able to function somewhat normally so whether you have graves or hashimoto’s or ms or lupus whatever the key is that inflammation and vitamin d is the secret for that keeping that inflammation as low as possible watch my videos on ms you have to take higher amounts if you’re concerned about higher amounts of side effects just realize that the really only side effect from taking vitamin d is hypercalcemia which could lead to kidney stones but that you would have to take hundreds of thousands ius of vitamin d for months to be able to have that so if you’re taking 40 50 even 60 000 ius of vitamin d3 and you’re doing all the right things to prevent that you’re drinking two and a half liters of water a day um i think you you could actually get some serious benefits without having to worry about the risks um but yeah well that’s terrific doc i tell you why don’t you kick us off with the next question i’m unsecure insecure about whether i have the right one so go ahead and let’s let the audience know you’re batting a 100 there steve um so um can can exercise this is a yes or no question can exercise counter a shrinking brain with age this is not staying stuck it’s not sticking in my ear here um yeah so if you can exercise keep your brain from shrinking as you get older that’s the question yeah a particular concern with folks like me who is aging but i can feel it rattling around in there but i’m still able to form sentences so let’s see uh doc we’ve got that question out and let me look at who else is next how about sherry from the beautiful city of louisville in the beautiful state of kentucky let’s see so sherry is on with dr burke good morning sherry hi dr berg hi how are you doing pretty good well um i’m knocking on 50’s door um i’ve been doing keto since july 15 2018 and i’ve lost 120 pounds uh doing keto and intermittent fasting yeah and so like um the guy earlier i forget his name sorry um i have reversed a fatty liver and completely gotten rid of my brain fog but my blood pressure is still high and my inflammation is off the charts so it was so bad that my doctor my primary care physician you know referred me to a cardiologist but the cardiologist couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart um so i think i called in probably in february we weren’t doing the video thing yet but uh you recommended me to do the tocotrinol course for seven days and so i did and my question is do i need to do extended fasts to lower my blood pressure um and inflammation or what do you recommend so when you say you have inflammation was there a test that they did or did they actually okay what test remember what it was yeah i can’t remember the name but what the cardiologist told me was normal normal people’s number is one or below and mine is like at a ten or twelve okay do you feel inflammation in your body do i feel it yeah and your joints sometimes sometimes i feel like an overwhelming warmth in my body um but i i just don’t know you know i can’t really say that that is the inflammation because no one’s told me how it feels okay well you’ve come a long way and you still have ways to go and i think um the best the best thing for inflammation um which by the way is also really beneficial for uh for high blood pressure would be a good amount of vitamin d so i was curious are you taking any vitamin d i am i do your vitamin d3 um because on a previous call you had told me to to take i think like 20 000 i use um and so i i just do two a day um do you have a blood pressure cuff no do i need to get one yeah get one um get one and start tracking keep a log of your blood pressure and and then what i want you to do is i want you to try several things because we have to figure this out and that way you can get quick uh feedback to see what’s going to work for like for three days i would want you to take 40 000 ius of vitamin d3 and then see if your blood pressure goes down just because um number one people that um are starting to get it close to 50 and that also um are on the northern hemisphere i don’t know where you live have a great need for vitamin d so you might be very deficient you need a little bit more that’s one thing um the other thing is potassium are you taking any potassium uh well i do the um what is the solution that you put in your water it’s yours electrolyte electrolyte powder yeah okay i do that once a day okay so try that three scoops so do the vitamin d test then do the electrolytes three scoops like per day spread out because i want to know is it potassium or is it vitamin d one of those should bring your blood pressure your blood pressure down now um the other thing is that um and this is going to bring your blood pressure down it has to do with fasting you’re going to have to fast do you do intermittent fasting i do i do one meal a day now i started at three meals and now i’m down to one correct um and i have done like three day fast four day fasts um you know in the past so okay so that’s all good um then the other thing is that um when you check your blood pressure if if your bottom number should be 120 over 80. if the um top number is just too high in relationship to the bottom number like let’s say it’s like 180 over you know 80. it should be 120 over 80 let’s say it’s 180 over 80 the bottom number is normal that means the adrenal gland we need to kind of support the adrenal glands so you may want to just send more details to dr berg at dr berg.com just put attention dr berg and just kind of give me an idea of what your blood pressure ranges in the next week or so i want to know what’s the top number or the bottom number because that will tell me a little bit about is it more adrenal or are you missing your parasympathetic support and then the last thing i was going to say is that um the most important test that you could get and i don’t know why your doctor didn’t do this is a is a coronary artery calcification or calcium test the calcium scoring test coronary calcific uh coronary calcium test um that’s what you need to do because that’s the most important that will tell you what’s really going on in the inside of the arteries because that’s your probably your biggest concern with inflammation um okay and i’m assuming that you’re doing healthy keto so yes and then and then also when you email me also find out what the name of that test was i just want to verify it because there could be other reasons for the inflammation for example could be immune immune issues it could be something like with some virus or something like epstein-barr virus something like that that’s causing it not necessarily in your heart you know so i i just need to look at the whole picture here because i need that data okay thank you you’re welcome awesome thank you for coming out all right bye boy that was terrific i’ll tell you what uh someone on the uh on the internet mentioned that they miss karen’s bell and sherry someone that has lost 120 pounds is an enormous inspiration to us all and uh so sherry uh in the absence of karen’s bell ding ding ding for sure for you we sure appreciate you coming on with dr berg and let’s see we’ve got some answers to the question of can you help prevent a shrinkage of the brain when you um are old so either everyone one or everyone lost 100 say exercise is the key to warding off a golf ball-sized brain that is correct yes exercise has a capacity to actually prevent a shrinking brain a brain so as you age unfortunately a brain shrink and there is something you can do about it if you actually exercise so i’m sure that was no big surprise but it’s just kind of a reminder for people to get out there and do something steep um to just to keep your brain from shrinking uh be very very important well speaking about bells going off i bought this new computer that steve recommended and uh it’s a mac which is new to me and um steve this notification of these bells going off for every single message or email it’s like thing like all that i’m like it’s training me like a little rat in the cage to like oh is someone someone talking to me i need to go see her talk to me every five seconds i know some people i shut it off on this thing right here but yeah you know that it is i’m going to go over that with you notifications off that’s for sure now i don’t hear them coming over the air so they may be driving you batty but i think we’re spared from it here out here in i found out how to do it steve oh thank goodness but here’s the thing um i’m doing a video on the dangers of cell phones for kids and so stay tuned for that one it’s going to be an interesting one i’m going to release next week and um i’m telling you um that relates us to the next question which is this steve what part of the body is the most sensitive part of the body when you’re dealing with cell phones in other words what what part of your body will receive the most damage from having a cell phone wow well i can guess what that is since i’m addicted to those darn things but we’ll stand by and wait for the word from our great audience speaking of our great audience we better go back to social media and miranda from facebook what can i do when i feel hunger pains and weakness during a fast i currently fast for 14 hours a day and if you don’t mind me slipping in i’ve run out of my you know nutritional yeast which i love and that is my remedy i feel like i’m cheating so i crunch a couple of those guys it makes me feel better more at ease less anxious and also staves off that you know urge to either cheat and go get a donut at worst or just wait until my intermittent fasting period and you mentioned exercise doc i ran two and a half miles last night at 67 years old and that’s because my my strength and my body’s gotten so much better since i quit eating all day i eat within a three hour period and i feel so much better am i a perfect keto guy no not at all not yet don’t know if i’ll ever get there but there’s so many great recommendations from dr berg and the intermittent fasting has changed my life and i’m running uh without pain at 67 years old and i just couldn’t be so more uh grateful so anyway that’s my one remedy but i’m going to leave it up to the expert and ask dr berg what he thinks about that for miranda who wants to quit um um you know gobbling too much food well i think that um if you um use two things you have to differentiate one is the hunger and of course you mentioned the weakness okay if you get weak um then obviously your body is running out of fuel because it hasn’t adapted yet there’s a couple things to speed up this adaptation process to the point where you don’t get hungry anymore you might get a little wave of hunger that goes away but without weakness without cognitive impairment without becoming irritable that’s what we want um but i just tell people um make sure you’re not doing these little keto snacks through the day that’s number one because then you’re you’re you’re messed up you’re if you an hour and a half later you’re going to be hungry so this idea that i’ll just have a scoop of peanut butter just to keep me to go to the next meal is going to be a big mistake because now you just elevated insulin and now it’s going to go down now you’re really going to be hungry an hour and a half later so you really have to just stick with the protocol and keep your carbs really low and also at the next meal increase your fat you need more fat that’s going to help you fast you might even want to add the mct oil even in your coffee or whatever but i understand where you’re at but i think the best thing to do if you feel weak is just to take some either mct oil which is inexpensive you can do the powder which is a little more expensive or you can do something called exogenous ketones and at least that will give you some quick energy without spiking insulin you can do coconut butter too but um that’s what i would do and and then your body should adapt to the point where your hunger is just like completely gone then then you just have to deal with the the whole habit of eating um which is another situation too where people are so they’re like missing giving up this eating and they’re like oh it’s just part of my life and i just love eating and i like the taste and i can’t do that and then you just have to stay really busy like steve does well i do indeed and i tell you what so how about you toss out another question dr berg so we can get the audience chewing on that yeah okay why do people become depressed or have anxiety after they have taken an antibiotic well that’s an interesting one i tell you what why don’t we also while they’re chewing on that here’s virginia from facebook besides sugar what other factors will raise blood pressure well refined flowers like the bread pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins things like that that’ll do it and also there’s two other factors that will do it one would be stress and also a lack of sleep and of course the frequent eating other than that there won’t be any other factors all right that’s fantastic now let’s go on to one more question here from this one’s from youtube stefan from sweden that sort of rhymes what’s your best nutritional advice for someone with asthma and boy i’ll tell you what this season with the pollen i don’t know if there’s pollen in sweden right now but that’s got everybody wheezing what do you say doc well you get out in sun because the vitamin d is the antidote to asthma it’ll help you breathe it’s an anti-inflammatory the other thing you could take it’s a standard process product it’s pretty good well there’s several but i think the one that would be good is called pneumotrophin pmg pneumotrophin pmg you take one before bed that’s good for asthmatics any type of chronic lung issues even copd um would be good with that um yep that’s what you need to do take vitamin d or get a lot of sun all right that’s great and stand by we’ve got another person coming up to talk to you dr berg and this is tess and tess where are you coming from where are you calling from hi dr byrd um i’m sorry i’ve got you in the background here because i can’t hear you hear us live um i can’t hear your voice for some reason um okay steve can you maybe work with her on the mic situation we can go to justin all right let’s try justin stand by just a moment please okay hi justin can you hear me okay oh perfectly thanks oh well that’s great well my question is for my mom she is suffering from sciatic nerve pain in both legs she’s had this problem for years it goes way back maybe four or five years ago she’s been she’s a very active person um she’s also had for years a bulging disc in her back she’s been suffering from and we currently moved from um home to another home in april so she pretty much was moving all of april and and what happened is she experienced a dramatic painful experience with her sciatic nerves in both legs in her back where i guess the nerves are pinching she went to a doctor and he advised her therapy to go see a physical therapist she also got a schedule for a doctor to get a cortisone shot in her back which she has not gotten yet but will be and she currently is taking naproxen gabapentin uh for just i think 10 or 12 days they got her on but she just wants to know how she can get up because right now in the morning she’s not able to function properly walk even properly and what could she do or take um in your opinion to get her back to normal yeah if you have a sciatica nerve that goes down both legs um there’s probably some there’s a disc involvement there’s a central protrusion down there so um definitely definitely she needs to do lower carb because the carbs create inflammation and that inflammation is gonna keep her back always hurting no matter what so that’ll actually at least reduce inflammation in the lower back and make her feel better and then of course the fasting is going to be essential the combination of those two will drop inflammation also to get a lumbar a little low back cushion to put in the lower back to keep that curve in there would be very important however there’s a very very very um powerful um stretching slash slash strengthening program that i would have you research to find someone to maybe online an online evaluation and then you can um have her go through the the people who do it and it’s kind of like a little sessions you can do and they actually they basically take a picture of you um online and they look at where you’re holding your weight and they can they’ll tell you exactly where what what exercise you need to do and i really really like this program and i’m not going to even pronounce it i’m just going to spell it out to you and you can actually just research it it’s a e g o s c u e okay ego skew or whatever however you pronounce it but um there’s a it’s a program online that uh i highly recommend for people with back pain because it’s a they look at the posture and then they have these amazing exercises to correct that um i’ve seen like miraculous results with that and they have practitioners all over the country and for your mom uh that would be a really good first start and it’ll shift some balance and her symmetry be between left and right and front and back and reduce the pain in addition to those two things that i said okay okay do that and i think that should help your mom greatly you’re welcome well that’s terrific so anyway i didn’t answer quiz number three which i was wondering about that steve i know that’s terrible so let’s get to it right away and uh uh 20 say the brain 20 say the heart 20 say the ears 20 say the eyes and 20 says the genitals that’s interesting i guess if you keep it in your pocket uh i’m going with the brain doc how’d we do yeah so the question was related to um what tissue is the most sensitive to the cell phone on computers this thing right here and i’ll just demonstrate right here your brain now of course it’s going to your gonads are going to be also sensitive however the brain has electrical fields there’s you know like the heart has electrical fields too the brain has electrical fields so with the heart you do ekg and with the hardest ecg and you can actually measure uh certain electrical fields that are going on so because we have current we have voltage and so when you actually are transmitting microwaves and magnetic fields from this device into your brain just think what’s happening to your neurons it could be the reason why your head is tired and so you want to actually if you’re going to talk on your phone keep it away from your head and you can even get these ear ear plugs that have they’re like air um between there’s like a i think they’re called air buds i’ve done a video on this where it’s not directly putting a wire into your brain through your ear so highly recommend doing that i will be releasing a video on that but especially with kids kids using cell phones i’m telling it’s just a lot of emf exposure unfortunately so we’re going to talk about damage control and um because there could be some addictions going on and i’m being very sarcastic no kidding well i tell you what you know the fancy ifb that you use in the studio uses that tube technology if you didn’t notice there’s a little hollow tube and that’s the way all the anchors i don’t know if they’re doing that for you know health reasons but that’s the way it’s been for many many years and that seems to work so i think they should adapt that for the public don’t just save the lives of the news anchors for goodness sakes let’s get on to the rest of us let’s see so quiz uh number four let’s go to that and the answer was that antibiotics kill good bacteria in the gut the question was what you know well and then 25 percent say they delete vitamin b levels uh so what do you say about that okay so your microbes intimately are involved in making neurotransmitters like dopamine gaba serotonin so that’s why you hear the like what’s going on with your gut affects the brain the gut brain axis um so antibiotics there’s a high incidence of people getting depressed and anxiety after antibiotics now you might say steve well i haven’t had an antibiotic for how many years like what 20 years it’s been a while yeah well guess what any food that has that’s gmo that has glyphosate which by the way monsanto got a patent and glyphosate as an antibiotic because it’s an antibiotic for the soil from microbes so if you’re exposed to that is there a possibility that it can affect your microbes and start to um create a situation where you know you don’t even know why you have anxiety depression you shouldn’t be depressed but you are because of the the flora the friendly microbes so the solution is to start taking a good probiotic and see if you don’t feel a heck of a lot better steve well that’s terrific by the way’s feeling better i hope is we’re going to try to get tess i feel guilty that she wouldn’t have let’s see if that works handbag stand by just a moment and tess can you hear dr berg i could hear doctor burglary hi i’m good i’m good i’m really excited to be here and i can’t believe i’m talking to you finally yeah awesome because i discovered your um your videos just two weeks ago and i’ve been watching all your videos like a mad woman and um my husband’s starting to complain he’s saying there is a third billionaire in our marriage but that’s funny um so anyway i have decided to just jump in and do the intermittent fasting and keto which is really hard for someone who was born in a culture that eats rice for breakfast lunch dinner and we have we have snacks which are made from glutinous rice and it so it’s so really really like a shock for me but i thought if i’m gonna do this i have to do this properly um so i’m on my second week now of having no carbs and uh just last weekend i tried to do a 48-hour fast which you know i felt great about um but i didn’t see your video about the electrolytes until after so i felt kind of um woozy and lightheaded but anyway so most of the stuff that you mentioned like the the supplements i i probably just couldn’t we couldn’t get your dr bird that the supplements here in the uk and so i just tried a research of the the best quality ones from amazon so i just got a whole truck of supplements now i don’t know i forgot when to take which one and which one’s for so i i remember you saying in one video that you just take all your supplements in the morning to to get it out of the way and so i do that and um mainly my question is sorry i’m going on a bike mainly my question is um if you’re doing like a prolonged fast and you have all these vitamins um to supplement you will the liver not suffer because of all the influx of all those nutrients um and also after a prolonged fast what is the best way to ease because i found when i ate um like a big salad and salmon i just felt sick so i just wanted to to get it right and because i really plan on doing this long term yeah okay just so you know in the uk we have i think five or six or seven products in on amazon okay so you can get them in amazon and uk right now okay so as far as um the liver and taking supplements um this shouldn’t be a problem especially if you’re taking quality supplements it’s not going to bother the liver at all it’s not going to harm the liver it’s going to help the liver i think the the the other thing that i think i would definitely add as you do these fasting uh periods is i would add more sea salt to the diet um you you know just get a good high quality sea salt and maybe put in some water you know you can add it to my electrolytes and then a little bit later put some in some water and drink that like almost like you’re taking seawater and you should feel a little stronger from that because the salts are very important in i mean hardly any of my products have salt in them because you can get that anywhere so you’re not eating so that would be very very important but you’re right when you come off a fast you’re like oh gosh i’m ready to eat i’m gonna have this big meal and all of a sudden you feel so bloated and so you have to start off with a a really you know probably like um some wilted or steamed uh vegetables and maybe a little butter and then wait a little bit and maybe have an egg okay and then maybe wait like several hours later and then have a little bit of food and just like for that next day um have a small just a small amount of meal like you’re transitioning out so you’re you’re probably doing um not even a like you’re doing like a fourth of a meal maybe twice a day and then you’ll find it because your system will start kicking in because it’s not used to it it kind of went in a hibernation and so it’s like what are you putting in my gut here and this is uh i’m not used to this so um and and usually the second day a little bit more and then the third day you’re back to normal so that’s what i would do boy that’s that’s great so great to have people from the uk and i want to see if we can fit in dawn from nashville let’s see if she is available to talk to us don go ahead you’re on with dr berg hi how are you hi um so i’ll try to make this quick i know you just have a minute left um i have something called a cavernous malformation it’s a entanglement of capillaries in and um let’s see and so i’ve i’ve gotten permission from my neurologist to exercise i haven’t been exercising for the last two years plus i’m able to maintain my weight through all of this mess going on um so i have permission to exercise i want to know if i can use an inversion table because it’s so good for my back is the pressure to my head is that going to be too much for it i think you can do those inversion tables if you don’t go too far upside down like maybe just at a maybe maybe i don’t know 20 degrees and do it slowly so your body can adapt i think you’re going to be fine i i had one of those tables and they really do help but there’s going to be increased pressure so so you’re gonna have to adjust it and have someone there watching you to spot you and things like that but um yeah just uh because you you’re you go to bed at night you’re laying flat so just kind of start to go a slant down there and then work up to that but i i don’t think there’s going to be an issue the only issue would be if you had like an aneurysm or a potential aneurysm which i highly doubt that you have it’s very very rare well that is so great so anyway i think we’re about out of time but i’ll tell you people must like this uh you know coming on video because the uh the views are through the roof and we really thank you all around the world for being uh so generous with your time with dr berg and dr berg with that i’ll let you close this out yes i have some uh some fascinating new videos lined up and i’ll be doing um four more today and so stay tuned next week for a lot of new content i appreciate all of you all of you for watching and listening and i hope it’s helping everyone greatly and because that is what it’s all about and i will talk to you next week foreign

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