This is When Keto Doesn’t Work


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Does keto ever not work for certain people? If keto is not working, this video is for you.

0:00 Does keto ever not work?
0:30 Does keto work for weight loss?
5:10 Are you doing keto correctly?
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Does keto always work? Keto is a tool—a solution to a problem. But, what problem are you trying to solve? Let’s say you want to use keto for weight loss.

There are various things that can cause someone to be overweight, including:
1. High insulin (the most common cause of someone being overweight)
Keto can help in this situation.

2. Slow metabolism
Keto can help, but you also need to do intermittent fasting.

3. Stress/high cortisol (from injury, trauma, surgery, or loss)
You need to address the high cortisol issue for max effectiveness on keto.

4. High estrogen
Keto may help, but you also need to counter your high estrogen levels for max effectiveness.

5. Hypothyroid
You need to work on your gut health as well as do keto.

6. Antibiotics
If you were on antibiotics and didn’t replace your good bacteria, you may have difficulty losing weight despite being on keto.

You may need to alter the type of keto diet you do, trying more of a carnivore diet for a few months.

8. Lack of exercise
Exercise has a very small effect on weight loss. It has a place and should be done along with the keto diet and intermittent fasting. But, exercise alone isn’t effective for weight loss.

9. Liver problem or ascites
Keto can help, but you also need to do things to help repair your liver. Eating foods high in potassium may help.

The ketogenic diet is a powerful solution. But, it’s important to realize that you may need to alter the plan and add additional things.

You also need to make sure you’re doing the keto diet correctly. Doing “sort of keto,” dirty keto, or cheating while doing the keto diet may not be effective. I recommend a specific version of the keto diet called the Healthy Keto diet, which is much more effective.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand the keto diet and what to do if keto is not working for you.

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