The ULTIMATE Diabetic Comfort Foods That Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

The ULTIMATE Diabetic Comfort Foods That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar

Supplements to lower blood sugar? You can eat all the foods you love even if you are on a diabetic diet. Let’s go through the grocery store to show what pizza, ice cream, chocolate, bread, and more is perfect for people with diabetes.

Flip city fam what is up it is bobby coming at you from my second home the grocery store for a really interesting video for diabetics because a lot of people think if you have diabetes type 1 or type 2 you really got to sacrifice the kind of foods you love i’m going to show you right now that you don’t have to do it even if you have diabetes and you’re doing a low carb low sugar diabetic diet together with supplements you can eat the foods you love it kind of reminds me of like the nutrisystem infomercials where it’s like guys you can eat the burgers you can eat the pizza you can eat ice cream i swear we’re actually gonna do it but we’re gonna do it right we’re gonna go in the grocery store i’m gonna show you you can eat pizza ice cream chocolate burgers all that stuff but you can do it on not just a diabetic low carb diet a clean diabetic diet before we do like subscribe share my friends the only way the channel keeps growing is by you spreading that flave city love but i also want you to check out using my promo link in the description box because thrive has not only supported my channel for six years but they have pretty much everything we’re going to talk about today and pretty much any grocery store has but for cheaper you save about 32 per order compared to going to the store and the box comes to your house plus they have this price scanner on their app scan any barcode at any grocery store it’ll tell you if it’s cheaper on thrive market which it usually is and right now flavor city fans are getting the hook up when you click my link in the description box you get 25 off your first order you get a free gift up to 31 one of those free gifts is a bottle of best in class primal kitchen avocado oil and primal kitchen ranch and it’s 30 days risk free so if you don’t love thrive market like i do you can cancel and get your membership feedback but at least try it and get that 25 off your first order using my link down below okay friends less talking more shopping let’s go do our thing in the grocery store i have good news you don’t have to give up pizza if you’re on a diabetic diet but you can’t eat the traditional pizzas or even the pizza crust you buy at the grocery store there are a couple that stand head and shoulders above other ones and one of them is right here and walmart actually has one of the best ones it’s in this section here boom it’s this one this is dynamite it’s keto diabetic califlower foods pizza crusts it’s unbelievable because the ingredients are just a few now i do wish the mozzarella cheese was organic but i’ve never seen a pizza crust that uses that but the cool thing about calorie flour mats is look at the net carbs for a third of a crust it’s one net carb meaning a whole pizza crust only has three net carbs unbelievable um this is the kind of stuff you want to get but it’s misleading right this is so crazy this is califlower if you get caulipower down there this is not diabetic friendly it looks like it is because it’s a cauliflower crust but no this is loaded with brown rice which is not diabetic friendly rice flour corn starch tapioca starch more corn starch this is not diabetic or keto at all i see this one a lot and you know what it’s not a terrible option this is quest diabetic keto pizza and the ingredients are actually a lot better than i thought once again the mozzarella cheese isn’t organic it has natural flavors and a touch of sunflower oil there but look at the macros i mean that’s really nice 25 grams of total carbs minus 19 grams of fiber is six net carbs for half a pizza so it’s not ideal but that’s when you got to save yourself self would i rather have something that’s low carb diabetic approved or something that doesn’t have a touch of cruddy oil and natural flavors but has a ton of carbs that’ll spike my blood sugar well no you’d rather have the keto one so this one isn’t bad either but i would go with this and make my own uh the better option is too there’s one online it’s called zero carb life that’s a chicken crust and it’s fantastic hopefully they’re coming out with an organic lime pretty soon but you can order it online i think i’ll put a link in the description box i had it one time at erica’s house it was phenomenal and the good news is you don’t have to give up your favorite food like pizza you just gotta do it diabetic friendly and it’s still delicious there’s a couple diabetic friendly pastas that are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to traditional pasta made from wheat i would avoid that right it’s gonna spike your blood sugar it’s not diabetic friendly in the past i have said that complex uh carb pastas like this red lentil or they usually oh there you go chickpea pasta like the one back there is a better alternative because legume pastas are complex carbohydrates they have more fiber and it won’t spike your blood sugar as much too much fiber’s in there but that’s not quite as good as you can do if you walk over to the produce section where brad is going there right now there’s one that is head and shoulders above the rest as soon as brad gets back here i’ll show you it up there he is boom this is my go-to pasta it is amazing so it’s called pasta zero by nasola what makes it so diabetic and keto friendly look at the macros five grams of carbs per serving three grams of fiber number one because there’s so much fiber in there it’s called a prebiotic prebiotics are fiber rich foods that feed the gut bacteria in your belly so it has that bonus number two the reason why it’s so rich is because it has cone jack flour which is rich in fiber there’s two servings in this whole thing so if you eat the whole bag which you easily can it’s four grams of net carbs brad we’ve had this many times right yes it’s delicious just do yourself a favor drain it rinse it and then cook this in a dry non-stick ceramic pan for eight minutes to evaporate the water in here otherwise it’s gonna water down your sauce and then you can mix it with your stir fries or whatnot we have an amazing recipe in our new five ingredient cookbook for a low-carb beef and noodle stir-fry it’s amazing i’ll put the link down below for the cookbook it’s still a number one best seller on amazon all the recipes are paleo a lot of them are keto diabetic friendly and you’ve made it a best seller um your other option besides this is uh to get hearts of palm pasta they have um one brand actually a trader joe’s which is great they have one called natural heaven which i like a little bit better both of those are great and on thrive market they have their version of pasta zero made with cone jack flour it’s called the miracle noodle so once again add that to your cart when you use my link down below remember you get your 25 off your first order the free gift up to 31 and it’s 30 days risk free so try that out but brad we have to warn everyone if you’re going to have your pasta careful of the sauce because a lot of lower quality sauces can have added sugar so i look at something like caprego here prego mother known as making the sauce uh no no no is making this sauce right this one here has sugar and canola oil which is inflammatory which is actually really bad for people with diabetes it has two grams of added sugar per serving a half a cup well it’s not a lot right two grams is still half a teaspoon of sugar avoid these you guys know i love something like rails i usually get it at a costco but the good news is you can eat your pasta like bread is holding right there and you can do it on a diabetic diet coffee drinks and dunkin right america runs on it that is like the best marketing slogan of all time you have to be crazy careful with any kind of prepared latte like this i don’t care if it’s dunkin i don’t care if it’s starbucks or anyone these are scary when it comes to added sugar and you easily will drink all this so look at this the ingredients are simple right it’s coffee skim milk sugar a couple preservatives my friends this bottle has 29 grams of added sugar can we break that down for a second there’s four grams of sugar in a teaspoon so there’s just over seven bread there’s seven plus teaspoons of cane sugar in here when you drink that much sugar in your latte it’s a diabetes nightmare that is crazy my friends you really gotta examine this kind of stuff because people love their coffee and america supposedly runs on it um so what do you do well um here at the store here’s one option this is actually a diabetic and keto friendly coffee drink it’s the version of uh duncan but done much better this is super coffee it’s nice to see it at walmart so everyone has access to it and while the ingredients are not perfect right the milk protein is not organic okay it’s got natural flavors a couple times that to me is okay because look at this there are zero grams of added sugar compared to 29 and the net carbs here are two for the whole bottle so once again i’d rather you have a non-organic whey and the natural flavors instead of gobs and gobs of sugar that will put you into a diabetic coma for god’s sakes right so this is one brand that you can find but an even better option is in my bobby approve bag here where is it boom this one this is probably one of the cleanest prepared latte drinks because look at this this is the mocha flavor and what’s amazing is that it’s made with grass-fed collagen you guys know i love collagen it does have natural flavors here but it has grass-fed butter real cocoa sweetened with monk fruit and it has the mcts which is really good for energy and brain health look at this it’s 10 carbs minus the erythritol it’s 6 grams of net carbs here this is unbelievable this is the kind of stuff you want let’s see we’re going to do a place city real time taste test here you guys know i usually drink coffee on the weekends today is friday i usually have my layered superfood but wow that’s really good bread doesn’t really drink coffee but that is fantastic you could also get the layered superfood unsweetened insta fuel and add hot water to this but you do have options right this is from whole foods the walmart option here but man this is really really good the weekend’s starting early baby cheers where the kramers hate from seinfeld here’s to feeling good all the time giving up chocolate just cause you have diabetes heck no you don’t have to do that before i get there though another sign for the reference i see junior mints reminds me of kramer once again during the surgery it’s chocolate it’s mint it’s delicious i actually used to love junior mints back in the old days but here’s the deal there’s certain chocolates you can’t have and you can’t have i think we all know that if you’re going to have milk chocolate number one is just candy it’s not real chocolate the amount of sugar is gonna be too high but here’s the deal even if you get dark chocolate which has less sugar it’s still in my opinion not diabetic friendly because they still add more sugar these are big blocks here but 19 grams of added sugar per three blocks if you eat the three blocks which you easily could you’re having over just just about five teaspoons of sugar so what does that mean it means you’re going to put these back i’m going to show you some really good and some really bad sugar-free chocolate options so unfortunately here at walmart they have the bad i’ve talked about this in the past a lot of people gravitate towards these and yes this brand is technically diabetic friendly but unless you want your stomach to be painted you don’t want to get this because they use the sweetener of maltitol maltitol ones multitol twice maltitol thorizier out of there right multitol is the sugar alcohol that can be really disruptive to your gut when you have a trifecta of that you’re going to poop your pans you just are okay it’s not that’s a fact and then you have palm oil you have artificial flavors red number 40 oh it’s that’s brad’s favorite num red number 40. and just to top it off there a little bit of yellow number five so you don’t want to do that and this is a new one though we just saw this what reese’s zero sugar and brad told me they have reese’s peanut butter organic cups now two and never heard of that but zero sugar how do they do it once again with the poop inducing maltitol but they also put the palm oil in there artificial flavors sucralose which is splenda that’s a no-no so what i would do is uh lilies right has chocolate bars that are really nice if you’re a walmart shopper excuse us they have this brand here which is like lily’s chocolate chips but these are no added sugar diabetic chocolate chips that are really nice but in the old flavor city bag here this is going to be a new thing coming to all halls is the most amazing or is it i hope i didn’t forget it is it in there okay there we go this brad show that this is a keto cup think about a reese’s peanut butter cup this actually tastes better show the ingredients bread insane in the membrane look at this wow keto diabetic friendly clean as can be servings per container too so one cup only has two net carbs made with best in class ingredients brett cracked it open he’s going to give you a little taste test um lilies has that version too they’re not quite as clean they do have some palm oil in there but still it’s better than the maltitol and stuff you can get that on thrive market but this and it’s actually on sale right now at whole foods because uh thrive market doesn’t have it cheers this is what you want show them oh show the middle eat another one there’s two in there you have to eat two now bread bread’s inhaling it i’m like take a bite and show us the texture brad there you go look at that this is the flavor you want to get the hazelnut it is loco um so you can do chocolate chocolate bars are also made by keto cups or lilies just stevia sweetened ones or monk fruit ones just put down the stuff that actually has the cane sugar put down the stuff that has the fake sugar that’s gonna make you poop in your pants and do like bread crush like nobody’s business the good stuff all right brad and i are wondering why is this even allowed oreo cereal i mean come on you’re going to start your day with a bowl of oreos that is totally crazy as our buddy sebastian maniscalco would say why would you do that that’s crazy and of course 99.9 of cereals are out but there are a couple keto cereals on the market that are obviously better than these options the one i get questions about all the time is magic spoon or catalina crunch and while those are keto and diabetic friendly they’re not ideal because they do have natural flavors they do tend to have a whey that’s non-organic and they do have processed oils like sunflower oil but still that’s better than this but one of my favorite things of all time i brought with me here in my bobby approved bag is this thrive market has these keto paleo coconut flakes this tastes like crunchy coconut meat because look at the ingredients it’s organic coconut meat organic coconut water and then palm starch that’s not palm oil it’s palm starch and it only has 14 grams of net carbs minus 5 grams of fiber 9 grams of net carbs per half cup this literally does taste like crispy coconut cereal and this is what probably the cleanest cereal on the market i’ve talked about it so much it’s temporarily sold out on thrive market so what you want to do click my link in the description box you’ll get your 25 off your first order your free gift add this to the remind me list like carrie underwood remind me as soon as it comes back in stock i’m gonna get it because i’m almost out get this it is dino mite and better than all this junk stuff here brad and i were just saying you can’t have cereal without milk and milk can really sneak up on the amount of natural sugar check this out right here this is very interesting so pretty much any milk you pick up is going to have natural sugar here but if you’re diabetic you gotta think about that so this is whole milk here and if we look at the nutrition facts there’s obviously zero grams of added sugar but there’s 11 grams of natural sugar per one cup 11 grams is just shy of three teaspoons of natural sugar sugar sugar if you’re on a low sugar and a diabetic diet i would highly encourage you to swap out excuse me there we go swap out the milk with alternative milks we have videos about this my favorite is almond milk because when you look at unsweetened almond milk make sure it’s unsweetened look at that there’s no natural sugar and there’s no added sugar this is the kind of stuff you want to get but be careful gotta say unsweetened and i would get unflavored too don’t bother getting the vanilla because if you pick up a vanilla one that doesn’t say unsweet you have a redonkulous amount of sugar 13 grams is just over three teaspoons per cup so here you are right you’re like i’m making the healthy choice to drink almond milk you get a cup of this you drink it you put in your cereal you just head over three teaspoons of added sugar it’s loco and la cabeza that’s crazy now that being said it still has a ton of emulsifiers my two favorite uh milks for shelf stable almond milk are thrive market and elmhurst they’re both great once again use my thrive link down below get those and then watch my video about there’s no almonds in your almond milk because most almond milk like this is just emulsifiers oils and gums that’s a waste your money i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream and the cool thing is diabetic approved ice cream is available nationwide now but let me just show you how scary the amount of sugar can be in some ice cream listen i i want to indulge in ice cream once in a while you guys see me on instagram stories eating my favorite dairy free ice cream every night but this is a traditional ice cream a lot of people love and i’m okay indulging but when there’s 28 grams of added sugar per two-third cup my friends that is seven additional teaspoons teaspoons think about that of sugar per serving i’m sorry even if you’re not diabetic or on a low carb diet i wouldn’t eat this because this is ice cream that is basically with a side of diabetes type 2 diabetes but in my opinion that’s what it is so what do you want to do you want to go for low low-carb keto ice cream even if you’re not low-carb keto i would go for this kind of ice cream because you don’t want that much sugar this is one of the brands available pretty much everywhere this is one of the better ones rebel it’s five net carb ice cream how do they do that because they’re not using sugar and they’re not using bad fake sugar they’re sweetening this with erythritol and monk fruit and the rest of the ingredients are actually pretty solid it has natural flavor but honestly almost all ice cream has natural flavor what’s going on hold on we got a disturbance here walmart back to our regular schedule programming um so this is the kind of ice cream i would get halo top also is not quite as low carb but it’s pretty darn close look 21-6 is 15 minus the sugar alcohol is eight net carbs uh sometimes they have it but i don’t see it so delicious makes a dairy free no added sugar one that’s really nice too so even if you’re not diabetic or keto go for the no added sugar ice creams just make sure it’s the proper sugar because something like carb smart here is low carb and it is cheaper than the ones i just showed you but the way they do it is not good because look they’re using the sugar that you don’t want sucralose or splenda and it has nasty preservatives in there like mono and diglycerides and it has maltitol it’s the primary sugar-free sweetener which is the really devastating one for your gut so stay away from those and get the other ones i talked about and the good news is they’re available everywhere are we safe okay brad yeah we’re in the clear for now let’s carry on uh bradley and i are reminiscing about the old days oh my mom used to buy this for us the thomas english muffins and like toast them all up and put lots of country crack actually because remember back in the 80s this was before brad’s days they vilified butter so we’d have like uh margarine which turns out was way worse for you you put it all over that oh man that was good stuff but this aisle is very tricky let’s talk about tortillas hamburger buns and bagels tortillas can be a carb bomb whether they’re corn or wheat but there are some low carb options like here at walmart they have these mission carb balance now it’s not ideal because even though it’s low carb if you look at the ingredients they’re using some pretty cruddy uh stuff like shortening there’s hydrogenated gmo soybean oil there’s also splenda sucralose and a lot of preservatives here so um obviously that’s better than like a regular carby tortilla but there’s two really good options on the market um there’s coconut tortillas or coconut wraps thrive market makes a fantastic one they’re currently sold out again cause i was talking about it but if you click my link down below for that discount of 25 off your first order the coconut wraps are fantastic or there’s a new one that just came out that is best-in-class keto almond tortilla from maria and ricardo they’re sold out completely on amazon right now they’re pricey i think but they’re really really great otherwise your other option is that and to be honest you probably still want to have that instead of the carb ones because that’s going to spike your blood sugar like nobody’s business when it comes to hamburger buns though there really is nothing on the market that is low carb and diabetic approved what i would do is get the cauliflower thins if you follow me on flavor city instagram stories which i hope you do we show tons of recipes and what i make for dinner every night we get outer aisle cauliflower thins or if you live by a trader joe’s they have their own version of cauliflower thins they’re cauliflower a little bit of parmesan cheese and egg i use them as a sandwich thin or a bun they’re unbelievable they’re one neck carb and they’re really really great way better than any kind of bun gluten-free keto or whatnot and last but not least bagels maybe the toughest of all what do you think about diabetic bagels pretty tough huh very tough so there’s really nothing at the store here the only ones i know is from a taste test of an amazon snack haul i did a long time ago i think it’s julian bakery thin slim they’re very low carb it does have gluten and grain which i don’t love when you’re trying to do like a low carb diet but besides that i think unbun makes a bagel which i haven’t tried yet so that’s tough if you know any suggestions please leave comments down below sharing is caring but when it comes to hamburger buns get the cauliflower thins when it comes to tortillas if you have to be at a walmart i would get the mission otherwise get those thrive market ones or the maria ricardo ones all right family that is it for the diabetic food review just because you’re on a diabetic diet you don’t have to give up the foods you love which is great news you just have to know what to swap them with because there are other swaps that are diabetic friendly but they’re not made with ingredients that are good for you but now you know how to read labels and put the best quality stuff in your body hey if you want to see more videos like this let us know we have other kind of like health issue ideas going we have personal care stuff going but leave a comment down below also on the community section of my channel i have a question pinned there what kind of videos do you want to see you’re the best source of inspiration so check that out um also check out thrive market using my promo link down below you guys know i love thrive get the 25 off your first order get the free gift after 31 dollars and it’s 30 days risk-free you’re gonna love it uh but that is it like subscribe share it’s the only way the channel keeps growing but for bradley p dusty baba donnie rose the whole team we leave you like we always do hashtag keep on cooking love and peace

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