The Oral Health Benefits of CBD

CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol has been shown to have many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s amazing effects on those who suffer from seizures have made some critics reconsider their position. CBD also has been known to be very helpful in dealing with chronic pain.

Today, Dr. Joseph Nemeth will discuss CBD oil and the role it plays in oral health. Bear in mind, there aren’t enough studies yet to make any concrete claims about CBD. However, we would like to highlight a few studies that do exist and hopefully encourage further research.

A study done at the University of Uberaba in Brazil showed that CBD may be useful to control bone resorption during progression of experimental periodontitis in rats.
Another study conducted at Harvard talks about Cannabidiol’s benefits related to inflammation

Also it may be helpful to help ease anxiety when at the dentist office. CBD can be a great tool to make sure you’re relaxed while you’re in the dental chair!

Many toothpastes kill all the bacteria in your mouth, even the good kind! Brushing your teeth with CBD oil will make sure that the good bacteria stay alive and can continue to fight the bad bacteria in your mouth.

If you’re thinking of introducing CBD into your oral hygiene routine, start out small, and increase your dose from there. Also its very important to research the type of oil you’re considering because some have higher concentrations than others.

The Oral Health Benefits of CBD

Hi I’m dr. Joe Namath I’m a periodontist in Southfield Michigan and I want to talk a little bit today about CBD or CBD oil cannabidiol CBD CBD oil can be derived from the marijuana plant or it can be derived from the hemp plant it does not have THC in it THC is the ingredient that causes one to get high so this does not have that in it so it doesn’t cause you to get high but it is used for pain control and many people it can be used as a as a rub to help control pain in children it may help control seizures it may help reduce anxiety but today I want to talk about the possible role of CBD in the mouth in oral health and specifically on your gum tissue so there was a study using rats what they did was they induce gum disease or periodontal disease in these rats by using certain kinds of wires that irritate the gum tissue and these rats were given CBD actually there were two groups of rats a control group that did not receive the CBD and the experimental group that did receive the CBD now the CBD was given in the form of injection and of course when you brush your teeth you’re not going to be injecting CBD they found that at the end of the trial period the rats that had been given the CBD had much less bone destruction they healed much faster and their gums were much healthier relative to the rats in the control group that did not receive the CBD so CBD by the way CBD is now a buzzword you could hear it everywhere and you’re gonna hear even more about it because a lot of people think it’s the holy grail well it’s not the Holy Grail but it may be helpful in certain situations and maybe it’s even helpful in the mouth it does tend to reduce inflammation it doesn’t kill bacteria so there are some toothpaste some very strong toothpastes that have ant bacterial agents in them and those antibacterial agents kill most or all of the bacteria in the mouth even the good ones on the other hand there are now toothpastes that have CBD incorporated in the toothpaste and these do not destroy the good bacteria but they enable the good bacteria to to proliferate and continue to grow and minimize the harm of the bad bacteria also a great role for CBD is it does reduce anxiety and so it might be very helpful for patients to take some CBD CBD oil something with CBD before a dental appointment to reduce their anxiety of course in our dental office there’s no anxiety because we never cause any patients any pain but basically if one has anxiety it does tend to help reduce anxiety and it’s very effective for that in a future video I want to talk more about CBD and specifically I want to talk about marijuana and actually smoking marijuana because as opposed to CBD or CBD oil which could have a therapeutic role I think the jury is still out a bit on it marijuana and the smoke actually is probably and is harmful to the gum tissue because the smoke tends to dry out the gum tissue and may reduce the blood supply to the gum tissue so there’s a big difference between smoking marijuana which has THC typically and CBD which doesn’t so I’m going to talk more about these subjects marijuana CBD in the future but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of potentially what may be going on now and I want to remind you to keep your mouth healthy because if your mouth is healthy I guarantee your body will be healthier subscribe to our YouTube channel we’d love to hear from you and have a great day restore your smile and your health visit dr. Nemeth calm to schedule your appointment today

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