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Thanks for the life saving video head exercise it really helps clear up my Tinnitus. I spend few min everyday (continue for few months) doing the neck exercise & eventually day after day the ringing sound in ear becomes softer, in a sense it did not bother me anymore or i would say success in habituated. Think it is effective for people suffering cervical (neck related) tinnitus, no harm just give it a try. Pray and hope yours will be softer & eventually fade away. May God continue to bless all Tinnitus sufferer here.

Video Transcript

stress and pressure are everywhere the demands of modern life keep you running in circles and suddenly you have a ringing in your ear tinnitus but there is always a fascia and muscle component in all of this we’re going to show you a quick facial rolling massage and two exercises that will give you a good chance of reducing this ringing in your ear and anything associated with it often originates from increased tightness in your neck and throat but also from the chewing muscles that are responsible for certain shifts and these shifts lead to ringing in your ear and causing such phenomena and if you reduce that tension things often get better immediately but how can you reduce the tension please sit down Paulina we first take a small ball this is the mini ball from our set or you take something similar a ball a tennis ball is a bit too big maybe a smaller ball you used to play fetch with your dog or from your children’s room something of the same size but not too hard and then we place it in this area I’ll show you in this area hold the ball with two hands and make small spiraling motions applying as much pressure as possible on the sensitive spots don’t go too low but from here from the side against your cheek exactly first find your way do the same at home now you could feel it right slow motions but with a lot of pressure so that everything gets a bit relaxed they’re dissolving some of the waste that has accumulated there and then can be transported off we showed you quickly now and you can try it at home at your own pace now let’s take a small roller this is the smaller roller from our set which is a bit harder than our ball you can also take a rolling pin or something similar that’s round and place it here at an angle of 45 degrees just like that keep your head straight not from the side or from behind but at a 45 degree angle and then we start rolling behind the ear you take over now and now we can bend your head a bit to give you more space here and then we slowly roll down words with as much pressure as possible inch by inch this is usually a very sensitive area and the more sensitive it is the better because that means that there’s some tightness there that we can soften up these are very simple methods that are a great help tell people I mean who doesn’t have a tight neck almost everybody walks around with a tensed up neck and those who have one have to know the facts need the information so pass it on and now we’re gonna work on the other side – so what paulina was doing here on the left side will also do on the right and right after the exercise it will feel a bit different here now we turn the chair to face the camera give me the roller please sit down and now it is all about opening your mouth place your chin right here between thumb and index finger look straight ahead raise your head slightly and now open your mouth as much as you can as much as you can and with our hand pull down your lower jaw it might happen that during the exercise the ringing sound changes could become even louder but that tells you oh we’re working on exactly that tension that is responsible for the tinnitus and the ringing sound in your ears don’t close your mouth keep it open it’s not easy it shouldn’t be too much but keep it open all the time and actually we should keep it open like this for two minutes when you feel like closing your mouth because it’s too much then ease up a bit and then start again and open wider and try to open it even wider helping with your hand keep calm and let it work and it will yield more and more [Music] and then slowly close your mouth again yeah and now we go to the side of your head your left arm or hand pulls down your left shoulder and your right hand reaches over your head and pulls it to the side and you could feel a stretch here you can really see how the face yeah on this side run into your cheek and that’s why these two exercises work on the same area but at different levels and pull nicely to the side increasing the pull increase more widening that angle breathe in and out we’re going a bit faster in this demonstration than you normally should hold it for two two-and-a-half minutes and slowly come up again Paulina let’s go to the other side right arm pulls down exactly and your left hand pulls your head and here on the right side there should be a stretch yeah and keep on increasing the pull it increase the pull breathe steadily in and out and keep going if it’s too much release a little the pool should still allow you to stay in the exercise if you interrupt you basically have to start over all again and everything so far has been in vain lean in a bit more slowly return to center position this is not the original time you should keep the position for a little longer for two two-and-a-half minutes and finally you can turn your head 45 degrees to the left pull down your left shoulder with your arm your arm bent gives you more leverage over your shoulder then reach with your left hand over your head and now pull not to the side but 45 degrees forward and down and try to stretch the cord hear that cord is not only involved in your tinnitus the ringing in our ears but also with headaches even the most excruciating headaches the exercise that we are doing here not only helps with tinnitus but also with headaches one side to demonstrate and then to the other side slowly go back up now pull the right side now your left hand over your head keep your body straight turn your head and here in the back that’s where the stretch should start and increase a little bit here you’ll notice the unbelievable effect of these exercises it’s simple it only takes a little time but it’s very relaxing and it might well be that your tinnitus subsides we’ve seen tinnitus cut by half even after 15 years only by shifting some tensions around and dissolving them going at it every day always try to improve the situation go back in the neutral position let me sum up we started with a small ball here relaxing and massaging everything then continued with a small roller diagonally here in the back where there was so much discomfort then we did the exercise for your jaw the chewing muscles pulled everything out nicely as far as we could go then head to the left side and the right side and the same with a head turned then pulled diagonally forward to the right then diagonally forward to the left that’s all for today about tinnitus wish you all the best with the exercise talk with others about it share it give us a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to the channel see you next time ammonia tank analysis next to mine you

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