Ringing in ears (Tinnitus) and Dizziness

A live work-up of a case presenting to a doctor’s office with new onset tinnitus and dizziness.

I said yes so you are here for an acute appointment tell me what brings you in today I’ve got bringing in both of my ears ears yes and for how long this is going on since last Thursday so today is Monday so for the last five days yes okay do you have any cold symptoms any head condition no a little bit of dizziness going on with it uh-huh but nothing really bad with it I have this dizziness about every couple months anyway but I’ve never had the ringing of the ears with it usually the last a couple days and it goes away Martin global they need more this is yes I’ve never had the ringing before until today our child this time so before five days you’ve never had ringing in your ears okay is the ringing same in 40 years or one year is more than the other it’s the same so how did it start what were you doing Friday expect that it started one minute I’m fine in the next minute it starts it started like Thursday afternoon what exactly what are you doing when it started I’m sister work and what do you do at work I just sit at a computer all day how many how many hours a day eight so you’re in front of a computer okay yeah I work at Center am i suppo take attendance all day for 1,700 kids so so the ringing started on the afternoon of Thursday well you were at work right do you have any pain in you here no no European no no headache no I a couple times this weekend I’ve had a little bit of a headache I think it’s because I’m lack of sleep because I haven’t been able to sleep because it’s ringing so bad I can’t sleep okay so is there ringing all the time or it comes and goes out never stops oh it hasn’t stopped in the last five days no does it go up and down now it is constant constant so there is nothing which increases it or makes it better now nothing okay you know you see that scale a 10-point scale for a pain and I know this is not pain this is ringing right but imagine if it is a imaginary scale where the ringing is there’s no ringing which is zero and the boss ringing possible imagine is Tim how would you rate your ringing right now I hate to tear it to attend right now and it isn’t both years of Tears just annoying ring do you have any problem with your hearing nope no hearing problem just ringing what exactly are you hearing just a little buzz sound Justin I can’t really describe that it’s just just much like it’s more like this the hummingbird sings and it is constant for the last five days constant Wow so what have you done for it well I showed that over the counter I even got the over counter relief ear ring drops tried them that didn’t work I’ve been taking sudafed and then I got that okay okay six of those a day 600 a how much did it cost okay I said max here about 10:30 Friday night at Walmart to get him oh okay I was just miserable it’s not I hurt like I said it’s just annoying I couldn’t sleep I can’t when I lay I could just it’s constant ringing okay Wow and you don’t have any you don’t have any or symptoms right okay do you have and you’ve not had this before okay tell me about your dizziness how would you describe your dizziness is it does spinning sensation it too fast like I can’t like get out of bed really slow about when I get it if you will be quick what happens oh that really distant right if I could even lose my balance sometimes it is it a spinning sensation or is it a unsteady sensation I say unsteady or is it both we are not sure so you were sharing that mean that this dizziness has been going on for a while well my dizziness comes and goes I mean it’s been doing this for a couple years couple of years off too when you get dizzy three months and it lasts about two days and then it gets better all on its own so do you have any headache or any other problem raise the headache and I’ve been taking like ibuprofen for that how much have you broken you been dating I like taking it twice okay are you dizzy right now well I could be if I move my head just right you know I’m really careful okay you can become dizzy if you will move your head quickly oh yeah all right so I would like to collect some baseline to see if that happens but before that let me look in your ear and see what’s going on so you don’t have any cold symptoms or anything like that right okay there’s no vex in the light reflects normal ear is that supposed to make a sound in there you know this doesn’t make a song because it sounds real did it increase when I put it that they bring it didn’t increase but I sound really like I could hear like air flowing in there or something when I did this also looks normal there’s no that’s nothing do you still feel that I can hear it when I put it you you’re having some extra sound and there is no any being in your throat peanuts okay so you’re not having any neck thing can you just set up right for me let’s see what you do if you move your neck and move on the right side you are slow because you are afraid of dizziness did you become dizzy I’m moving it okay do a movement which will bring your dizziness on I want to collect the baseline but did you become dizzy was it a spinning sensation or was it a steady just in its setting unsteady and along did it last just it’s still there a little bit it’s still live you know it’ll take down though and that’s no longer a lot of nauseous did you get nauseous right now but I do and I’m at home work moving around so has it gone away completely gone away well I can still feel my head a little what just feels a little unsteady okay so normally how much does it last so are you still busy so probably it lasted for around 30 seconds a little bit of unsteadiness right okay so that is one thing which brought your dizziness moving from one side to the other quitting I want to do one more test would you mind picking up four of these tongue depressors from straining position take it one at a time let’s see what happens and I’ll be close to you I don’t want you to have a fall off and then go up go down you feel like you’re knit again is it same as it was before or is it more or now dear friend it’s not saying it’s about the so you’re feeling lightheaded did you get nauseated now I want to see for how long will it last are you still lightheaded now it’s it’s better but you did get lightheaded when you picked up went down and yes can you tell okay start the second one and did it increase after second third fourth or getting it increased okay so you’ve got two baselines about the dizziness because that’s what we are going to compare after our intervention okay all right all right yes so you are still having that ringing in your ears right yes and it is pretty loud it is eight to ten out of ten I’m going to do one intervention with all your story to see if that can make a difference or not your your exam looks normal to me and you’re not having any other symptoms so I want you to sit upright and remember you had come to me for your shoulder pain a couple of years back yes I would like you to do the same exercise I want you to tuck your chin like this so don’t look down look horizontally and tuck your neck all the way back and then relax and then go back can you do this around ten times for me and try to go as much back as possible good job let’s do ten times seven more times and try to go as much back as you can okay good job how do you feel is there any change in your ringing let’s not change it is still the same I’m going to apply some pressure to help you move back and let’s see if that makes any difference okay you are not having any neck pain right and you didn’t have any trauma or anything in your neck right okay so if I am bothering you just raise your left hand because you won’t be able to speak in a storm okay all right so can you retract go back I’m just going to apply some pressure is it let’s go back again let’s tilt it out let’s keep it horizontal retract did you do okay okay this time I’m going to do a sustained I’ll keep you there for around 15-20 seconds okay so let’s sit upright let’s go back let’s take long deep breath do not panic okay any change ringing is still the same it is as long as it was before so me about a sound diffuser here it’s not ringing it as a constant buzzing sound yeah to prevent the noise from going to the other rooms why are you getting that before no I mean I was hear that but I could also hear my ringing and that’s why I’m thinking I can hear my ringing did it change after I did that oh you did yeah what did it increase do know unless less well you begin this so now it does come back all right let me do one more sustained but this time I’ll try to stay for 20 seconds or so what are you able to breathe when I was pushing it back okay so take just a long deep breath through your nose okay just sit upright let’s go back I’ll be little here my right ear is I left your feels better than my right so better didn’t work wait what do you mean by that like I can still hear a ringing through here but so is that less what is it too many fun now is that power I can hear it but so it was eight to ten now how much is that remain in your left yeah take your time I know we have got a buzzer going on that’s a sound neutralizer – is it back to eight to ten okay you know I’m going to change my strategy I’m going to do it in supine position I’m going to help you move further to the N range and then we will do sitting so I want to show you this video this is the procedure I will be doing on you I want to show it to you so that you are you know what I am doing and you are relaxed when I’m doing that so why don’t you watch this video so they abide and I’m doing the same ailment but nowadays ravaging it looks pretty dramatic but you’ll be fine is that okay yeah all right so let’s do it yes are you having any ringing right now do you hear that in both years can you scoot a little bit more what sweet step for the best steps okay I want you to relax your head is not going to go anywhere but you need to be relaxed for me to do it properly okay any change you were taking me up and down I can play I could hear through this air but not this year at all so is that ringing back now so you don’t have any ringing them there’s no ringing in what years so you’re telling me this is the first time in the last five days the ringing is calm okay let’s work on it more we are getting a good response so I want you to relax your head is not going to go anywhere just completely relax that let me take you to the end range how are you not ringing okay let’s sit up let’s see what happens bringing in the same setup right it’s bringing in you here Oh nah so is it on a scale of 0 T yeah welcome to the dizziness so on a scale of 0 to 10 how much is that ringing now if there’s a little bit it’s just a my right ear I like your still sounds good I think alright so I’ll bring it bring you down and now we are going to do more detection and sitting okay see if you can go do it on your own can you retract can you do the same exercise yeah I just can’t give you this intense as you get it no that’s fine let’s try to why don’t you subtract it away do it now yeah you are going further back do or don’t ten repetitions do not 10 repetitions okay so try to isolate the neck movement don’t move your upper chest and just be relaxed then you will be able to go further back yeah good job very good go back go back keep your eyes horizontal don’t try to move your chin down chin will automatically come down because of the way it’s it’s from the c-spine but keep your eyes horizontal and go back your goal is to move your head horizontally back as much as possible yeah go back go back alright any ringing now in your right ear no completely gone I’m going to apply some overpressure again and then we are going to check your dizziness because I feel you’re ringing your dizziness and nausea everything is coming from your neck okay go back I’m inclination over pressure to get you further to the end range so that when you do your exercise at home it helps you go further back will you push that like drinkin cessation goes through this here but since you like gopis it’s okay so we are getting a mechanical response you know I’m doing something to your neck and we are impacting your ringing right so do you have any ringing now it’s completely gone so when you came in your ringing was how much at least eight how much is the ringing now definitely zero in the left ear there’s some buzzing sound going in our room also okay good so we have got a good response all right so let’s check your dizziness now and see we have changed your dizziness so remember you became dizzy by turning your head quickly left and right why don’t you do that again and see if that is Venus comes back was there any dizziness okay let’s pick up these four tongue depressors and see how you do one at a time good it’s all neck you know what it is how many hours a day do you sit in front of a computer eight it’s all because of sitting posture when you’re sitting slouch or when you’re working on the computer that is messing up with your neck and that’s what is causing that’s what caused the rainy that’s what caused the dizziness and that it is a survivor Jerry dizziness and thus ringing in your ear also is coming from the neck you were having the ringing for last five days right yes eight to ten out of ten constant and now it is completely resolved right your ear exam was normal it was coming from the neck it was a mechanical cause of your ringing in your ears so your homework would be and I think I give you a number roll for your shoulder pain a couple of years back right we’ll talk about the posture again but your homework will be you will just do detraction exercise ten reps okay and relax go back yeah you’re doing good I want you to do ten repetitions everyone out and you will sit upright you need to bring your chest up bring the hover on your back and I will show you again how to use the number roll properly that’s what you need to do but I would like to see you again and five days to make sure the ringing is remains good and everything [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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