New Study Proves This Japanese Tonic Works Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Discussing a simple method to lose belly fat. Please remember there is NO SHORTCUT. “Reducing belly fat in 3 days” will NOT work as the next 3 days will come back again soon. We have abused our body to build up the belly fat and it is time for us to work hard and smart to reduce it.

This is a type of intermittent fasting coupled with benefits of circadian rhythm. If you can stick to this on a DAILY basis for at least 6 weeks, I guarantee you will see results. Patience and consistency is the key.  

As they say laughter is the best medicine, you Dr. Pal, have taken this literally and dishing out both your talent of medicine and humor effectively. You are a rare breed. I have never met a funny doctor until I chanced upon your post. You are informative, hip, modern and very relevant to the times we are living in. Your presentation was spot on and delivery very catchy, pregnant with humor. Keep up the good work.

Video Transcript

hello guys this is uh dr palin manikam in this video we are going to talk about why many people can’t look down after lockdown though core would cause mass destruction it increased the mass of an individual person by increasing the belly size if you take a picture from space it looks like as if the earth is pregnant and sun is throwing a baby shiver by saying congratulations you my friend sarah no kumar is like thank god the virus is gone there is no big problem i said the bigger problem is the size of your belly it looks as if it is a ticking time bomb ready to be exploded in three minutes the only problem is to defuse the bomb we cannot throw just the belly portion alone into the well we need to throw the whole body how do you know that you are like my friend sarah nakamura i want you guys to be a tailor for few seconds take an inch tape measure around the belly button if the size is more than 80 centimeters for women and more than 90 centimeters in men congratulations this video is tailor made for you so the inch tape should be around the belly button and not at the place where your pants on it is above it please make sure that you do this the first thing in the morning do not have any clothes on and most importantly do not inhere like this please exhale nobody is taking you for a police interview please be honest to yourself don’t involve your mom if your mom is like my mom she’ll be like what you have one zero two centimeters you’re so thin there’s no way inch tape might be wrong put it as 92 centimeters if you meet any of these criteria you need to take the action right now you cannot postpone things abdominal obesity increases the risk of heart disease diabetes stroke and more importantly if you get covered the risk of complications is even higher as i mentioned before obesity can also cause cancer and cancer will kill you so please take that action right no please do not postpone things this is not like our final exams where we can postpone things till the last minute at least in the exam we could write something to fill up the paper in the last minute if you get a heart attack that is your last minute no time to do push-ups at that time because your heart is doing push-ups at that time to decrease the belly fat you need to understand how belly fat is formed i have explained this in detail on my previous two videos i have mentioned that link in the description in short there are only two ways to get belly fat number one if you eat more than what you should most of the times if you eat yummy you will get a tummy as i have mentioned before i was obese before there were two reasons for it mainly my mom and my wife my mom was like my wife is like the second reason for belly fat is if you eat food at the wrong time i asked my friend sarah kumar what time do you eat he is like i will eat whenever my heart tells me to am i a btv symbol jesse justin situation so to decrease belly fat you need to control any of the two factors the first factor of eating more than what you should is very difficult to control right away it requires a lot of willpower but the second factor is easy to be focused upon regarding the time that you are eating why this is important because similar to us where we sleep at night and then gets recharged and then wake up in the morning all our hormones do the same thing as well they have a particular sleep period they have a particular wake-up period for example growth hormone which is a repair hormone which increases the growth of the body not the horizontal growth the vertical growth of the body is secreted only at night insulin which is a hormone which decreases fat and builds up the body is secreted during the day when there is sunlight and when people are active growth hormone is like batman who repairs the city of gotham at night insulin is like a superman who flies from one side to other during the day when there is sunlight insulin is secreted by pancreas and it is the most important hormone when you eat glucose or carbohydrate rich foods to convert the glucose molecules to energy you need insulin to be at its hundred percent quality whenever the load is heavy especially after an indian get together but think about it insulin is very tired after being worked out during the day and after sunset it is going to take some rest but most of the indian get-togethers happen only after sunset and when you eat something after sunset it is like making the insulin up you are asking insulin to wake up like the anjali movie indranjali insulin is like a government employee who works from 8 00 am to 5 p.m if you make it work like an i.t employee you will not get the best out of it you will find all these emails which says please find attachments but there’ll be no attachments not only insulin usually all eating hormones dies down after sunset and the quality goes down significantly if we wake them up it’s almost similar to buying a full length pant at a 50 discount of low quality and after washing this full pan becomes half pant so if you eat a gulab jamun after sunset initially the insulin will be like that’s okay i will digest this for you but in due course of time it will try to cut corners and will digest only half of the gulab jamun and the remaining half it will park in your belly after a while there will be no space in the belly to store the fat so fat will migrate into heart liver and brain causing heart attack imagine the gulab jamun that you ate travel all the way from the belly into the blood vessels of your heart blocking the circulation completely the gulab jamun that you ate looks very good right now but on the here is what you should do first you need to understand what is your eating pattern and the timing of your eating so please take a notepad maybe in your phone and write down the first bite or drink that you are taking in the day for example if you wake up around like 7 a.m and drinks a coffee at 7 30 a.m then 7 30 a.m will be your first bite anything other than water is considered as first bite preferable to avoid black coffee as well if you absolutely like black coffee that’s totally okay anything other than water like adding lemon in the water adding vodka in the water all that is considered as first bite similarly towards the end of the day when you have your last bite or drink that will be considered as the end of your eating period for example if your last drink is around like 8 p.m let’s say you drink a milk then 8 p.m will be considered as your last end of the eating period so from 8 a.m to 8 p.m would be a 12 hour eating period more importantly you should time the eating period with sunrise and sunset your eating period cannot go beyond 12 hours if you want the best results it is best to stick to an eating period of eight hours between the sunrise and sunset so what i do is i eat my first drink or bite at around like 7 a.m in the morning where the sun rises and then finish my dinner around like 5 30 6 p.m where the sun sets eating period will be like a pt period where the time runs very fast but the fasting period will test your patience like the history period after sunset similar to the world war that we learned in history class there will be a war called battle of food that runs in your mind between gulab jamun and water choose water or else you will become a history but if you keep eating gulab jamun even after sunsets insulin will be loyal to you like kattappa you might think that knee and uddamalia or gulab jamun in piracy insulin but instead of killing the gulab jamun the insulin might kill you as i have mentioned many times before being aware of the problem is the first step towards any solution so please document your eating period starting from your first bite to last bite and please write down in the comment section regarding the exact timing for example you wake up at 9 00 a.m and have your first drink around like 9 30 please write down 9 30 a.m and let’s say you drink a glass of milk at 10 pm before you go to bed right 10 p.m so your eating period is between 9 30 a.m and 10 p.m and i want that in the comment section so that i can reply to each and every one of you to see how you can decrease this eating period to promote belly fat loss in future videos we will talk about solutions to tackle this problem but first of all you should know that there is a problem [Music] imagine your body is the earth belly is the moon and your foot is the sun everybody when you look down there is a solar eclipse going on you cannot see the sun at least in the universe solar eclipse last only for a maximum of seven point five minutes but this belly eclipse el renate sunny mary suthi katyak it is high time you do something about the belly eclipse if not all you will see is full moon throughout your life stay safe get vaccinated i’m sorry this is not a covert video so one belly at a time it is absolutely important i’ll see the next video bye [Music] you

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