LOST: Stubborn Belly Fat And Love Handles

How to EAT CLEAN, BURN FAT and a detailed look at INTERMITTENT FASTING and who it is right for?!

Health is Wealt with Doctor Ian Smith

Dr. Ian Smith is not only the best and youngest looking 50-year old I’ve seen but also one of the most well-known Doctors on television and #1 New York Times bestselling author.

In this interview, we have a detailed conversation about “Clean Eating“ And “Intermittent Fasting “ Dr. Smith also debunks what he calls the “myths” about weight loss programs like keto.

Then we take a complete turn and move off of the health topic and talk about what it’s like to be apart of a secret society at Harvard. He writes about this world (I knew nothing about) in his book “The Ancient Nine “ It’s fascinating!!!

This conversation goes over not just health and wellness but we dive deep into Ian’s life and his practical approach to doing the WORK and how it will never fail you.

You have seen Dr. Smith as a host of the tv show “The Doctors,” Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, Rachael Ray, etc.

Ian gives the secret of 70/30 and why the best way to reach your goals include truly enjoying your life along the way.

We know training our mind is key, but fueling our body the right way is just as much a necessity to MAXING OUT your life! When you’re striving to be the best version of yourself you need many of these things we discuss in the interview.

This interview is incredibly tactical, detailed and full of golden nuggets, you’ll definitely want a pen and paper nearby to take notes.

Practical Tips for Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight but don’t know where to start? If you are, then you are in the right place. Many people around the world are struggling with weight loss. It is important to know that you are not alone in this battle.

I was interested in the intermittent fasting but was dreading watching such a long video. Let me tell you I’m so glad I watched this. I’m so appreciative of you sharing all this knowledge and I love your humility. The host is equally awesome. You’ve both totally inspired me and I can’t wait to read your book.

Video Transcript

let’s say with intermittent fasting it’s not starvation fasting drives your body away from food energy into fat energy melts the fat per se and then you use it in keto you are making your body go into an artificial biochemical state and the minute you eat off the keto plan you switch from through ptosis to regular and then all that weight comes back inside the wall of your stomach our stretch receptors before eating a meal you have to drink 8 ounces of water you have less room now for the stomach to expand with food because you’ve taken someone with water but every once in a while I teach myself that you have to look up from the trench and see the landscape don’t take a portrait view take a landscape view and see kind of where you work see where you can go and that kind of guide you in life [Music] [Applause] welcome back to max out everybody it said my let I’m so excited about today’s show because we’re gonna talk about all kinds of different stuff but primarily today we’re gonna focus on your health on your wellness on you getting lean and clean and the man to my right looks very familiar to you for those of you that are watching this on the YouTube version he’s a New York Times bestselling author of like a bazillion different books and if our off-camera conversation is if our on-camera conversations anywhere near as good as the off-camera today’s gonna be magic so this is dr. Ian Smith they thank me in here I appreciate you having me it’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome so we could go everywhere any way you want has you’ve written about so many different things his newest book by the way is clean and lean and I gotta tell you I probably the number one question that I’m getting asked from my audience regularly is what do I know about intermittent fasting okay which is absolutely nothing and so you know guys are asking that why yeah cuz I’m good you look oh think no no this is thank you you’re you’re very fit I looked at just you’re very fit looking guy and people know that I F is something that people who are into fitness that they know that kind of stuff they’re just they’re assuming that you know it’s not difficult to explain right now but you look like a guy who would be a master that kind of calm thank you and I’m not and by the way this is coming if we’re on YouTube this is a 50 year old man probably the most shocking thing was that I sort of look at your stuff about 20 years old over this man black some crack unfortunately so I’m assuming some of it those because cuz you’re such a fascinating man from where you grew up to your education and we’re gonna go there in a little bit but if I don’t get the intermittent fasting first people I’m really frustrated me so tell me a little bit about it there’s really two types also when I was reading right what can you tell us about it let’s say with intermittent fasting is okay it’s not starvation people see the word fasting and they think that it’s they’re not gonna eat for a long time it’s intermittent which means on-and-off fasting so on and off eating so basically you have two windows you have a feeding window or an eating window you will eat from this hour to this hour all of your meals and snacks and that’s the only time you’ll eat then you have what’s called your fasting window and this is why intermittent fasting works for a lot of things works for it works because your your body needs energy all day while you’re sleeping while you’re talking taking a shower whatever having sex you need energy okay your body typically will get the energy from the food that you eat the calories and your body stores calories in the form of glycogen which is a glucose storage form and fat fat is a storage form of energy so when your body needs energy it takes it from those calories you just ate or you ate a couple hours ago or takes it from your stores if you aren’t taking in fresh calories your body still needs energy so it says we’re not gonna go to get this energy well the first thing it does it goes into your liver and your muscles and takes out the glycogen so it depletes those stores the inventory it knocks them all out okay now where do you go you go to your fat the body breaks down the fat and converts it to energy and then you use it to do what you have to do now you don’t know this is happening by the way this is happening obviously microscopically internally but this is this is what fasting does fasting drives your body away from food energy into fat energy or it melts the fat per se and then you use it okay so intermittent fasting has to work in the sense of you have to be very rigid about your times or is what I mean if you have a feeding window you have to stick to it if you extend your feeding window into your fasting window you’re going to interrupt that fasting period it’s during that fasting period during that period where you don’t have energy that your body is driving to your fat stores good now people say well what can I have during my fast and in my way you can only have about 25 to 50 calories of a beverage so maybe coffee if you want to have some coffee or like coffee black coffee or some herbal tea if the calorie count goes above about 50 calories then you’re gonna switch from burning fat to go into the calories you’re consuming and we want to keep the body the switch we want to keep it into the fat direction okay and that’s why you don’t what’s called break the fast okay so and my programs and the last one clean and lean it’s about clean eating with intermittent fasting so how would you do it let’s say for example you want to do a 12-hour fasting window okay that means you’re going to eat for 12 hours and fast of hours first by the way 12 hours a long time to eat I mean that’s a lot of time and you know so you believe it’s a long time not to eat or a long time to eat I think it’s a long time to eat okay 12 hours okay because you could be sleeping potentially in eight of the other toys no there you go so you got already so people say but twelve hour fast and guess what if you slept for about eight hours that means just two hours before and two hours afterward okay that you’re not eating it’s four hours really okay now this is what you would do this is what I think is the easy way to do it if you get up at ten o’clock in the morning don’t start eating till 10:00 do everything you normally do from eight to ten at ten o’clock start your feeding window from ten o’clock in the morning until 10 o’clock at night could be you’re eating feeding one if you’re eating window yeah okay and then at 10:00 at night you fast okay wraparound that’s a 1212 window okay you can burn a lot of fat okay in that 12 hour fasting window do you we’re gonna go – we’re gonna go to lean in a minute yeah the reason this what’s unique about your book one is the detailed explanation of why intermittent fasting works but most of my friends who do intermittent fasting like it’s great because once I’m in that feeding with you I could eat all the crap I want to eat so most people say well like they’ve and I’ve had friends who have lost weight doing it that way but you sort of combined clean eating with the fasting this is really important because people have people do say to me often you must eat really clean and I usually respond yeah but I’m not really I’m not really sure that I know what clean the clean part of that means so what is and I want to stay on the fasting bias I’m just curious about this like what by definition is clean eating for you yes clean eating means reducing the amount of processed foods or ingredients that you’re consuming it doesn’t necessarily mean total elimination it difficult to not eat anything processed for a long period of time you can go a couple days but it’s almost very difficult but processed ingredients things that have been processed by manufacturers that started like this and they add synthetic chemicals preservatives all these additives into the food and you see this on the Shelf this process here this thing here is called processing the food and then you see the finished product things like you know chips or you know pop-tarts all these things that do not look like how they came out of the ground or off the tree or walking around in the pasture right now to some degree you’re gonna have to do some processing but it’s the addition of all these synthetic chemicals and by the way I wish we had like a package of something to look at you turn the back of a label of our food yeah item packaged item and we’d what’s in there okay if it has more than five to seven ingredients it is highly unlikely that it’s it’s a clean food okay so five to seven degrees seven will be processed probably practice there’s some processed in there mmm that’s the way it is okay because because you can’t have like 15 you know clean ingredients yeah in one food it just doesn’t it doesn’t work that way all the other stuff is you know xantham gum blah blah you name it right things you can’t pronounce and I know what they are why is it bad for you though I hear this all the time like you don’t stuff with a bunch of preservatives it why is that necessarily bad for your body a couple things first of all it can we think that it can have a delayed islet aureus effect on your hormones okay so these synthetic ingredients can disrupt your body’s hormones and throw your hormones in a state you know of just panic actually so that’s one reason the other reasons that we believe that some of these synthetic sweeteners for example that some of these things actually can mess with your brain chemistry’s right artificial sweeteners are a hundred to 200 times sweeter than regular cane sugar sweeter and so what happens is when you consume these artificial sweeteners you have this dopamine response in your brain which is pleasure right it’s a it’s a pleasure reward pathway so you eat all this sugar your brain releases dopamine the dopamine travels in your brain it goes your pleasure Center says oh I feel good so you know I’m gonna do again I’m gonna get more again right because it’s like Pavlov’s dog right so we keep going it’s a conditioned response we keep going to it so what happens is this when you eat these synthetic sugars particularly we’re on right now when you eat these sugars you crave more sugar and more and more and more and eventually no you’re gonna do you’re gonna get regular cane sugar yeah and you’re gonna consume it like crazy do these thank you for this by the way from my own edification letter so do these processed sugars have the same inflammatory effects in your body that you read about traditional sugars having great question um the answer is they’re not a hundred percent sure okay so even though artificial sugars have been around for a very long time and since at least since I was a kid my mother used to eat like sweet and low and all that stuff right yeah for and so so way before then they have not done a lot of real good studies that really looks at the physiological impact but when I say physiologic I mean how the body operates internally they haven’t done really really great great studies some of its political by the way because some people don’t want you to do those studies right but some of it is just that researchers in general kind of have not they they haven’t gone hard into it yeah to really really look at it now more studies are coming out saying we have lab rat studies you know so we have your rat studies that show higher rates of cancer in some cases and things like that but you know then again the argument against that is that what happens in the lab doesn’t always transfer to human beings who are much more complicated than a lab animal so we kind of extrapolate what could be happening in us but most people would say why take the risk right I mean is it is it he thinks to some extent that this is economically driven meaning that I’ve had people tell me I want you to correct it if it’s not true it’s sort of more expensive to eat cleaner is that a fallacy it’s not a fallacy but it isn’t it’s not as expensive people think it is okay right so let me go back to the to the sugar for example so I believe that the economics help drive why manufacturers put all this junk into food because it these synthetic preservatives make the food more shelf-stable yes they can stay on the Shelf longer before they spoil yeah and therefore our retailer can buy it and you can be on a target shelf for six weeks eight weeks and be okay yeah the you know customers time to buy it and the retailers lose money so a big part of it is financial the other part of it is that it’s cheaper right I mean junk is cheaper right it’s just you know like excuse the expression but a junky car yeah it’s not gonna cost what it costs to buy a brand-new Mercedes yeah so manufacturers are putting junk into foods because it’s cheaper to put junk into foods rather than keep the food whole and to farm it in a hole in the hallway organic way doesn’t be organic it’s all of the conversations but to farm in a way we’re not putting all these pesticides and antibodies and hormones in it it’s more difficult I never heard anybody talk about the hormone effect that’s oh that’s really really compelling and I wonder I look at I’m not kidding I do look at a dude like you and I’m like I wonder if this guy’s for his age got more growth hormone testosterone still in his body because he’s eaten cleaner I don’t know well I wonder well it’s like you said people ask you of you clean I don’t eat perfectly I mean in all of my books the first thing I tell people is I’m never going to ask me perfectly yeah like let’s be realistic I’m not perfect I mean I have fat burger yesterday you did I love fat burger like you it’s one of my joints and so I’ll have a burger not do I have fat burger I have it maybe once every couple months or whatever but I’m gonna have it I’m gonna have when I go to New York I’m gonna have a slice of pizza yes a New York slice that’s so good to hear by the way like I seriously I think people need to hear that because I think I have this thing that I teach in my stuff too that if whatever you’re going to begin to do is not something you can maintain you know someone hasn’t worked out in two years or like I’m gonna train for two and a half hours I’m like now go for 30 minutes you don’t work out in am i right and so right so it’s so important that you’re hearing what what dr. Smith is saying that that it’s got to be something you can maintain you can have a piece of pizza right you can have a piece of cake it’s that’s okay I do too and what everybody to know that yes on my Instagram page go to my Instagram page at dr. Ian Smith spell the doctor out I ate and Smith you’ll see our post pizza I’ll post like for example apples at the Chicago Bulls game I’ll have like a rainbow cake now how often do I have it the cake is this big right but I’m gonna eat maybe that’s what I do yeah I came here for and I’m good yeah that’s exactly what I do I don’t deprive myself I’m good and I’ve posted to let people know listen how can you live life right people say I’m I don’t eat carbs what are you talking about horse you do course you do and by the way the number one fuel source for your brain is glucose its carbs okay you need carbs more than any macronutrient that protein carb gene carbs the most because it’s fuel source for the body now the issue is the right carbs right so when people couldn’t even say oh I’m following a no carb diet I look at them like right why because you read it in People magazine so your energy level is zip all the time absolutely what a marathon runners do the night before America are above their car so so my whole point is that I think that people have to have a better understanding you know when they’re trying to do but any people want to do better by the way sure one thing I was in a meeting us I said to the guy I don’t think people who make decisions at the top of the food chain understand that the guys at the bottom they really want to do better yes some of them don’t know how to do better so they may lack a little willpower but but who says who says who walks around and says I want to be 400 pounds overweight and I you know I can’t tie my shoes I can’t walk upset so I’m gonna win it nobody nobody doesn’t live like that I totally agree with you and you said something on fat so I got a ask yes and then your opinion on I get a couple more questions on it I’m curious because I get asked this one a lot to like real opinion on someone who eats the keto type plant let’s just hear it I want to know your your opinion on it no way okay Kito is first of all not a new program it’s Atkins repackaged okay this programs been around for a long time the high protein high fat diet is as old as my mother okay right um sorry mom but it’s old okay and the thing is this this is why keto works okay I want people understand this keto works almost so much intermittent fasting keto works because instead of consuming carbs which your body prefer that just says the number one fuel source for your body instead of consuming carbs you consume fats fats are a form of energy and so you eat high protein high fat foods you turn those fats that you eat and the fat or dirt in your body you turn it into something called a ketone body mm-hmm that process is called ketosis taking fat to ketone is called ketosis ketone then becomes your energy source okay so does key to of keto work absolutely it works is it sustainable absolutely not okay because in keto you are making your body go into an artificial biochemical state and the minute you eat off the keto plan you switch from ketosis to regular and then all that weight comes back okay so yeah this is the cycle I see with most of these sort of eating plans or workout plans if it’s in everyone if it’s anything your business plan your phone call plan your your work habits when you wake up if it’s not sustainable it’s not something you should be that’s for me anything that I’m approached with that’s new that I’m gonna try to do and implement in my life has to be something there would be a lifestyle for me going forward not some little window it’s not that I don’t do little blitzes or fixes or do everyone yes but when it comes to my eating this is something I know I’m going to be required to do the rest of my life I want it to be something I can plan on doing forever if the 70/30 rule if 70% of the time you can make good decisions right this is life in general if some reason in therms at a time you know it may not be the best decision I mean you don’t want to be suicidal about a decision right but if centers at a time you can make a decision that makes sense that’s well-thought-out that’s thorough you’re sitting down you’re at a restaurant you sit there and you say well it’s not the greatest restaurants but they do have a salad but I want some fries okay have a sounds and fries yeah but don’t do like fries and then you know a big huge steak and then a big dessert that’s 600 700 calories you know you would think that people know what you’re saying but I’m gonna tell you I do exactly that like sometimes I’ll go eat clean mm-hmm but I’ll do that I’m like all right I’m gonna eat these fries but I’m gonna have a salad with it like I actually do that kind of make a negotiation hundred percent yeah I do the same exact or or if I know for example that like I like rib eyes I love revised and in fact when I go do rib eyes I get the most marble eyes which is fatty I get the most marbleized piece of meat and because that’s the best rib eye right yeah but I had greens with it that’s what I do I have good vegetables yes vegetables exactly what I do you know I don’t do a rib eye and Friday that’s crazy 82 people think I’m nuts alike so you need this whole rib eye but you won’t get some mashed potatoes like nope I’m eating greens with it I do the same thing so prove this works by the way do you still run your Facebook groups still very prominent oh yes yes so everyone just want you to hear this because I like data you all know I’m a little bit nuts about this stuff but like this isn’t really up for debate this isn’t theory any longer this is statistically mathematically been proven so you have a Facebook group of ones that I’m able to get in it and then tell them what’s sort of like the average weight loss or transformation that’s happening that you see in the first little window of time yeah so and then just let me give you some context people say what is good weight loss let’s just let’s discuss that first okay if again good weight loss if you could lose on average one to two pounds a week that is any real nutritionist would be like oh my goodness wonderful the problem is people are so habituated into thinking that you need to lose all this weight in a month mm-hmm geez it took you three years to put on thirty pounds you want to lose it in 30 days that’s unrealistic and it’s dangerous by the way for mostly because the way they do it not that losing weight so fast is necessary dangerous but it’s how you do it lemonade diets cayenne pepper apple cider vinegar unit you know there mm-hmm No so one two three pound one to two pounds a day a week is great weight loss now in my program I’ll admit its rapid weight loss so people typically lose in 30 days between 12 and 15 pounds and by the way I knew that and these aren’t people who are always 300 pounds I’m sort of a 150 pound woman 30 days lost like 15 pounds after 100% yeah and let me tell you but let me tell why they’re doing it they’re doing it because they are making lifestyle changes and they’re not starving themselves they’re just eating food they don’t have all those processed ingredients okay they’re not drinking as much soda yes I mean it’s not you know it’s not neuroscience you know soda is hope if there’s one thing I could eliminate from diets is soda even diet soda diet soda it’s all junk okay you’re stuffing all this junk into your the best machine ever built is our behavior and you’re just killing it right and so people lose all that weight and I also get them moving like you said I don’t say go workout for two hours take 30 minutes and guess what break 30 minutes up do fifteen in the morning 15 at night mm-hmm because the minutes count now how much you’re in the gym it counts that you’re doing that the exercise the exertion of energy people say I worked out for an hour today oh you know you spent 25 minutes on the phone or talking to other people in the gym yeah right it’s a core and I see this all you see it all the time right yeah I see guys in between sets I’m like you know I’m like I’m I’m very focused in the gym because for a while I could be efficient me too I can do my work and get out I don’t need it for social hour right I’m not picking up girls or anything like that like I’m in the gym to workout so you’ll see guys in between sets don’t like taking ten minutes between sets I don’t understand that and by the way that guy looks exactly the same the next year when I see him at the gym there’s been no change in their body at all like dude you come in here you might as well get it hard to get out of here the ideas that change your body you don’t say it’s the same thing I was training a guy once and I said to the guy so this guy had been working as an older guy we worked like six months and I was you know working with a gym and there’s another guy who we saw every single day that we went so he probably didn’t go every day so he probably there yes and I said to the guy was training I said look at this guy he’s doing a lot wrong and even my client said wow he looks the same he’s look for one year yeah it doesn’t change yeah and by the way you become unconscious guys and what you’re doing like even as you’re listening this may be your workout needs some evolution and some mix-up may be the way you’re eating does need to change okay two more questions on this then I got to ask you stuff that I’m like dying to ask you so is there an exception to this meaning a lot of people that follow me are some of them are bodybuilders yeah some of them are though really intense about their training really intense about their their lifting right and so I’m wondering if you look excited to answer this question because you’re asking all the questions that are really good question I get these questions like you’re asking the right questions but go ahead you finish so is there an exception for someone who’s a heavy trainer physically let’s just say with weights 100% there is and this is why by the way if you are a person who lifts a lot of free weights resistance training and you’re trying to build muscle hypertrophy make your muscle larger versus lean muscle okay if you’re trying to build bulk muscle then you need a lot of protein mm-hmm any a lot of calories okay you need to because what people don’t realize is this and this is why I tell women to lift weights also by the way not to build big muscles but muscles are the most metabolically active tissue in the body by that I mean this muscles need to be fed mm-hmm right yes and they’re like a growing child the bigger your kid gets the more they eat the more they eat that’s what muscle is the bigger your muscle is the more you need to feed it that means all the calories you’re eating goes into your muscle why do men lose weight faster than women not because men work harder not because they’re better they have more muscle mass and so if you have a man and a woman who are both 175 pounds and they are eating the same thing the man is going to lose weight faster or not gain as much weight because of a lot of his calories are going to feed his muscle okay and the woman mostly has adipose tissue or fat now that being said so if you are a bodybuilder a marathon runner of vigorous exercise you need more calories you need more protein so in my programs I will say people have an Instagram or Facebook say doctor Ian I do this which I do I said listen you got it you got to eat more you got to increase up at least 30 percent wonderful because your demands are greater now here’s the other part of it when you’re doing intermittent fasting it cuts you right it can cut you very well so you got to be careful for those who are not bodybuilders I say do your workout during your fasting time because think this thing with this right if fasting works because your body does not have calorie energy calorie energy and your body needs energy we’re going to go into the fat stores even harder because there’s nothing with no risk identity yeah so working out during your fasting window is a great way to really cost something right yes but if you are doing a two hour workout you’re doing a huge hit workout don’t do it then because you don’t have enough energy on board yep to get to the workout yeah you could hurt yourself this is so good by the way I’m a big fasted cardio person too but I am gonna go through this phase of adjusting I can vary easily not eat the last two hours before I go to bed at night that’s not a challenge it’s not a challenge to wait a couple hours when I wake up and that’s why I say start that way yeah people were a little nervous this is what you do and my programs on Instagram so if you if you found my Instagram do all these challenges like a seven-day soup challenge three-day weekend gel so if you follow me I’ll say to you do not eat your last meal within two hours or going to sleep okay okay two hours okay because from the time let’s say you go to sleep at 10:00 mmm after 8 o’clock we’re not gonna eat because all those calories just put in for dinner we need to give our body enough time to burn as many of them before we lay down yeah cuz when you lay down your metabolic rate drops to almost nothing relatively speaking and so all those calories have to go somewhere okay where do excess calories go that you don’t burn fat they become fat right right so people people are messing themselves up they do pretty well during the day below it the last two hours or they eat a huge meal yeah you know you like you eat like a 1,500 calorie dinner okay and then you’re a sleeper hour-and-a-half you got 1,500 calories yes you’re also digesting that food right are you sleeping yeah yeah so your body what am I gonna do with this stuff because Newton said energy can neither be created nor destroyed it’s got to go somewhere so your body says okay we got it we turn to fats so good real quick last thing okay on that water which you’re about to drink yes like I don’t know how you know is gonna do that how important is drinking water in one’s nutrition I find like a lot of people say hey I lost seven pounds the first week on whatever I’m like you dehydrated yourself you lost five pounds of four six pounds of water okay and one pound of fat so so how important I just wanna make sure that people know they need to be hydrated and how you feel about that so so there’s a quick story when I was in med school I asked our kidney professor physiology so he this guy was an expert he wrote the book Hines Belton he wrote the book on how the kidney works and I said I’m a doctor Dalton how many glasses of water you really supposed to drink he says Smith I’m gonna tell you something he said the number eight glasses was made up look what he said yes that number was made up we didn’t know that was really eight someone just said you should drink a glass of water daily okay then they backed into the number and what they realize is the amount of water you should drink is the amount to replace your water loss during a day okay the average person probably loses its average not someone who’s training a lot the average person probably loses between six to eight glasses worth cups worth eight ounces per cup of water a day okay so you got to replace that your body is 7% water okay at least and what people don’t realize is just because you’re not sweating doesn’t mean you’re not losing water okay you lose water when you’re breathing it comes to your skin you don’t realize it you obviously eliminate it you know you urinate it so you’re losing water all day long by the way okay and so people are dehydrated and don’t realize it so I say the average person probably needs between six and eight six and nine cups of water a day the more active you are the more water you need and by the way here’s a trick to lose weight with water and all my programs I say before eating a meal you have to drink 8 ounces of water before you take the first bite okay why is that what for that’s right your stomach works on expansion so your stomach has your stomach is like this collapsed when there’s nothing in it and inside the wall of your stomach are stretch receptors and those receptors send a signal to your brain when they get really stretched so if you start like my fists are closer if you start like this and you consume some water you’re like this you have less room now for the stomach to expand with food because you’ve taken some up with water very good so a put tip is yeah one cup of water I love it all right by the way I’ve done a lot of shows I guarantee you the most detailed most note-taking most tactical stuff we’ve covered so far Martita so now we get to indulge me cuz I’m just fascinated by this ok I’m not as educated a man as you are stop so there’s Harvard and Dartmouth on this man’s resume and he has a book so he’s written so many bestsellers but I think the ancient nine is the most unique one so guys I just feel like this is such a peak into a world that I never got access to that probably the vast majority of people have not but can you tell us about it’s a novel by the way and I love the so tell us a little bit about the ancient nine this is almost like learning about I guess I would call it almost like a secret society of some extent it is that’s it and you encountered at Harvard so tell us about the ancient nine the book and then what all that world is about if you could this is gonna be guys this is something you’ve never heard before so love you real fast so I went to Harvard undergrad I’m a kid from the other side of the tracks I didn’t grow up with wealth we didn’t have any money I was in a legacy which means I didn’t have people who were going to Harvard you know I came from a working-class family so but I was a very smart kid and I worked very hard you know kids who are who keep their head on straight who are poor they’re hungry yes you know I was a poor kid I was hungry to do better and I knew as a kid the best way to get ahead was to do well in school and that was my out you know your parents emphasized that oh absolutely so I always say we were not rich in materials we were rich in love and education because my mother I’d have dad just my mother my mother would say you got to do well in school and I was a great sportsman too so I did both played sports and did well in school and I was very competitive anyway I get into Harvard my brother and I have a twin brother we get into Harvard both of you got into Harvard all of us got in from a single mother single mother awesome working-class mom yeah I know if you can do that these days it’s so hard but anyway secular you did it yeah I credit her but um so we get into Harvard we go to the school that is just you know the who’s who the family names Kennedys you know kings and queens and whatever so we go to the school and what happened was I didn’t know anyone Harvard like I didn’t know like the history of Harvard he sounds a basketball player you know it’s from a small town in Connecticut get to Harvard and one night I one morning I wake up and someone has slipped under my door an envelope with my name on it and the room number on it there’s no stamp there’s no return address so I’m like I first thought it was Harvard a lot of like these organizations like the acapella singers and all these different groups just feels one he’s like you know nerdy kind of groups that you know so I didn’t pay attention to it I didn’t open it okay so I put it on my like on my table whatever in the common room what about my business and then one day after dinner I came home about to throw away I just open it up and it said the president and members of the Delphic Club cordially invite you to a cocktail party had the address and call with regrets of blah blah blah so I was like what is a cocktail party I have no idea okay my people didn’t go to this must be one of these organizations that is really snooty yeah highfalutin organizations one thing I notice about like rich kids I’m not teasing if you’re rich I’m not teasing about rich kids kind of like they imitate their parents like their their more advanced like they act like you know older true right I mean I agree with they do everything faster than the average kid so I know the cocktail party was so I put put a table to the side to invite I’m in basketball practice one night we’re in the locker room and we’re taking a shower the guys are talking and and they’re like talking about these clubs and they’re saying the upperclassmen are saying I was only a sophomore but the junior said yeah it’s punch season some listen these guys are yeah the clubs are starting to invite people to potentially join their clubs you know nothing about this nothing zero and so uh sounds interesting and then someone mentioned the name they said Delphic and I knew that was the name and that invite I had in my room so I raced him on my bike and I opened this thing up and I had been invited to this secret society to its it’s called punching that’s the name they use and and for sorority fraternity they say rushing yeah or you know so they rushed a fraternity or rush system where they I guess they call it punching and so I got invited cocktail parties so I said I’m gonna go to this thing I was a very curious guy yeah and so I went to this party and I got to tell you something it was like I wrote in the book I mean the book is 80% true it’s based on me as this poor kid who gets invited mysteriously awesome to join this thing and I go to this cocktail party this huge mansion in Cambridge and you know these guys are in these starched Blazers and go buttons and you know Rolex watches and smoking cigars this stuff is like a movie to me right exactly um to me yeah so anyway to end it I end up you got to go round to round to round so their events first there’s a cocktail party then there’s a dinner and after each round they cut the list so they start about 120 five guys and then the members will cut the list to 75 cut it to fifty cut it above until you get to about 20 15 to 20 guys who they at the end invite to actually join the secret society and do it I ask them to join and to this day I cannot tell you why they would ask a poor kid who had no connections didn’t go to prep school and they asked me to join and it was just a great experience and so I got inside I don’t want to ruin the yeah but we were to read it or listen to it the audio is great by the with a guy who reads it it’s great but I won’t be able to to read you I become your eyes to going through this very clandestine very Uppercross world of guys who are billionaires and the kids who are flying around it’s more common now but back in the day kid these people have private planes I know the private plane was back in the day I was such a fool regular yes you know sometimes ignorance really is bliss I was luckily I didn’t know all this stuff all right I just think that by the way I want to read the book it’s it is literally like a movie except it’s real I got options I wait to be a movie yeah I got an option to be a movie so knock on wood it should be and guys you could get the movie now I’m just I’m not promoting the book I’m promoting the book and the audiobook like you all should hear this if even like for me because I wasn’t in that world it’s almost like they’re kind of is an Illuminati of sorts right yeah you know I learned this is what I learn about about this world that that the network let me back up for a second they haven’t have not mhm I grew up a have-not yeah okay and I still have the sentimentality of a have-not mm-hmm I’ve been very successful God has blessed me I’m very appreciative for that but I’m also very humbled and I’m just I’m small compared to the universe what I learned is that they have not have a network and a way of operating that is so removed from the regular life and thinking of us regular have nots to have that this world that we don’t even know what they’re really doing yeah there’s so many deals behind these closed doors there’s so many people pick up the phone and calling you know this guy’s dad is a CEO of Morgan Stanley and if someone’s an internship he doesn’t go to regular yeah he doesn’t foul application and go to interviews no the dad knows the CEO they went to school together in the club together yep it’s just you know I’m not whining about it because there are a lot of different networks in the world but you but you need to be aware that everything is not fair I mean you talk about the the scandal with the with the schools with Felicity Huffman and uh and and Laura Lachlan I mean you know they operate in a different way yep they just do and I got in my brother got in cuz we just didn’t know any other way to get in you work hard right you get in and I just think that you know I always say to my friends I said this is where the haves have it wrong the haves don’t realize that the have-nots don’t want mansions and cars and stuff they just want to kind of lead a decent life you’re right and you guys don’t give them any room mm-hmm right yeah you guys hit them all the time yeah you know baggage fees you think a baggage fee affects a millionaire no but but for a person who’s traveling a family of four and then they got paid 25 to 30 bucks for a bag that makes a big difference in these people huge difference your big difference gas taxes too there’s other ways to tax people than fuel and that hits poor people disproportionately in a huge way huge where they run out of food at the end of the month because they’re paying a tax on gasoline and things like that so a Europe we think very very very similarly I can already tell now but by the way I want everybody to know one thing you can get life momentum and at different levels of life life does get a momentum and collaborations do begin to happen even how you and I met right it’s not some secret society but we are connected with some very similar people and it makes life getting it off the ground if you come from that place of have not is a very difficult place but there is hope when you get it going because of the collaborations and the meetings and different little organizations you will meet that will afford you progress in your life to the two most important things to do that in my opinion number one surround yourself with positive people yeah positive people if you’re surrounding yourself I didn’t say rich people yes but people who are positive more optimistic who want to achieve in life surround yourself with them because it’s contagious and the second thing is above all else you must always believe in yourself hmm always believe in yourself first because sometimes and often you’re gonna face situations where no one believes in you right and if you allow people’s lack of belief in you to dissuade you from believing yourself you can’t accomplish that never happen to you I’m just curious let’s be real you you grew up with a single mother african-american you’re now getting into this world where it is not the norm every single day you’re not seeing if you walk into a room of 300 people there aren’t 299 that looked like you to come from where you come from no way so speak to people that relate to that for a second did you ever struggle with that or is there something your mother did or something internally you add your own confidence your own I just put a post out here say one of my most responded to posts and it was about when I started to make progress for me and I’m checking from a different place than you but even me when I got to that new room that new place me going oh if I belong here I would I would have these thoughts like maybe it’s a fluke maybe I got lucky maybe they’re gonna figure me out here I still have that once in a while but they’re gonna figure out who I am right and so I know if I had some of that did you have any of that religious or you just wired differently never Wow I never ever had a scintilla thought that didn’t belong you won’t know why because from a little kid I believe my grandfather when he told me if you work hard you can succeed and win I just believed it I don’t know what made me believe it by the way since I was a little guy I believed it and so I always believed that if I did my work on time I got A’s I didn’t get in trouble didn’t mess with people that good things would happen and go to church on Sunday good things are gonna happen to me so so when things started happening I was very appreciative and respectful of it but I never felt like I didn’t deserve it because I felt like I worked for it I’m not really doing Mikey’s my brother and I we played basketball we used to go wake up and this is funny we still wake up in the morning and go to our high school and run Hills at 5:00 in the morning mmm to get better so about 4 4 GPA wherever the heck you were getting and while so while our classmates were sleeping you’re after it ok we were after it 4 o’clock 5 o’clock in the morning up in the hills we would see the milk guy come deliver the milk it’s this is the true story so I grew up in a way that the fire and me to succeed because I was I always accepted even at a young age I had to talk to old people a lot knowledge on that you and they would tell me stories and one thing I got from them when that life is really short and they would always say Jesus I can’t believe all these years of going by so fast they would always say that and then I would listen and say what they would do differently and what I realize is one common thing was they would have been more present in the moment that’s true so true present in the moment you look one of my top two or three favorite answers ever because it was so honest and I want to say something to you about it because I did have that struggler I didn’t think I belong and my way out this is on hundreds of tapes and audios is verbatim what you just said that you had the whole time I started to go wait a minute I’m doing things no one’s willing to do right here I’m out working everybody and what happened was my self-esteem changed because it was became a self-worth thing self-confidence to me is the process of making and keeping promises to yourself and I had this reputation right with me over time where I trusted me and I felt more and more worthy of the rooms I was going into because I wasn’t looking at who the other people were in the room I was looking at me and I’m like wait a minute I’m doing everything that makes me belong in this room so you had it all along I developed it as I got older and I never allowed external validation to make me feel worthy ever mmm ever if you didn’t want me at your birthday party as a kid guess what I don’t want to be there hmm I don’t want to slide through the back door if you don’t want me there if if a girl doesn’t want to go out with me I don’t know what would you either I don’t want to be in a situation where you where I got to force myself on you or force a situation I’m good I’m good I just feel like that has really and it’s helped me by the way as I’ve gotten older and you know listen know successful person has not had tough times and tough moments we all go through right the public doesn’t always see it yeah but we all have our moments and one thing that has kept me steady has been me believing in myself and realizing that I’ve worked hard and my validation is with me oh my gosh and that and that I set the highest standards for myself I do no one has ever had to set a higher standard for me than me yeah you’re you’re special I gotta say something but I’m gonna get one more question here everyone that’s listening this right now please do your colleagues and friends and family a favor and make sure they know to listen to this from the very beginning to the very end because there’s so much in here I didn’t know we’re gonna go down this road at the end no no no no I’m grateful because I want everybody to be doing that because you all know each other that’ll listen to the program tell them but I know you started out and they went through some unbelievable stuff on how to get healthier and then this stuff at the end is bananas so this is one of these you listen to the whole darn thing last thing I want to ask you about just cuz I think it’s cool mmm-hmm you got named by President Obama I want to give it the right name counsel of Fitness Sports and nutrition you’ve been you’re the medical contributor on all these different shows I’ve watched you on GMA I watched you on the Rachael Ray Show which you’re part of you’re on the doctors you’ve been everywhere I got to think though that was one of the coolest things that’s happened for you and did you get a chance at all to interact and work with him and if you did what was that like yeah so you know the White House is an amazing place by the way is it just is it’s the people been on the tour but I go to a party you know I think that I think that because it’s our house we own all of us on it I think that we need to do a better job of giving people access not just to the tour part I mean I don’t know how to do it maybe there’s a lottery system but some way people need to see the rooms where the work happens when works not happening like the Oval Office sure and going into the Roosevelt Room and seeing like all the presidents and the pictures and the famous it’s just unbelievable so to go into like the West Wing you don’t otherwise to actually go into the exit West Wing it’s really something special I’m sure I love our country I love our history you know the good and bad of it right because no one’s perfect we’ve had some bad moments in our history but I love our country now I told him before I travel a lot yeah and every time I go away I was just in Japan every time I go away and learn about other cultures and countries it makes me love my country even more not I don’t like these new places I love them too but but it makes me appreciate America more but going into the White House and and working with the President Obama was just he’s just an awesome dude man forget politics like as a man he was just a cool guy you know he had a swagger about him and you know we played ball you did oh yeah we played ball I got this great picture at my house where he hand on my shoulder the council was standing there like talking to him and Chris Paul The Bachelor players stand next to me and the three of us are kind of in a moment and I love that picture because it’s very candid because you know they got these photographers they’re always going around and it’s just a great moment but this counsel was an honor because I got a chance to sit down with my heroes like people like Billie Jean King Carl Edwards from NASCAR the gymnast Dominique Dawes Michelle Kwan the skater the hope to Seder Grant Hill it’s just a great group it’s unbelievable and be able to sit at the table and you’re like geez like I’m at the table with these dudes like like like I count you know but um your life is remarkable and it’s just you’re you’re so young yeah well you’re as young as you feel you’re in the middle of it so you don’t have context for it yet but I there’s got to be a little party happens for me once in a while where I’ll actually say something that actually really did happen maybe when it was happening I was like when I semi wow that was Wow well well you know I’ve got I’m glad you say that by the way and we can close on this like I always say that I’d like to work in the trenches I like to work I like to work I like to make progress this is kind of how I’m wired that way but every once in a while I teach myself that you have to look up from the trench and see the landscape don’t take a portrait view take a landscape view and see kind of where you work it see where you can go and that kind of guide you in life and so for me personally speaking when someone will say to me like someone was introducing me I don’t usually listen to my intro my cow cheese why they reading this bio like it was on and on yeah but then I was like pay attention for some reason and like the dude was like going with my stuff I’ve done I was like why did all that stuff like I was like honestly I’m not being arrogant I was like well that’s pretty cool like I don’t think you’re the least bit area no but I was like why that’s the kind of stuff I want to do I actually did this you know work three jobs when I was a young kid like when I was young out of med school I was working for Time magazine for NBC News and in the hospital mm-hmm as an intern I did all three now I did that because I didn’t know any better incredible right I was a young guy it makes I need to sleep back then yeah I was all over New York running into the changing in the car like Superman going to the hospital going to Time magazine but anyway so I just think that I want to say to people who are listening I think that people really have to find themselves mm-hmm right and to think about justice my mother driving here I said my figure out how you live the rest of your life hmm just figure that out figure out what’s important to you yeah you know don’t we’re so quick to do things because it’s expected of us you’re right it’s expected but no don’t do that a lot of times in my career I cut across the grain I stopped doing medicine for a while and one said what what are you crazy I was an orthopedic surgery I start I start doing TV you’re doing TV all the best decisions I’ve made in my life our decisions that I thought through that I didn’t allow others to overly influenced well and I typically cut across the grain I went in the direction that people said they probably shouldn’t go that what great advice yeah it’s obviously I mean you’ve done it to I’m I have but it’s obviously worked but I just think it’s the most incredible advice because I I wish you would say some things I could challenge today kiss to put the show off challenge something next time but yeah next time we’ll go get a little more controversial up for someone that stakes on the to you I want to say thank you on behalf of millions of people listening to this because the idea of this show is to both teach people things that they didn’t know before they started they can tactically inflammation or absolutely changed their thinking to some extent and then inspire them and like we hit tens out of tens on all three of those things today so I’m immensely grateful that time today everybody make sure that you’re following dr. Ian Smith on instagram as dr. Ian Smith spell the doctor out I a and Smith and if you want to join one of our challenges we do it on Instagram but also on Facebook so they can email me actually you can’t get that out sure my email is ABY challenge the numeral one at gmail.com a better you ABY challenge the number one at gmail.com and I’ll send you registration info of how you get into one of our challenges but we have a lot of fun and people make people get the best results when they have support yeah let me tell you something people are alone and you don’t realize how many people actually have your same problem yeah so true right I want you guys engaging with him and I just thank you that’s all I could grate thank you I enjoyed it so much look I did this again somehow I would love to do that your next book will have you on okay I love that which is coming out in a blind over weight it’s all about the mind okay so well then we got to have you on for that okay all right everybody I know you enjoy today’s program reminder everyday on Instagram the max out two-minute drill I want to engage with you I want to know what’s going on with you I want to be able to have the right guest the right content dr. Smith was here today directly because of the feedback I get from you guys about you wanting to learn more about intermittent fasting and I’m so glad we went down these other roads max out two-minute drill means this when I make a post everyday on Instagram which is usually 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. Pacific 10:30 to 11:00 ish Eastern you’ll have an opportunity to make a comment on my post and if you make that comment where you comment on someone’s comment on that within the first two to five minutes we pick a winner every day you get coaching calls with me ride on the jet my book max out gear calls with my guests all kinds of cool stuff and if you missed the first two to five minutes as long as you just comment every day on every post there’s just five or six a week if you just do that every single day and stay engaged with me we pick a winner from that group as well so I’d love to connect with you more deeply god bless you and continue to max out hey guys thanks for sticking around if you’d like more click the videos right here they’re exactly what you need to see next and if you’re new here hit subscribe and become a part of a max outt community and tell me what you think about the videos in the comments below I read all of them every week and I select winners and get all kinds of prizes gear coaching calls with me make a comment [Music]


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