Being lively will aid you handle and forestall diabetes. Even small adjustments in your exercise can enhance your well being and assist handle your blood sugar. It could appear arduous so as to add train and exercise to your day.
You will need to strategy it rigorously. So right this moment I converse to Lorna Wanjiru about hitting the fitness center and health with Diabetes to be taught some nice suggestions to assist these dwelling with diabetes safely and successfully match exercise time into their lives.

Remember it was a bit traumatizing it was very an invasive a bit of an invasive surgery and it was literally in an eye opener [Music] it made me feel like this is my chance this is my second chance at hello guys welcome welcome back to my youtube channel it’s me hannah barasa i know i always tell you you have an exciting guest to our today i have a very very very special guest extremely special i’m going to let her introduce herself and introduce the topic for the day i have known her for four years 16 16 17 18 5 years what i’ve done for five years five years that’s amazing that’s amazing so introduce yourself okay um lorna 1-0 [Music] my background is in human resources right now i am doing my master’s in counseling psychology i’m a fitness enthusiast oh let’s get a new therapist yes for sure for sure and today we’re talking about lifestyle and lifestyle diseases and um how fitness is incorporated with that okay okay yeah i like i like the tangent she’s taken i would have taken a more basic tangent okay okay we’re doing big things on this channel anyway today i brought lana here to give us her experience um as a person living and conquering diabetes one workout at a time one meal at a time i have been very impressed with her fitness journey because i think i saw she was just starting out yeah that’s how she was just starting up and she’s consistently kept at it and you guys know me and consistency yeah consistency is my love language so before we go any further today we are shooting at emerald suits um it’s a location they actually serviced apartments that are on albums called the crowd just opposite the quick match that is around their center the place is very very nice um i’m going to get someone that specializes in showcasing houses to showcase this place both on this channel and her channel so stay tuned for that video um tell us about um i i’m very keen to know your experience living um first of all how do you find out your diabetes how do you find out well um i’ve had diabetes and now this would be my 18th year i’m 32 right now so i’m more than happy life yes it’s it’s like it’s a teenager it’s actually an adult yeah um so i was that was at 14 years old and what happened is we have five kids yeah so my mom was told to check all of us because my dad had diabetes and she was told it’s hereditary so she checked all five of us and i’m the last one and i’m the one who had abnormal blood sugar readings and then i was diagnosed with diabetes at that point i would say in the early stages it was just total denial and not me yeah there must be someone yeah 100 so i would i was in a day school so i would sneak like because she changed my diet and made me at 14 i was going on one diet to other at kids and i was being put on so many diets so i’ll go to school and this cake i would eat cake like i have healthy break healthy lunch but i’m just going to ask my friends for food like yeah yeah that cookie looks nice the love for food has been done in her life um just what happened is that now i start getting complications from that so i started getting weaker in school i’m not able to play sports i’m not able to concentrate in class i’m not able to i was getting thirsty a lot going to the washroom a lot and i had this really embarrassing thing that used to happen so i had an uncontrollable ladder sometimes i didn’t make it to the washroom so you can imagine in high school um however i see that teenager oh yeah oh yeah for sure for sure um yeah so my wake-up call i would say is when i develop cataracts in my eyes and i’m just like yo this is something i can’t ignore anymore i can’t ignore anymore yeah so i’m just like i need to do i need to do something about it yeah so that’s how it started um and it started i would like be those you know start stop kind of people like sickness fitness yes yeah let’s do three months yeah tweak peaks yeah i’m getting two kilos now star wars great yeah and just to mention i’ve been flashing my so i was like 90 something cake is already 14 years oh my god so that’s my whole life um so it starts yeah three months i’ve got a diet i exercise i lose a little bit of weight i get happy and i go back to your ways my normal ways you know i’m on so many kinds of medications um on insulin as well and i didn’t really think other younger people had diabetes right yeah i thought it was for your grandmother your grandfather even you didn’t even think that you would have that because they’re like yeah exactly it was this this i just didn’t like understand much about it but um all i know is i kept saying i want to feel good i want to be able to run to be able to to walk upstairs without panting and you know to just go alone well you know i wouldn’t say anything about that um but yeah it’s it’s genuine yeah everyone wants to feel good i guess not everyone just puts in the effort to to feel better about themselves yeah so um just i don’t know i don’t think in my head i’ve conceptualized it and feel free to correct me i do not think um working out with a lifestyle disease is as easy as working out without having to think about how i studied i mean like if i was a person that was into care i’d work out now and doing eat cake not that it’s advisable don’t do that but you know like i have that option yeah um if i decided that i probably just needed to work out once and not six and it fits with whatever eating and my goals i think that i feel like that would be easier for me so conceptualize it for me like how is it is this more difficult being in fitness and um being diabetic yeah like what what is the difference between you and i let’s say or any other person that just keeping healthy and just walking around that’s a good question i actually like to say i’m thriving with diabetes um what happens is that i had to learn how to manage my blood sugar readings with my exercise so when i started out it was it was purely for the cause of trying to get healthier trying to get fitter but i had to learn how food affects my body how weight lifting affects my body how running affects my body so you have to have this consistent checkups of what you need to do so i would check i even to date i check my blood sugar every single morning and wait you do that to yourself yes it’s just you know that’s a small click you just and then [Music] it’s just a little freak um see my fingers i have like two small small tricks everywhere cause of oh yeah i can see this one yeah so over the years in my yeah my dream let’s not talk about the carlos carlos exactly so i had to have a routine of basically just checking what my blood sugar reading is when i work out before and after what i need to do so i looked i started looking at food more as fuel for my body um to see how it affects my body when i eat this and i work out how does it affect me and every year um i’m i need to do like i or rather i prefer to do a full body for body test body checkout and i do something called a hba1c every three months which is checking how your blood sugar has been reacting in the past three months so it’s good additional information from what you check every single morning right um so when i when i land like okay um i’m working out i’m losing a little bit of weight how is it affecting and i’m always returning it back to my health it’s no longer just about weight loss quick fix exactly um something that i can eat and drop five kilos in a bit exactly i had to move very past the the whole idea of i’m working out to to look yes i want to look good everybody has really changed over the years i keep telling you guys it’s true it’s really changed thank you so much it’s very hard work it’s been a lot of hard work and yeah just to find i’ve lost let’s say i lose five to ten kilograms how’s that how do i feel do i has that affected my health in a positive way or i’m just eating less you know am i just on a calorie deficit yeah and i’m not still eating the right foods um so what what drove me into like consistency is to notice how like my medication became less and less and less oh wow yeah to the extent of now i’m totally off medication interestingly of injections and i purely control my diabetes from exercise and diet now when i was calling in for this i didn’t know this fact okay like i did not know you had actually gotten to a point where medication is no longer you’re no longer dependent on medication i can’t say it’s not necessary because i mean it’s a lifetime commitment to yeah yeah so i didn’t know but congratulations on that i’m super happy that’s all right thank you to learn that um another thing that i saw you changed i was your you drastically changed your diet and i keep telling you one of my very high isaac hunger one of my favorite quote and i feel like you changing your diet to mostly is it vegan completely or mostly um i would say it’s plant-based plant-based um and majority i basically don’t eat meat and what i do is i try and get food that’s um less processed and you know less packaged and eat food that’s directly grown from the earth yeah so more plants more veggies more nuts cereals and whole grain foods i mean i would say this is a hundred percent of the time because i’ve been doing this for six months now and what like i so i get it the first month to see how my body reacts because i personally don’t believe in diets like a start stop diet um unless it’s towards a specific goal like you’re training for something specific but for a lifetime of consistency it doesn’t work it doesn’t i preach the same yeah and i i love hearing you say that because i i’m so passionate about that specific part yeah because i feel like if i’m gonna change how i’m gonna eat i wanna change it so i can feel or attain a certain goal and when i turn that goal if i change back to how you switch then you stop back on the ball i go back so i do not find a way of just eating consistently throughout my life and enjoy by enjoying and also enjoy my life not to be too strict because i can do that yeah and i also feel like a part of um part of saying that you’re on a plant-based i don’t know if you you said you don’t eat meat now but part of you um being on such a luminous quality yeah like being eating plant-based is i approach fitness and meal plans from the point of even my job even my fitness i don’t enjoy every single day yeah i enjoy maybe eighty percent there has to be the twenty percent that gives and that twenty percent is where the discipline comes in so you can’t just say it now i’ll enjoy plant something different you might not but you actually go with the feeling so anyway i digress my my question to you was um do you feel like going plant-based has actually affected how you’ve coped with diabetes over the over the over the previous six months well it it definitely has for sure because yes um i had gone off medication and and everything i still do my full body checkups but going plant-based has given me this this vibrance and this new kind of energy in terms of because i like pushing pushing harder in my workouts um and seeing how far i can go um you know you always want to reach a new target yeah you always do exactly it’s i know it’s like torturing yourself oh i don’t forget but the you know the the feedback is always amazing and so i wanted to see how much how much better my body can respond how fast i can recover from working out um how better it can affect my blood sugar readings and i feel like now it’s it’s a bit more no let me not say totally effortless but i i feel like i’m putting in less effort easier yeah into controlling the blood sugar exactly ever since i went plant this i’m not someone who’ll tell you you know i’m just like talking wait you know it’s not good no no what i tell people is that eat in a way you feel good exactly feel energized when you work out don’t work out to go home and bomb and feel you’re so tired you can’t do anything else supposed to do it so that you have energy for everything else you know you’re meant to do back in the day our folks our grand folks maybe never used to go to the gym it’s cause their life was so smooth yeah they were moving so much we are in now a time where we’re sitting on our desks to work where we’re even in school it’s your laptop the whole time so this lack of movement is has this affected that it has yeah so i just say me going plaque-based has just given me more more energy more um power speed in my workouts i just feel i just feel amazing i honestly just love it the other thing the other myth that i like to to do what to kill i would like to kill is if you’re battling a lifestyle disease you cannot um there are some activities that are actually you you probably might not be able to do but it’s not that you can’t do anything you know that’s what i’m saying i have tried everything everything but i you know you haven’t straightened it so i would like you to tell um my my youtube community yeah just conceptualize for us any fitness activity that you have tried since 2017. let’s go all out tell them tell them cause when i met you i think you’re doing uh gym in boxing yes so i need you to tell us everything that you’ve done i need to count with you so that you can they can know why i celebrate you to like summarize on how my activities have gone so my my passion for working out has has basically stemmed from in high school when i was diagnosed and i’m i was not able to have enough energy to play sports and to be active right so feeling now being active and being out this way is what is you know it comes from way back then right um so i i wouldn’t say there’s something i right now cannot and i have the most amazing coach ever but he never tells me you can’t she’s like you will get there with this practice and i i love that because i would say i would see crossfit i do crossfit right now spit that’s one again yes i’ll see crossfitters and be like hey i i don’t think that’s for me i just know it and then i was very weak as well when i was daniel so i didn’t think i could lift heavy weights yeah but i’ve done weight lifting yeah you do weightlifting with webster uh no no no i just i just do it in my coaches oh yeah yeah yeah so and i’m afraid that i never in my life imagined i would be able to lift i never thought i could do long distance running long distance running um that was a lot i did in 2016 i did the half marathon but i i i never thought i could drive for that long because i’m slow runner and you know but over time isn’t me running this is like perfectly fine exactly um but i feel like now i have this mentality of there’s really nothing i can’t do until i try yeah um whether it’s swimming running skipping anything i’m just like if it’s something that’s gonna make me better i’m going to at least try you know when i actually strike so i don’t think there’s anything right now i would say i can’t do because i’m diabetic there’s one thing what when i was younger i was always told is that you can’t fast you fast you you’re vegetable go too low do you want to fast even i mean you know i understand i don’t listen to christian things yes there’s that aspect of the religious aspect if you’re praying and fasting for something but i mean there’s also intermittent fasting you know this like you know you’re not feeling that sturdy and i feel like i’ve proved i would say i’ve never fasted for a long period of time for more than a day um but i have acid for a day i’ve passed i’ve done intermittent fasting and as long as you say as long as i am so the thing is i have to just always check my blood sugar like that’s the only that’s the difference between me and you okay we’ll we’ll go work out i like about you yes we’ll go drink wine we’ve got you some something it’s not too much and then i have to check my blood sugar probably before i drink that oil and after you know i i if i’m fasting i have to make sure i check my blood sugar in the morning and the in the afternoon maybe before i sleep just to make sure everything is okay and that’s just the difference and i feel like it sounds like it’s a lot but it’s like maintaining a very expensive car it does like like something like me i’m here maintaining like yeah well no you’re right you’re right but you see when you maintain a good car it takes you for a long period of time you’re able to drive it anywhere you know so when you maintain for me what i mean when i’m able to have these tools to maintain my lifestyle i consider myself fortunate you know it’s not something that i i know i’m doomed to um you know going to the the negative end of it that you know i’m like my leg will be amputated or i’ll die early in life at least i know i’m doing everything in life to to live i’m doing your best i’m doing my best and i find my when i get my results for my full body checkup i’m like is that you hey you guys you know that’s me now so i’m so grateful i’m just so grateful for what i’ve reached i especially when i had my cataracts removable surgery i was 18 years old 19 i was in university i remember it was a bit traumatizing it was very an invasive a bit of an invasive surgery and it was literally [Laughter] [Music] it’s it made me feel like this is my chance this is my second chance at kicking us at diabetes okay yeah like i like i like where this church is i feel like you’ve outside most of my shows honestly because i’m always i don’t know like i only know i know i think now three people living with diabetes okay one little bit older but okay like i mean that is yeah but another one is more or less our age but she’s not into fitness okay that’s why i wanted to bring you out here and just to like make sure that people know that it’s i can’t say a dead sentence feel like a bit of an extreme but like people can do it like luna is a loner to me is a representation of what decent and good and hard work is in fitness but she’s also not just doing it um a hundred percent i can say like you and me she’s doing it with a lifestyle disease that’s supposed to do for a lot of people you know me those days with that because i take a month off i know being diabetic and as well everyone else is you have to take care of your mental state for your body to just have full wellness like to be in good physical mental spiritual states is is is a place where we all should root for um because even when um i went through depression earlier in my life and that affected my health because it affected my diabetes then i would tell eating well i’m doing this why am i not in control of this you know blood sugar and because i was not mentally ill in a good place so we have to always always make sure we’re always in a good mental state as well yeah yeah anna anna can you start here what i mean christoph just talking to me the start stop diets kind of habits i used to do before but i would say at least try so try um achieve something and listen to what your body height feel so if you’re sad of course like if you’re in a sad state you don’t want to remain in that sense so you look for ways in which you can come out of this that stuff so if you’re not feeling good when you are not when you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure or anything or any illness that directly is affected by your life how you live your lifestyle what you eat how active you are at the end of the day i would say listen to your body and listen to your mind um and be patient like i always tell people because sometimes i have um friends who ask me i want to just wait like in three months i’m like i don’t know i don’t know let me recommend someone but i feel like being patient with yourself i’ve lost almost like maybe 18 kgs over a long period of time and it’s been easier to keep them off because i did take a few months or it’s literally yeah step by step step by step yeah i didn’t as i said i’ve been that i’ve been diagnosed for 18 years and i only got off insulin maybe three years ago of medication um sorry of insulin six years ago and off medication three years ago yeah so and i’ve been damaged for 18 years so there’s a good portion i was still taking medication so i had to be patient you know like one day this is the goal doctors would say you have to be your insulin your whole life for eternity for yeah yeah and also your kidneys will fail your there’s so many things were told to me when i was a young um teenager 15 years old and i i really want to thank also my mommy mom oh thank you so much mom she pushed me to believing that i will be healed and she kept saying every day you will be healed you will be healed you know so just want to feel good for yourself want to look good and for yourself too at the end of the day yes you lose weight but are you feeling good and and that’s for you no one else can tell if i’ll tell you that you’re not gonna give your bad feedback yeah and surround yourself at least with people like people who care since my my following on instagram grow and grow a little there’s so many people out there that are rooting for you that you might not know about of course there’s a lot of negativity on the internet i’m not i’m not going to get into that for sure but there’s also a group or another online community that is always rooting for you no matter what like i just because it’s something i keep experiencing when you are going through something rapidly just like oh today i’m having a rough day the amount of love you receive is like yeah okay yeah and i feel i honestly really admire you i feel like you give out what you receive as well so you give out all this positive energy and you you get it back you know you you that’s what you share with us that’s what you shared that while always positivity you may not know someone but you’re rooting for them you’re like good job because they’re on the right track and that’s what that’s the kind of life we should be living for a dollar so i don’t know i don’t know they are probably people who are not really concerned about their life but they just want to be a good person and feel good about yourself yeah um yeah and kick ass you had it here faster first yeah so it’s been lovely having you around thank you i would like you to plug yourself okay whatever you do i would like you to plug yourself give us your social media handles because i know i know i know there’s one or two people that might be struggling with lifestyle diseases and whatnot and they might need to inquire and follow you and just you know know your story plug yourself okay um on it’s just me on instagram so on instagram i’m lonashiro and shiro is ciru um currently doing my masters in counseling psychology so i’ll flag away and i’m done with that and i’m looking for clients but so far that’s what i’m doing yeah so you know reach out if you want to ask anything about living with diabetes i am so glad to help anyone who wants to hear from me anyway it was so lovely hanging out with you if you like this video please give me a big thumbs up remember to drop me a comment in the comment section down below the kind of content you want to see and if you want to see lorna on this channel again drop a comment in the comment section for more i want to see but please drop me a comment in the comment section down below also um if i was to have like a fitness girl only conversation on this channel would you be interested in color oh for sure yeah this is me guilty asking yourself don’t say no yes i went for sure but special thank you to emerald suits located on albums called the crowd now you know my channel i’m not into selling or promoting real estate i probably do not have any idea how to do that but this is a beautiful location today they let me they were kind enough to let me use and shoot at their location i’m going to put the details of this beautiful property that in the description box if you need to talk to anyone i’m also going to put down here ryan’s number the lady that is showcasing this apartment and selling them renting them or airbnb them thank you for being on my channel today until i see you next time bye

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In line with a examine reported in July of 2018 within the Journal of Medical and Endocrinological Metabolism infants born giant for his or her age are in danger for insulin resistance, the reason for Kind 2 diabetes. Scientists on the Shanghai Jiao-Tong College in Shanghai, China, and a few totally different analysis amenities in Canada discovered what could be the purpose for the excessive danger of Kind 2 diabetes seen in adults born giant for his or her ages.

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