Learn This One Simple Move to Get Rid of Back Pain

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain. I love you guys. Had a crappy day but I tune into the two most famous physical therapists on the internet (in everyone’s opinion) before bed and I feel so much better!. Add me to the booyah stick team!

Video Transcript

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, Physical Therapist. – Brad Heineck, Physical Therapist. Together, we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our own opinion, of course, Bob. – Today, we’re going to help you learn this one simple move, to get rid of your back pain. And my wife just went through this, and we use this as a visual thing, tool, for her. – Sure. – And it really worked well. She caught on to the concept really quick. So, I think it’s a great idea. So, by the way, if you’re new to our channel– – Oh yes. – Please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload every day. Also, you want to join us on our social media channels, and our website. Go to bobandbrad.com, ’cause we’re always giving something away. This week, we’re giving away the FITINDEX Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball. This thing is awesome. I mean, if you haven’t seen the video already on it, watch our video. We just put it up on Sunday afternoon. – Oh, we did! – But this thing, I’ll tell you, this does the job of those expensive, hundred-dollar, foam rollers that are vibrating. – Oh I see, yeah. – It can get into spots, get into the hips and stuff. So, you’re going to love it. – It is built well, too. – Yeah, built well, too. Or you can join us on Twitter or Instagram. – Oh yeah, yeah. – We get a shortened version of Bob and Brad’s 60-Second Version, instead of this entire rambling on. – [Brad] Right, thank god for that. – All right Brad, let’s move her on here. So, one of the problems why people tend to keep exacerbating their back pain, their back pain doesn’t go away, is for the simple reason, is they are not keeping the back in its protected position. Now, on a normal back, if it’s in the good position, you have a curve in, a curve out, and a curve in. – When you’re looking from the side. – Yeah, he’s oriented just like I am. Curve in. – Curve out. – Curve out. Curve in. Now you want to maintain that spine. I tell my patients, it’s like you have it in a cast. – Sure. – The upper body’s the cast. You don’t want to break that cast. So, when you’re lifting something, you don’t want to go like this. You don’t want to do that hinge. You want to keep this part straight. All the movement should come from the hips. So, you see that? So, if you’re bending forward, the movement comes from the hips. If you’re getting out of a chair, the movement comes from the hips. If you’re picking something off the floor, all the movement comes from the hips. – Yoga people are well familiar with this. – Right, exactly. So, this is the position you want to maintain. So, what I used with my wife to describe this, because she had just hurt her back. She had tweaked her back, and she was picking things up, and it was still, she’s like, ow, ow, ow, ow, when she was bending forward, because she was bending forward like this. So, I had her take the booyah stick, and we’ve done this many times, Brad and I, and there’s three points of contact. Brad do you want to point them out. So, one’s on the head. One’s on the mid-back. And one’s kind of on the pelvis. If any one of those is not touching, if I’m like this, I’m bent forward. If I’m like this, my back is really rounded. – Right. – So, she said she didn’t even really need the stick. She just pictured the stick there. – Sure. – And she’d start lifting, and she goes, oh, she could do it without pain. – Mm hm. – So, that’s the glorified result, so. – That’s why I’m wearing this ridiculous belt. – Right. – ‘Cause I thought, you can be functional, and this could be, if I’m touching here, here, and here, I mean this is, it really forces good posture. – Yeah, that’s a key thing. – And it makes you be aware of what’s going on with your spine. – Right. And if you don’t have a booyah stick, you could use a broom handle, and just work with it a while. – Yep. – Try some of these things. If you’re leaning forward at the sink to brush your teeth, this is how you should be leaning forward. You shouldn’t be leaning forward like this. – Right. – If you’re leaning forward to make the bed, this is where a lot of people are hurting, when they lean forward to make that bed. Also, it helps to have your arms supported on the bed. – Right, right. – ‘Cause it takes some of the pressure off your back. – There’s a number of other little tricks that we have, but the posture is the base. – Yeah, so, even getting out of a chair, this is very common. People, want to hold that just for a second Brad? – Yeah. – A lot of people, what do they do? They lean forward, and they round out their back, and get out of the chair. So, you want to learn that, again, you could take your broom handle or the booyah stick, and you’re going to put it in place, and now you’re going to learn to get out of the chair correctly. With everything all straight, the back protected. Eventually you can even work on doing some squats like this. This is a great posture thing. – A little trick is, you really need to scoot your butt forward on the edge of the chair, that’s going to allow that mechanics to become much more easy, and less stress. – So, try this out, and you’re going to find out that if you have back pain, a lot of times you can eliminate those triggers, which is putting the back into that hinged position, and starts making the pain worse, inflaming it. – I don’t know Bob, but I was just thinking, if may be not too long, and we’re going to see people out on the sidewalks, walking around with their booyah stick for their back, or whatever, to maintain that posture. – Oh yeah, I’m sure we’re going to see this on all the city streets. – You could put a flag on top. – Remember the cone heads that were on Saturday Night Live? – Oh yeah, yeah. – Yeah, they were the big cone heads. We’re going to have the booyah heads. – Yeah. – So, one way or an– – Booyah! (laughing) Say no more. – All right, we’re going a little crazy here. But thanks for watching everybody.

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