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Dr. Fung, can you believe I’ve lost 104.2 lbs so far since November just by reading your books, watching your videos and following your advice!! I feel so well!
I’m 58 and I’m off my blood pressure meds, my osteoarthritis pain is so much better I’m able to be active again and swim laps twice a week. And my asthma is pretty much non-existent. Watching these videos keep me motivated. Thank you so much for all you do for us! I’m so grateful

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today i’m going to talk about three key tips when trying to lose that holiday weight gain and it’s coming right up [Music] the weight that we gain over a year is not spread out equally amongst the whole year that’s the key finding from medical studies such as this one published in the new england journal of medicine they followed a number of people to see when they gained the weight over the year on average people were gaining about 0.5 kilos or about a pound per year but when they broke it down into holiday periods and non-holiday periods what they found was very important they define the holiday period in the united states as that period between thanksgiving and new year’s when a lot of people tend to eat because of all the holiday parties and so on there tended to be the most weight gain in those six weeks in november and december in fact about two-thirds of the weight gain for the whole year was gained in just those six weeks compared to the other 40 some odd weeks of the year after the holidays in january there was some attempt to lose some of the weight but it tended to be very minimal such that on average it came out to about a pound a year which doesn’t seem to be a lot but over many many years it comes to 20 30 40 pounds of weight gain and unfortunately it’s not equally distributed either amongst those who are not overweight overweight and obese when they broke it down further what they found was that the people who tended to gain the most during that holiday period was those who could least afford it which is those people who are obese or overweight the people who are not overweight didn’t tend to gain so much so what it comes down to is this if we know that there are periods where you’re tending to gain weight then you need to know how to lose that holiday weight in order to keep a stable weight year after year and this wasn’t just true in the united states you could see the same pattern all over the world so what are the keys to dealing with holiday weight gain there are three key things to remember when dealing with that holiday weight gain first don’t wait when you’re trying to lose the holiday weight as soon as that holiday is over you need to get right on it this is the period of time where you’re most motivated to lose that weight so it’s really the easiest to get started at the same time if you just gain weight very recently that’s the period where it’s easiest to lose that weight your body hasn’t gotten adjusted to that extra weight yet and therefore you will be able to lose that weight but you can’t stick around saying well i’m just going to give it a few weeks here a few weeks turns into a few months and before you know it you haven’t been able to get rid of that holiday weight gain and it doesn’t just apply to periods in november and december this applies to vacations as well so if you go on a vacation in the summer time and you go on a cruise and you eat a lot and you eat a lot of things that you know you really shouldn’t eat as soon as you get back don’t wait get right on that schedule and we’re going to have a protocol for you coming up the second key tip in dealing with holiday weight gain is that you can’t just resume your usual eating routine a lot of people say this they say yeah i’ve eaten a lot in this holiday period whether it’s christmas or vacation i know i ate a lot i’m just gonna get back to my usual routine and i should get back you know to usual but it doesn’t work that way you never worked off that excess if you ate a lot over the past week and then just you eat your usual foods for the next week well you never worked off that excess in fact you have to eat very little over the next week in order to balance the excess that you ate the week before so don’t just go back to your usual routine thinking that your body will go back to its usual way that’s a mistake that too many people make you never worked off that excess just like if you go on a spending spree and you go buy a lot of stuff you can’t go back to your usual spending habits you have to have to spend less to make up for the extra so don’t just go back to the usual it’s not business as usual the third thing is that you need to hit it hard and hit it fast and for that really one treatment stands out as much better than the others and that’s fasting because if you follow a routine such as a paleo diet or a vegetarian diet or whatever diet you normally follow yes that’s effective but remember fasting you’re eating very little and you can’t go lower than zero so ultimately fasting is the fastest way to lose weight and no diet can really compare to that so what are the routines that really work to lose that holiday weight first of all if you haven’t been fasting you should try to incorporate intermittent fasting that is short periods of not eating or skipping meals skipping breakfast skipping lunch up to 24 hours a day because those are going to be the periods of time where your body is going to use up some of those extra calories and extra food energy that you’ve taken over the past holiday second if you have been fasting you have found that it’s effective enough what you can do is extend that to above 24 hours now just remember that when you’re going into the longer fast you need to be sure that you’re doing it safely and you speak to your doctor about it but there’s a good reason why extending from a one meal a day strategy to eating no meals for that day or a 36 hour fast is extremely effective any time you’re not eating your body is going to be forced to burn fat because fat is simply a source of stored energy or calories if you are able to go from one meal a day to no meals a day that means for example if you’re skipping breakfast lunch and dinner and go to the next day’s breakfast you’re getting about 36 hours of fasting so to go from 24 to 36 skipping that single meal increases that fat burning power by about 50 and why is it so effective it’s because you’re leveraging the power of sleep when you skip that dinner or that one meal you’re getting eight hours of fasting while you sleep and that’s almost free because you’re not even aware of it even better when you wake up you usually feel normal again because your body has started using those calories that it’s stored away as sugar that stored away this fat and you actually feel pretty normal the next day coming out of that fast you don’t feel hungry or any more hungry than you normally do and you usually feel pretty refreshed as well so it’s much more powerful to go from a 24-hour fast skip that meal in that day to the 36-hour fast but remember like any tool it has the potential to go both ways so make sure you’re doing it safely the other thing is that when you go to that more extended period of fasting then you get into the full fat burning as we discussed previously in the video the five stages of fasting as you go through the time period of fasting you go through burning sugar you go through the period of gluconeogenesis by 24 30 hours you’re going into the fat burning mode because your body has no other way to store energy in the short term you can use sugar which is stored as glycogen you can use gluconeogenesis but as you get into longer period of fasting you’re you’re really relying mostly on fat and that’s what we really want to do is burn that fat so as you get into that longer 36 hour period you’re getting almost pure fat burning it’s a lot easier to stay in that fat burning phase and to keep going up and down another key advantage is that as you go into the longer periods of fasting the hunger tends to go down so remember when you’re dealing with weight gain don’t wait around for that holiday weight gain to become permanent number two it’s not business as usual you need to have a dedicated period of losing weight to counteract that period uh vacation or holiday where you know you’ve gained weight and third hit it hard hit it fast and nothing does that better than extended fasting if you haven’t been fasting try going to intermittent fasting if you’ve done intermittent fasting try going over that 24-hour period into extended fasting make sure you get that weight down and then you can go to business as usual thanks for watching everybody i hope you learned something if you did maybe share it with a friend they may learn something too and if you could do me a favor and hit that like button down below so that other people can find this video i’d really appreciate that thanks everybody and we’ll see you next week

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