Intermittent Fasting and Pregnancy How Strict Does It Have To Be

Intermittent Fasting and Pregnancy

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I was pregnant and could only eat lemons, nothing else.I told my doctor I was so scared that my baby wasnt getting valuable nutrients during pregnancy.He quickly started me on IV drips twice a week to deliver those vital nutrients to my baby. i actually lost 40 lbs while pregnant. Long story short, God Blessed me with a healthy, happy baby girl, so I know this works to a certain safe extent.Good luck ladies

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had another question related to intermittent  fasting and pregnancy is it safe to do well there’s some questions you need to ask first  because there is a way to do it healthily but first let’s go through these questions number one  will your pattern of doing intermittent fasting and eating create nutrient deficiencies if it does  then you don’t want to do it because this is the most important time to get nutrients in your body  because that growing baby is developing and if you’re deficient in even one micronutrient iodine  the iq of that child will be severely suppressed so above all else the most important thing  is to make sure you’re getting the nutrients from the food i mean you could still do  six meals a day not intermittent fasting and be nutrient deprived right that’s not good so  let’s say for example you had two meals were very very sufficient in nutrients and calories  and you didn’t snack and you were adapted to keto i don’t see any problem with that but  let’s go down the list number two will it worsen your blood sugars so if you’re pregnant and then  all of a sudden you quickly jump into keto and intermittent fasting maybe you want to gradually  get into it because if you do it too fast and you don’t know what you’re doing you can end  up with low blood sugars and that’s not healthy but doing it gradually and letting your body tell  you when you’re hungry and when you should eat um that might make more sense all right next question  is will it affect your sex hormones like estrogen androgens progesterone things like that well not  necessarily intermittent fasting does not affect those hormones in a negative way but other things  do like food if you’re consuming too much soy for example or you’re consuming a lot of commercial  dairy which has a lot of estrogen in it that can throw off your estrogen and that probably is  not the best thing to do all right now androgens in a female body one way to trigger androgens  is to increase insulin and that’s the next point right here will your intermittent fasting  pattern of fasting and eating affect insulin well it’s going to normalize insulin if you’re doing  fasting in low carb but if you’re doing a high carb diet you are going to spike insulin  and high insulin leads to high androgens which can cause pcos polycystic ovarian syndrome  which one symptom is infertility and you lose your cycle if high insulin causes pcos infertility  why would you want to do something to raise insulin when you’re pregnant we’re trying  to provide the environment for that baby to thrive in so anything that increases insulin  when you’re pregnant is not a healthy thing and i’m also talking about a lot of different  snacks especially if they’re carbohydrates all right last point will it affect cortisol and  the answer is i did a whole video on this no it’ll actually improve your cortisol levels because it  will help lower stress especially if you do this correct i’m going to put a link down below for  that and during ramadan fasting is contraindicated for pregnancy but think about this ramadan you’re  fasting for a longer period of time during the day and also it’s for 29 to 30 days so that’s a little  bit different than what we’re talking about with intermittent fasting where you’re eating two  meals maybe spaced out through the day in summary the answer is not as simple as a yes or no you  have to factor in these other points but the most important thing is to get enough nutrients  to keep that fertility very high hey before you go real quick i have a course entitled how to  bulletproof your immune system it’s a free course i want you to take it and here’s why here’s you  here is your environment everyone is focused on this over here avoiding your environment but  what about here what about strengthening your immune system that’s what’s missing this course  will show you how to bulletproof yourself and so you can tolerate and resist your environment  much better by strengthening your own immune system i put a link down in the description right  down below check it out and get signed up today

Intermittent Fasting Basics:

0:00 Intermittent fasting and pregnancy
0:15 Is it ok to do intermittent fasting while pregnant?
4:02 Bulletproof your immune system *free course!

Is it safe to do intermittent fasting while pregnant? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. There are a few questions to ask yourself. The most important thing is to get enough nutrients.

Questions to ask yourself about your pattern of fasting and eating:
• Will it create nutrient deficiencies?
If it does, don’t do it. If you did two meals, but they were very dense in nutrients and calories, and you’re adapted to keto, I don’t see a problem with that.

• Will it worsen my blood sugar levels?
Jumping into keto and intermittent fasting without enough knowledge could cause you to have low blood sugar levels, which isn’t healthy. It may be best to get into it gradually and let your body tell you when you’re hungry and when you should eat.

• Will it affect sex hormones?
Intermittent fasting doesn’t affect these hormones in a negative way. However, some foods like soy and commercial dairy can affect these hormones in a negative way.

• Will it spike insulin?
Keto and intermittent fasting can help normalize insulin. But, a high carb diet can spike insulin. High insulin can lead to high androgens, which can potentially lead to PCOS. One symptom of PCOS is infertility.

• Will it affect cortisol?
Keto and intermittent fasting may help improve cortisol levels by lowering stress.

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