How to Stop Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)? Home Remedy to Get Rid of Tinnitus

Here’s how to stop tinnitus

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to help stop tinnitus. Tinnitus is ringing in the ears. I’m going to share with you a unique technique to help get rid of tinnitus naturally.

This technique was developed by Dr. Jan Strydom. However, I did alter the technique slightly. The technique involves stimulation of the 8th cranial nerve. This is the nerve that affects hearing. If there’s a problem with this nerve, it could cause ringing. With this technique, we’re going to be working on the back of the skull that matches the cranial nerve at the level of the brain stem where the nerve comes out.

This finger drumming technique may help to desensitize ringing in the ears through creating a rhythmic finger drumming directly over the occipital ridge at the level of the brain stem.

How to help get rid of tinnitus:
Step 1: Rate the severity of the noise 1-10 (1 being no ringing and 10 being severe)
Step 2: Do this technique 20 times
Step 3: Re-rate the severity and repeat technique

Continue this technique daily until resolved.

Tinnitus After Covid Vaccine

In this video we’re going to talk about tinnitus ringing in the ears okay I’m gonna teach you a technique it’s not mine I didn’t develop it it’s I’ve found some data on the web by a guy by the name of dr. Jan Strydom okay so it’s he developed it I don’t know where he got it from but it seems to be pretty successful for tinnitus okay it’s called the finger drumming technique maybe you already saw it but I’m gonna alter the technique just a little bit I mean you can try both ways but I think this way works a little bit better it involves kind of a stimulation of the eighth cranial nerve the eighth cranial nerve comes out of the brainstem deep into the skull and it’s called the vestibular cochlear this is the nerve that affects hearing and if there’s a problem with that nerve you can have ring as well okay now in my other techniques that you probably watched or maybe you haven’t a lot of the principle of getting rid of chronic pain for example is to work on another part of the body okay because you have this kind of the stuck energy that it just keeps hurting over and over and to release it you don’t work on that air you work on the mirror-image side this this involves the same principle so you’re gonna be working on the back part of your skull that matches this cranial nerve at the level of the brainstem where it comes out okay and the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re going to take your fingers like this on the back of the skull and you’re gonna just take your pointer fingers right on the middle finger and then just flip them like this and I’m gonna demonstrate that just like this okay you’re gonna do it like this okay now here’s the thing the location is very very important if we take a look at where this nerve exits on the brainstem it exits at the level of where the ear is right here with a hole in your ears right here if you draw a line and the back part you’re going to go right around the ridge of that what’s called the occiput Ridge it’s a little like if you take your fingers and you just feel on your skull it’ll actually go and then it just sinks into your neck right well there’s a little Ridge there the bottom that Ridge is at the level of where your ear is that’s where you’re going to be thumping or or flipping your fingers and tapping okay right at that point so you’re gonna take your middle finger and go just above it and then you’re gonna let your first finger kind of flip off and together stimulate that point kind of fairly close to the midline okay so the first thing you do is you’re going to rate the severity of the ringing or hissing noise okay so let’s just say 10 is like off-the-charts really really bad one there’s no no ringing at all okay so you want to first rate it so go ahead and do that right now what number you go let’s pretend you have a five okay so now we’re going to do this technique he says to do it for about forty to fifty times I’m gonna suggest you start up with doing 20 times and I’m gonna tell you why in a second so you’re gonna do it 20 times so you’re gonna do this technique and just flip your finger in kind of pulse right at the level of your Ridge on the occiput okay you’re gonna do that for 20 times then you’re gonna rate the severity so it was a 5 let’s say now it’s a 4 okay so then you’re gonna repeat this procedure do it 20 more times ok now reevaluate how is it now it’s a 3 ok do it again and you keep repeating this until it’s completely gone now you may find that you have to do this 4 or 5 times to get rid of it completely there is a chance that it might not work at all so if it doesn’t work the first time it’s probably not gonna work at all but if it’s gonna work it’s gonna work right away okay so that’s the simplicity of it but you want to keep repeating this and I would do this every single day until it stays gone ok so go ahead and try that put your comments down below press this okay Jesus let me do that over here press the subscribe button press just press this button right here subscribe okay that one right there just do it right now hey if you’re enjoying my videos press the subscribe button below and I will keep you updated on the future events thank you so much


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