How to Cleanse Toxic Kidneys

A Surprising Way to Cleanse Toxic Kidneys - Dr. Berg on Kidney Detoxification

I just want to add that after years of my type two diabetic dad given tons of medications piled on to treat a veriety of symptoms. I started watching your videos, and started addressing the underlying cause of insuline resistance and focusing on the liver.

Started my father on your nutritional yeast supplements, with High Fat High Protein, Low Carb, no added sugar and incorporated High Potassium (game changer) his blood sugar has regulated for the first time in years. Inositol has replaced his need for metformin, and he has had an incredible improvement in energy he’s back to his old self again and passing his DOT certification.

(His number last night was 101 down from High 200 and 300 numbers.) A1C average improved so quickly after incorporating your advice. Thank you so much for your videos, you make a huge difference. (I have also added Inositol and nutritional yeast to my spironolactone and I am already seeing major improvements in my pcos.

You included information that i never recieved in 12 years of treatment that would have prevented so many symptoms) you rock!

i want to talk about a surprising way to cleanse toxic kidneys what you have to realize is that the kidney is just as important as the liver in detoxification in fact they work together because the liver does something called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification and this is where you have various enzymes that are turning fat soluble poisons into harmless water soluble particles

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So both the gallbladder with its bile and the kidney help to eliminate these water soluble particles that used to be fat soluble poisons so if there’s any problem with the liver where you don’t get this water soluble breakdown product then it overloads the kidney and the other parts of the digestive tract so it’s very very important to have each detoxification organ to be working to share the load so the liver gets hammered with xenobiotics which are just like chemicals in the environment uh pesticides herbicides fungicides things like that steroid byproducts from your own body’s production of steroids that would be like estrogen progesterone cortisol things like that and then drugs okay medications just hammer the liver and the kidneys then we have glyphosate which is an entire food supply not to mention it’s in the water it’s in foods it’s all over the place then you have things like pcbs which are chemicals in plastics so the water bottle that you drink the the plastic that you microwave your lunch in all can leech out these um chemicals and your liver and your kidney have to deal with them so each year more chemicals are being pumped out and our environment is becoming more and more toxic so our bodies are having to deal with this and detoxify them so the kidneys get rid of certain protein byproducts and eliminate urea ammonia and uric acid and so if there’s kidney weakness those things can build up and create toxicity and so the kidney really is just um a composite of millions of tiny little filters okay just filtering things out and so a really good way to test these little filters is to check something called the gfr glomerular filtration rate and that just measures how fast things are being filtered through the kidney the kidney has to do with heavy metals the worst heavy metal would be cadmium because the kidney has a very difficult time getting rid of that heavy metal and cadmium usually comes from smoking because it’s in the fertilizer that they use to grow tobacco it’s also in commercial soybeans so cadmium hits the kidney the most out of any body tissue in fact 20 of osteoporosis is caused by cadmium toxicity then you have mercury right very toxic to the kidneys um mercury fillings which i had all mine removed i think every single tooth in my skull had silver mercury fillings also when you consume uh larger fish it can be pretty toxic with mercury now as you age you lose the ability to filter a nine-year-old has like 50 percent of kidney function compared to a 20 year old and these chemicals that were exposed to in the kidney destroy the mitochondria then you lose more and more ability to detoxify and then these chemicals accumulate and they recirculate through the body then you have nsaids right so many people around those for inflammation before you had a good prescription but as soon as those patents ran out they became over the counter and so a lot of people are taking way more of those than they really should and there’s no long-term studies on the chronic exposure to nsaids on different body tissue especially the kidney but we do know that if you’ve been exposed to nsaids over three years it can cause irreversible kidney damage now the other very important thing i want to talk about is the consumption of too much sodium and not enough potassium when people think about potassium they immediately think that it’s bad for the kidneys but it’s not there’s a lot of new science that shows that potassium is kidney protective it’s called nephroprotection and i put a lot of the research down in the description so you can check it out but an average person at least in the u.s consumes between 3.4 grams to 4.9 grams of sodium every single day that’s 49 100 milligrams okay as far as potassium goes an average person only consumes 2.1 to 2.6 grams of potassium when they actually need at least 4 700 milligrams every single day and when you have too much sodium and not enough potassium there’s three big problems number one you potentially can get high blood pressure number two heart disease and number three chronic kidney disease you know many doctors tell patients focus on sodium sodium sodium but they’re they don’t talk about potassium the sodium potassium ratio is way more important than just one of these minerals if you have enough potassium you’re protected against the excess amount of sodium so in reality those ratios should be completely reversed you should have at least twice as much potassium as sodium and this is mainly due because of low potassium diets the three things that affect you especially the kidney when you are on a low potassium diet is number one you get inflammation of the kidney number two you get a lot of oxidation and free radical damage on the kidney and the third thing is fibrosis of the kidney you’re basically going to lose the function of the kidney now the other thing that is also very important and you may already know this if you watch my other videos is that the number one thing that destroys the kidney is a high carb diet because if you take a look at diabetics for example they have four main big problems they usually always have kidney problems because glucose destroys the kidney filter high levels of glucose of the kidney crave massive oxidation and destroy the kidney that’s why diabetics have such a high risk of being on kidney dialysis long term i mean the big push is to control your blood sugars but not to control the diet the high sugar if you’re controlling the blood glucose medications where do you think this glucose is going when you take the medication is it evaporating no it’s just going from one place to another it’s being shoved in different parts of the body unless you get off these carbs i don’t care how much you try to regulate the glucose in your blood it’s going to create a problem in another place but the four places that high glucose either being a pre-diabetic or diabetic effect is number one the kidney number two the brain and the nerves three the vascular system and the heart and number four the eye but diabetic nephropathy is a very common condition with diabetics and it’s destruction of the kidney because you’re a diabetic you have high glucose flowing through your bloodstream now overall the common symptoms for kidney problems would be anemia high blood pressure we’ve already talked about that itchiness edema foamy urine because you’ve lost kidney function and if the kidneys can’t filter out the protein it starts getting foamy and then you have ammonia breath it’s another symptom and then a metallic taste in your mouth and frequent urination which usually is occurring because you have too much glucose in the bloodstream this is why the best thing to do for frequent urination is to give up your carbs and stop snacking at night it produces dramatic effects within days okay you won’t be getting up through the night i’ll put that video down below and then the last big symptom uh that occurs with kidney problems is darker urine okay your urine is darker brown because you’re getting more byproducts that are going through this filter that’s damaged all right so this is the list of what to do to start cleaning the kidney and i think a better word for that would be to improve the detoxification pathways of the kidney so number one the most important thing is to eliminate the toxic exposure on your kidneys so you need to start eating cleaner or going on an organic diet getting a water filter making sure that you’re on the least amount of medications possible basically eliminating the things that are destroying the kidney and it could be just giving up smoking and it could be also making sure you don’t consume any more soy products right all right number two going on a low carb diet it’s going to give the kidney a tremendous amount of relief because now there’ll be a whole heck of a lot less oxidation going on in the kidney all right number three you need to correct your sodium potassium ratios okay now i’m not telling you to lower your sodium all you need to do is make sure your potassium is at least twice as high as your sodium how do you do that start eating more avocados start having bigger amounts of salad ideally between seven to ten cups every day now if you’re doing other vegetables you don’t have to do that much salad but you need to start increasing more foods high in potassium but potassium is protective on the kidney and i’m going to put all that data down below as well all right number four if you have a lot of kidney stress okay you don’t want to overload it with too much protein you want to go on a moderate protein diet when you overload the kidneys with too much protein you can end up with foamy urine you can put a little more stress on the kidneys because your body can only deal with so much protein it doesn’t store protein like fat in carbohydrates it has to deal with this excess protein so it either has to turn it into urea as a waste product or it has to turn it into glucose as fuel so too much protein is not a good idea for the kidney all right number five there are foods that you should be eating to naturally enhance the detoxification of the kidney and let me just go through the list garlic garlic will increase the clearance of urea and other and other byproducts from the kidney then we have asparagus okay now when you eat asparagus you have this weird smell going on in your urine that’s not toxic material it’s something else for another video but asparagus is really good to help you detoxify the kidney and then we have celery another good detoxifier and then parsley awesome parsley is also good to help eliminate heavy metals from the body cilantro is also good as well then we get turmeric which is awesome for the kidney cruciferous vegetables those are good for the liver but they’re also equally as good for the kidney berries especially blueberries are really good for kidney detoxification and then green tea the phytonutrient in green tea can really help the kidneys detoxify effectively now if you haven’t checked out my video on the best way to clean the liver i think that would be appropriate check it out right here

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