How to Burn Belly Fat Perfect Fatty Foods

How to Burn Belly Fat

Fasting dude! Don’t snack! Anyone CAN do it. Best of luck to everyone because we all need to be health aware. YOUR health is ONE thing NOONE can take from you!

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all right so with science Bob’s help we’re gonna help everyone understand today that belly fat may not be the hardest fat to lose this I know is starting to a lot of folks but I want to explain it to you I want to be really clear welcome to the show science Bob thank you good to be back good to be back you’ll need those purple gloves on cuz ice Popp was a very messy scientist the quake so one thing we’ve created two kinds of fatboys for science bob is done there’s the belly fat which i want you to put in your hands if you don’t mind just show it to everybody and then there’s the other kind of fat in your body okay keep holding that position and look at this fat that I’ve got okay now this is the fact that in your thighs behind your arms on your chin this is the other fat that’s the belly fat there’s a subtle difference between them and it turns out the fat and your belly is very unique take it away sighs Bob yeah so we’re gonna use the science of polymers to kind of demonstrate this so imagine that these crystals here represent eating right and exercising all that good stuff go ahead and sprinkle that over the fat okay so we both we both are gonna exercise and eat right and all those things both gonna sprinkle in our fat okay sprinkled on there you go there you go acts on now go ahead and mix it up you know get a little exercise there yourself so then you mix that up dr. oz does everything you might notice something happening for that what is happening to us it’s becoming liquid it’s becoming liquid yeah it’s actually liquefying we can actually demonstrate this you know I got a bucket yeah but it’s actually your most liquid asset that stomach fat it’s supposed to be able to sit up besides my whole belly fat watch what happens it gently all those blobs come pouring out now let me show you what happens with my fat I did the same thing pretend it didn’t happen but in general we actually always thought that fat was sort of equally stubborn the belly fat is particularly able to be a liquid assets sort of pour out of your body and that’s why it’s so important to understand that even five or ten pounds a little bit of weight loss immediately begins to affect this which has a huge benefit because that’s the fact that causes all the problems of blood pressure and cholesterol diabetes all that bad stuff okay so the second you begin losing weight the second you start benefiting in a very big way for your health now it teaches a bit more about this because this myth is busted my friends I want you to understand a little bit more about visla woman who dedicated her career how to conquer fat Lizbeth Carell is joining us come on in this hello I hope you enjoyed a little demonstration I didn’t make quite a mess today we did so now that we know that belly fat is the most easily removed of our fats explained that’s how we actually get there well it’s the easiest path to lose if you do it the right way so many of us do sit-ups we crunch ourselves into oblivion and that is never going to get rid of the belly fat you’ve got to exercise and move and boost your metabolism and that is as easy as just walking 30 minutes a day every day and then as you increase your intensity you can boost it even more you can also try summit abalone but the tab ilysm boosting foods a breakfast of say scrambled eggs and hot salsa the protein and the eggs and the cap station in the red pepper that makes the salsa fiery that’s gonna start sort of rev up your fire burning engines and keep that those calories burning all day long be sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anything and remember to check back often to see what’s new

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