How to Avoid Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain? STOP Sleeping In These Positions

You Need to STOP Sleeping In These Positions

I was a pro athlete for 10 years and assumed my diet was adequate…it wasn’t even close. I consumed about 200-300 carbs a day. When I discovered keto and IF, and consuming no more than 25-50 carbs a day my life changed immediately. No more diaphragm pain nor shoulder pain.

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here’s the thing you need to know for a fact if you address the right problem okay you will get results if you treat the wrong problem you won’t get results wow that’s heavy but it’s idiotically simple but you’d be surprised how many people keep treating the wrong problem for years without any results so you have to be willing to try something new and realize what you’re doing is not working especially with shoulder pain so i’m going to show you the best position to sleep with your shoulder because i’ve been through a lot of shoulder pain for years in fact i fractured my left shoulder i fractured my left elbow and i had to cope with that trying to sleep so i’m going to show you the best position but i want to let you know something about 80 of shoulder pain is not coming from the shoulder it’s being referred and the only reason i figured it out is being in practice for about 30 years taking money from people that came in to get help with their shoulder pain and then finding out it didn’t work so i had to do everything possible to try different things to think outside the box and i’m going to show you some really great tips based on years of trial and error most shoulder pain even if it’s on the left side mostly on the right side and i’m talking about right up through here it can be actually through here it could be in your neck is coming from not necessarily gallbladder it’s the tube or it’s called a duct between the gallbladder and your liver this little tube is called the bile duct and that duct very commonly becomes plugged up with a sludge maybe with very very tiny little stones but usually not it’s usually like a thick sludge and that pressure backs up into the liver and it backs up into the diaphragm and causes pressure into something called the phrenic nerve and the phrenic nerve goes right up into your neck right through here and when that nerve is irritated it causes a spasm in your shoulder and it can even cause the vertebra to rotate and pinch the nerve right into your shoulder and it can also happen on the left side too because the duct also communicates to the pancreas too so if there’s backup in that duct that goes in the pancreas it can also affect the left side of your diaphragm where there’s also a phrenic nerve that comes up on this side so if you don’t know that and you’re trying to fix your shoulder and you’re doing therapy and you’re doing exercise and you’re wondering why it’s not getting better guess what it’s coming from your diet and so if you’re not familiar with keto organic fasting you definitely need to get on that immediately to help reduce the pressure on the digestion because a high carb diet refined carbs foods high in omega-6 fatty acids that would be a lot of nuts that would be a lot of fried foods those foods will really irritate that little duct and cause shoulder pain all day long and so one little way to know if your problem is that duct is just to gently massage underneath the right rib cage or the left rib cage about an inch off the midline just massage that area and see if your shoulder pain doesn’t completely disappear at least temporarily if it does chances are your problem is being referred by your digestive system so i just want to bring that up as the first thing i want to talk about since it’s so common and hardly anyone knows about it and it’s such an easy problem to fix you’re going to probably need some purified bile salts or a gallbladder formula i put a link down below for more information on that but that will start to thin the bile allow the flow of bile through that duct and eliminate the pain in the shoulder which i have a lot of experience with because i had shoulder pain for about 12 years before i figured it out the gallbladder related problem will cause tension in the trap up through here either side around the back part where your rhomboid muscles are or underneath the trapezius muscle addressing a muscle that’s called the levator angular scapula because it levers the scapula at a certain angle and apparently it’ll make that muscle so hard uh like a knot and you’ll be massaging that thing to the cows come home it’s never going to be relieved because the problem is down here between your gallbladder and your liver all right so now let’s say the problem is in your shoulder okay you have arthritis in your ac joint or somewhere else in your shoulder joint there is a video that i did on shoulder pain which is very very powerful as far as the best exercise to do for shoulder pain and it’s simple hanging okay an orthopedic surgeon wrote an amazing book on this one exercise and he claimed that over 80 to 90 of surgeries were unnecessary and if you did this exercise you can avoid the surgery and i i do it on a regular basis it works and so you’re just going to find some pull-up bar that you can hang from initially you don’t have to have your whole body hanging you just need to stretch your arm either one at a time or both and you can just be standing but you want to stretch this muscle down here this is called the latissimus dorsi okay you want to stretch the lat doing that is going to send information up to the top part of the muscles to relax the trap muscles it’s also going to open up the shoulder joint enough to allow a lot of relief into your shoulders so if you were to hang um let’s say after dinner or before bed for 15 seconds whether it’s weight bearing or not weight bearing it’s going to give your shoulder a lot of relief and you’re going to be able to sleep a lot better but you want to work up to a situation where you can hang with your whole body weight hanging okay with your hands forward on a bar for about 15 to 30 seconds okay you want to work up to that and then do maybe three sets of that about three times a week if you can achieve that your shoulders are going to be in really good shape and the other point i want to bring up is inflammation in general if you have arthritis or inflammation in your shoulder joints especially if you just reflect back on what you ate yesterday chances are there’s something that you ate that’s causing the inflammation it could be dairy it could be some new keto ice cream that you bought because it was keto friendly but it had all sorts of ingredients that created inflammation or it could be maybe you ate nuts the day before and all those nuts are high in omega-6 fatty acids and that created the inflammation it could have been some carbohydrate that you ate but usually there’s something you ate the day before that you probably shouldn’t have eaten but very importantly reducing omega-6 fatty acids and increasing the omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils or olive oil is going to be essential one of the best natural remedies for inflammation in general that i found is called stinging nettle root it’s a really good remedy for inflammation if you just have arthritis in general and you’ve already addressed the diet and of course the combination of keto intermittent fasting is going to be essential if you’re new to my channel i put a link down below that’ll probably get rid of your shoulder pain right away because it’s going to drop inflammation especially the intermittent fasting because fasting drops inflammation and the most powerful vitamin that can help you with inflammation is vitamin d3 if you get the combination of d3 with vitamin k2 you’re going to have a really good combination because vitamin k2 takes the calcium buildup from your arteries and your joints and it puts it back into the bone so it helps to remove calcium that shouldn’t be in certain places and the vitamin d3 drops inflammation dramatically so you’re going to actually feel a lot better when you take at least 20 000 iu’s a vitamin d3 with the ratio of about 20 micrograms of k2 so for every 10 000 iu’s of d3 you need a hundred micrograms of k2 that would be the ratio that you want to look at and if you have shoulder pain when you’re sleeping just take this vitamin d3 k2 blend right before bed because it will also help you sleep and i have some information on that in the description down below all right now let’s get into the position of how not to sleep okay so if you’re going to sleep on your side with all your pressure on your shoulder joint itself that’s going to be very uncomfortable because there’s too much pressure and weight on your shoulder so what you want to do is not sleep directly on the shoulder you want to tuck the shoulder in about two inches forward so that’s tip number one now at the same time you want to make sure that your head is neutral with your spine you don’t want your head too far down or too far up so you’re gonna have to adjust the pillow another thing that i recommend is taking a very small towel or even a washcloth and rolling it up and putting it underneath your neck so that way it supports and takes some pressure off the shoulder if the shoulder is painful as well as rolling up a small towel or a washcloth and putting it underneath the rib cage okay so right about here so now we can actually raise the position below and above the shoulder so there’s virtually no pressure on the shoulder itself and it’s also important as you’re sleeping not to have your head too forward or to backwards but to have it completely neutral on the pillow it’s definitely worth it to spend some money and buy a high quality pillow and it’s really an individual choice so what i do is i might go to a store and i will just sample out a lot of different pillows until i find the one that is perfect and i’m not even going to look at the price tag because i mean think about this you spend a third of your life in bed so it’s definitely worth it to get the right pillow some people like it firm some people like it thick and what’s good for your spouse might not be good for you so invest in the best pillow you can find now what about sleeping in your stomach terrible why well just go ahead and turn your head to the right side right now just go ahead and turn your head and then hold that position for eight hours okay that’s what happens when you sleep now you’re going to probably go to the left side the right side but when you you cannot sleep with your face in the pillow you have to turn your neck and holding your neck into that position is going to cut off the nerve supply to your brachial plexus of nerves and guess where those nerves go they go into the shoulder not good so you don’t want to sleep on your stomach okay or even if with your arms up like this because you’re going to obstruct the nerves in your in your uh shoulder and they go right down the arm all right and the other position that i don’t recommend is sleeping on your back on a pillow or without a pillow with your hands underneath your head not a good position because again it’s going to pinch off the nerves through your neck that go right into your shoulder not a good idea the absolute best position is on your side with a pillow which brings your head up to a nice neutral position so you with your head not too forward not too back with your shoulders slightly tucked forward about two inches maybe with another rolled towel underneath your neck or a washcloth and underneath your shoulder right on the rib cage so you’re positioning your shoulder with the least amount of pressure on it i also recommend a pillow between your knees so your lower back and hips are not a problem and of course then you want to through the night position yourself maybe on the other shoulder back and forth now if you have not seen my video on how the gallbladder can refer pain to the shoulder since it’s so common i put that video right here check it out

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