How I Stopped Taking Diabetes Medicine in 90 Days

How I Stopped Taking Diabetes Medicine in 90 Days

How I ended taking Diabetes Drugs in 90 days. Sure, you can also cease taking diabetes medication. It isn’t sophisticated, you do not have to starve your self, or exercise consistently. You DO have to decide on although. It’s a must to select to be wholesome and eat proper. By consuming proper I do not imply the S.A.D. (see video to know what that’s!). I lay out all the small print on how I ended taking diabetes medication in simply 90 days after being identified with Kind II Diabetes.
Diabetes is harmful and terrifying and there’s a lot of dangerous data on the market about easy methods to “handle” it. Nicely, my recommendation is do not handle it, destroy it. Defeat it and stomp on it is head. The one purpose now we have so many individuals with Diabetes is dangerous recommendation from companies and organizations that merely advised us the fallacious data for many years. We’re now paying the worth.

Diabetes medicines do not work. They do not treatment diabetes, they only cowl up the signs. When you get previous the signs and work on the foundation reason for Diabetes, you can also cease taking diabetes meds, all together with your physician’s approval and blessing.

Kind 2 Diabetes – 5 Wholesome Sugar Swaps That Assist Battle Diabetes!

Consuming correctly is among the most potent methods to battle in opposition to the consequences of Kind 2 diabetes. Each what you eat and the way a lot you eat. Have you learnt saturated fat and refined sugar make up a few quarter of the typical particular person’s caloric weight loss program? Sugar is present in all the things, and sadly, if we’re not cautious in regards to the meals we devour, we will wind up including extreme quantities of refined sugar to our weight loss program. Meals like yogurt and even salad dressing, normally deemed as “well being meals,” are sometimes infamous for holding added sugar. Nevertheless, there are methods you’ll be able to keep away from including these meals to your weight loss program by making your recipes at dwelling, and by utilizing wholesome sugar swaps to sweeten your recipes. Allow us to check out 5 wholesome sugar swaps you should utilize in wholesome baking and to sweeten issues like your morning cup of espresso or your morning bowl of oatmeal.

Today i want to tell you how i got off diabetes medications in just 90 days doctor approved december 10th of 2020 i went to the doctor and i was diagnosed with hypertension my blood pressure was 185 over 110 immediately we went to low sodium diet and i was put on lacinopril 10 milligrams once per day and well it just started a downward spiral for me things that i wasn’t happy about um having to give up salt was no big deal but we started learning how much sodium is in our food in general it’s amazing they say you shouldn’t have more than 1500 to two thousand milligrams of sodium a day that’s a little more than one teaspoonful of salt in a day now if you spread half a teaspoon of salt on every meal you’ve already gone one and a half times the total amount keep in mind almost everything has sodium in it almost everything natural fruits and vegetables and things like that all have sodium in them okay but watch what you’re buying bulk goods you know like canned food oh my god canned food has so much sodium in it and i’m even talking about vegetables and beans and things like that cut as much sodium as you possibly can and then frozen things we found frozen shrimp one time that was an insane amount of sodium i mean like 700 milligrams of sodium for like four shrimp are they like injecting it with brine or something i mean it’s just crazy nobody needs to have that much sodium and i don’t cook with sodium anymore or salt i don’t add salt to our food now some people took that as i don’t salt my food when it’s at the table no i don’t add salt to our food there are rare occasions there’s a couple of bread type items that i do still add just literally a pinch of salt too but i only do those on days that i know we’re having low sodium intake overall now don’t get me wrong i still have black olives and things like that that are salty foods and kimchi but i have them in moderation and i don’t have a ton of it in any one day and i don’t have them every single day so we’re careful about that december 18 2020 my a1c was 11.2 and i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes now that’s a terrifying thing to find out i was just a few weeks away from turning 50 years old it was literally just a few days before christmas where we were going to go spend christmas with family and eat lots of really bad for you foods and cookies and desserts and all that sort of stuff so to find out i had diabetes was a little bit of a shock to the system um and 11.2 that’s pretty bad it’s pretty high that’s that’s high it’s very high let’s just say that it’s it’s not good that’s that’s the dangerous number unmanaged that’s a death sentence okay that’s plain and simple there’s no other way to say it and we started looking into what do we do i was immediately put on a glipizide twice a day five milligrams each so that’s 10 milligrams a day um my doctor said glipozide is a better one than metformin okay so i i trusted them i didn’t i didn’t even question it i asked my doctor so how much should i eat in a day what should i do of this which i do with that and they said go take a class okay that’s a hard thing to hear when you just got told you have diabetes and you were expecting your doctor to be able to guide you but at the same time they’re a general practitioner they’re not diabetes specialty so i can’t be too hard on them for that and i never did take that class because when i started digging online i found out that there’s a lot of opinion out there on what cures diabetes and how to treat it and much of it’s bad advice i’ll explain why i say that in a few minutes but a lot of it is just really really bad so i started researching while we were researching i was also starting to walk one to three miles a day at that time i wasn’t really in all that greatest shape my knees were hurting my joints were stiff i just didn’t feel good about walking and i got winded really easily and it was actually hard even though i may not look like i was all that big i was in really bad shape i hadn’t done a whole lot during the pandemic i sat at my desk and did editing we sat here and did videos and that was about as much movement as i got so that didn’t help matters any we did the whole grain thing and what i mean by that is i like my pasta and my breads and things like that so we just switched over to using brown rice and whole grain pasta and whole grain breads instead of cutting them out completely like we probably should have but we did that and i was still taking the glyphoside and i was taking the lacinopril and you know my blood pressure numbers got more or less down to normal and my blood sugar not so much they weren’t doing real good when i was first diagnosed it wasn’t unusual for me to see a 250 or a 300 i was still seeing over 200 and i knew that that was bad what i didn’t know was when to check i didn’t know that there was fasting and spiking and all this i just thought your blood sugar is your blood sugar because no one explained it to me and it’s okay because you can pick this stuff up pretty easily right around the new year i’m backing up just a little bit right around the new year is when we said you know what having a bread and beyond channel that’s what this used to be called is probably not a great idea for this new lifestyle change that we’re doing and it is a lifestyle change i’ll talk more about that in a little bit but right now i want to just stress something we changed everything about the way we do things okay why to save my life it’s just that simple you have to make that choice for yourself you either want to live or well there’s the alternative so we changed this channel to be homegrown and healthy that actually came in a little bit of time we combined our gardening channel with this one because they go together growing your own food knowing where it came from and eating healthy food and knowing what to put in your body go hand in hand those two things are great together sometime in the middle of january i learned about low carb diets and i didn’t really understand what they were i didn’t really get it i thought the whole wheat thing was going low-carb because i didn’t know any different i didn’t know any better and i realized how wrong i was it’s not the same at all going low-carb is a very different thing that the standard american diet or sad diet as i like to call it and i didn’t quote i didn’t make that up other people did i just really think it’s so appropriate using the food pyramid concept is six to 11 servings of carbohydrates a day so that’s somewhere between 250 and 450 grams of carbohydrates per day your body does not need anywhere near that much carbohydrate unless you are like a marathon runner or decathlete or something and you’re training hard and even then i don’t know if you need quite that much what happens when you have too much it gets stored in your body what happens if your body can’t store anymore well it starts to do things like make insulin not work as well and it starts to store fat around the middle right in here you get visceral fat and things like that are really bad for you that is the first step towards metabolic syndrome obesity and diabetes now they’re all kind of related but you don’t have to have one to have the others but generally speaking metabolic syndrome comes first insulin resistance comes next most people at this point according to research i’ve done are insulin resistant at this point in time that’s a crazy concept that means they have a higher than a 5.7 a1c because anything above that means you probably have insulin resistance you may not be diabetic but you do that’s over 50 percent of the population has that that is crazy when you start to think that way just because 50 to 75 years ago it was almost unheard of to have these things to have diabetes and before somebody says they didn’t check yes they did they’ve known about diabetes for a long time it was known back in the roman and greek times that’s why it’s called diabetes mellitus it actually means basically sugar in your pee okay because that’s how they used to test for it they would have the doctor drink it and if it was sweet you were diabetic so it’s been known for a long time but only recently people have actually figured out how to manage it and treat it at this point we’re still in the middle of january and i got a new bike i was so excited to get this bike too and i wrote it all the time i was out there all the time and i found that it’s actually less fun to do it by yourself so derek and i tried it together and we found out that it’s really really hard to ride a bike for exercise with another person because you each have different things and it just got complicated so i did ride 10 miles on a ride sometimes up to two and three times a day because what i saw was my numbers dropped my glucose dropped and it makes sense that they did because when you bike or exercise you’re burning the glucose that’s already in your blood okay that means it’s not going to get stored as fat was i really solving the problem not so much i was actually just kind of treading water if you think about it that way i wasn’t really getting ahead and i had to keep going and keep exercising to maintain because i still didn’t know what i was doing wrong i mean my numbers were getting better i was down to like the 150 to 180 range but that’s still not great you really want to be 126 is a 5.7 a1c just to get an idea so you want your fasting number to be much lower 80 to 120 and you want your food spike like two hours after eating or so to be somewhere between 120 and 180 maximum but you also want it to drop back down and that’s the big problem that diabetics have is it doesn’t drop back down because the insulin in our body we have too much already adding more doesn’t do anything which is what most of the medications do so we’re stuck we just have this high glucose so enter more medications but that biking would drop that 160 to 180 spike down to like a 120 or 140 and that way it made it manageable and that’s called managing diabetes sometime around mid-january i think it was a little bit after my birthday which is january 17th we were eating dinner and i looked at derek and i said when’s the last time we ate meat and she really didn’t know we guessed it was about two weeks before and the reason why that’s relevant is because i realized i hadn’t had any acid reflux problems in a couple of weeks so we put two and two together and realized that cutting out red meat poultry pork things like that all contributed to me not having acid reflux so much and to this day here we are this is uh march 25th now i uh haven’t had reflux at all i don’t take any medications for it at all those of you that know a little bit of my story know that the acid reflux is what got us started doing city studying and trying to cure that without having to take basically medications that’ll make my bones brittle over years so getting rid of my acid reflux was huge and here’s the thing derek i never really liked eating meat i kind of made her a carnivore-ish person or an omnivore i guess you’d say but before me she was actually more or less vegetarian and we decided together that okay let’s just cut out meat so we did now we do still eat fish a couple times a week and we still eat you know eggs and we do half and half instead of milk because it has lower carbs and we still do cheese so we do have a well-rounded diet we just cut out the red meat poultry pork kind of thing now we’re getting towards like the end of january and i was told about this dr jason fung and i said okay i’ll check it out somebody said that he cured diabetes and i was like you can’t cure diabetes i just you can’t it’s a progressive disease it just gets worse once you have it you have it right that’s what we were told that’s what everybody says that’s what doctors are telling us well this guy was all about not eating for a couple of days and all this crazy stuff and i said nope not doing that and i just kind of dismissed it out of hand i didn’t even really look much further five minutes of research and that was it sometime in february of 2021 we decided to take low-carb a little bit further and we went more towards a keto diet i i wasn’t willing to say i’m going keto because my idea of keto people that eat bacon and cheese all day long and i didn’t understand it so i didn’t want to go there and say i was doing that because it felt wrong but as it turns out that’s not what keto is at all a true keto diet it’s first off keto me is short for ketosis which is just a metabolic state it’s a metabolic state where your body is burning fat for energy instead of sugar now from a diabetic standpoint being on keto is probably about the ideal situation because that means i’m not putting more sugars into my body so my body doesn’t have to store it or burn it or use it i’m using fat instead and well quite frankly folks we’ve been lied to about fat all these years eating fat does not make you fat okay if you go into a keto state or even a regular state you’re gonna burn fat and it just works trust me eating fat really isn’t bad for you but i was afraid of that word keto because i didn’t really understand it i remembered back you know 20 years ago the atkins diet which was basically eat meat diet and that’s what i thought it was and that could be bad for your heart just eating meat new studies show different things and there’s a lot of research that shows a lot of different things and i’m not even going to get into that here because that’s not what this video is about but the keto diet is not that at all a keto diet true keto means high fat moderate protein and lots and lots of vegetables nuts fruits seeds things like that if you take out the meat as your protein that’s what we do we call it keto pescatarian because it just kind of sounds funny but realistically we’re just keto more or less vegetarian more or less plant-based okay i wouldn’t say we’re vegan because nope we still do some animal products eggs and cheese and you know like i say seafood but we’re more or less vegetarian i mean we go a few days without eating any kind of meat at all and there’s no problem with that it’s actually okay as long as you’re careful and you know what you’re doing which brings up another point a lot of people talk about having deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals or nutrients in your body well 93 of the population of the world has some sort of nutrient deficiency that’s a terrifying thought the fact that we actually watch what we eat and we’re careful about it means that more than likely we’re not going to be part of that 93 anymore even though we’ve cut out meat and grains and basically beans at this point for a while okay we do have them on occasion but not that often part of what encouraged me to go to a keto style diet was one of our viewers the mighty parthos sent us a book called the diabetes code by dr jason fong yes that same guy that i was like no i’m not doing what he said well i said you know what everything that we’re doing up to this point is helping but not really working and some research that i found was starting to say keto might be the way to go so i started reading this book it changed everything about the way i thought about diabetes and it changed what i now understand to be the right way for human beings to actually eat and be healthy tigger wants to say hi tigger can stay here for this um essentially by eating too many carbs we’re fueling diabetes that’s the simple fact of it too much processed food too much sugar high fructose corn syrup and everything too much sugar in general and anything processed processed meats processed foods all that kind of stuff is really your body was not made to digest it if you think about it we’ve been relatively unchanged for about 10 000 years when you think of evolution and over that 10 000 years our food was roughly the same for probably nine thousand years then we began heavy agriculture and the wheat we have today is nothing like the wheat back then okay before anybody says that we’ve always eaten wheat the wheat of all ye olden times when they used to literally subsist on bread had 28 protein and it was a completely different thing we’ve hybridized it and mutated it so much to make it more productive that today it some of them are 14 and 15 most of the wheat and the flour that we get is anywhere from eight to ten percent so it just isn’t the same thing at all emmer wheat and things like that yeah you can sort of find them today but it’s not the same thing so to me we just said all right we’re gonna cut out rice i didn’t say brown rice or white rice i said rice we’re gonna cut out wheat i didn’t say whole brown or otherwise cut it right out barley rye all those grains are gone from our diet for the foreseeable future okay now that sounds extreme but when you really think about it if your body is overloaded with sugar already and that is causing problems as in your cells are overloaded there’s so much that your body is storing it as fat and it’s storing it in your liver and in your pancreas which is causing them to not be able to function properly well your liver is what puts the glucose into your system and your pancreas is what creates the insulin so if those things aren’t working right what’s next an emergency situation starts to occur and it’s very very dangerous and that’s where obesity diabetes happen and they lead to amputation heart problems heart attack alzheimer’s kidney failure liver disease all sorts of problems occur as a result and i didn’t even get into diabetic neuropathy which sucks losing feeling in your fingers and your hands and your and your toes and your feet not cool and then let’s talk about losing your sight it can attack the optic nerve and you can go blind this is dangerous never you know never mind the fact you could just drop dead of a heart attack and well more people with diabetes die from heart attack than people that don’t have diabetes die from heart attack so it’s a real thing it’s really dangerous and it’s something to take very very seriously now i’m talking about type 2 diabetes not type 1 okay in case i wasn’t clear about that they are different diseases and part of the problem is they’ve both been treated like they’re the same disease for a long long time giving someone with type 2 diabetes more insulin is just insane it’s like giving somebody that’s that has food poisoning more of the food that poisoned them it just really isn’t a good idea and once i figured out that simple fact things started to fall into place and it became really really simple so we’ve already cut carbs and we’ve cut out some of the foods that didn’t really work for us and that’s okay there’s no issue with that we were walking usually once or twice a day i would say six days a week at least sometimes seven days a week and usually a mile or two miles each walk so we’re doing anywhere from three to five miles in a day typically okay and we’re eating differently one other thing that really changed and i started looking at this from dr fung’s book was intermittent fasting now before you start thinking it’s weird think about it like this if you only eat breakfast at say eight or nine o’clock and then you eat your last meal dinner at say six or seven o’clock you are technically fasting for anywhere from 13 to 14 hours a day right now as you as you sit here now stretch that out to 18 hours in between and that’s what we do we eat between noonish and six-ish sometimes it’s a little before noon sometimes it’s a little after six but usually no earlier than say 11 and no later than seven so if you’re able to go that long going a little bit more is really no big deal and that’s what intermittent fasting is here’s the funny thing i used to only eat two meals a day i’d eat lunch and i’d eat dinner i was already doing intermittent fasting before i got all these diagnosis then i was told when you have diabetes you have to graze you have to eat all day long to keep your blood sugars low which sounds okay at first when you think about it but then when you really realize it no that doesn’t make any sense at all if you’re constantly putting food into your body your body’s constantly having an insulin response and constantly releasing gluco glucose into the system so no grazing is a bad idea really bad idea the reason why some people say you need to do it is because you can go into hypoglycemia which means going too low now if you’re going to hypoglycemia if you’re becoming hypoglycemic there’s other factors at play there that means maybe you don’t need that dosage of medication you’re on or other things talk to your doctor before you make any changes like that don’t be like me but intermittent fasting the reason why it works is the longer your body goes without food to a point because you know at a certain point you need food it will start to go into you know feast or famine mode all right which is essentially almost like ketosis what it says is hey we don’t have enough glucose in the system let’s burn some fat okay so you start burning fat and over time you lose weight if you do not ever go into feast or famine mode your body’s never going to lose weight because what it’s going to do you eat carbs right you eat normal a sad diet right you put carbs in your body there’s already too much there so it stores it as fat well then before it can even get hungry for more just a few hours later you’re stuffing more in and what’s it going to do it’s going to store it as fat and you just keep doing that and keep doing that so at what point in the progression does it ever burn all that stored fat it never does but introduce an 18-hour fast in there now it has 18 hours to say hey there’s nothing else here we got to start burning up some of the stored fat and that is when you start becoming a lot more healthy fasting is a proven method for centuries on how to maintain health it sounds counterintuitive and it sounded crazy to me now in the book dr fung talks about extreme cases of diabetes and obesity where people are hundreds of pounds overweight still have super high a1cs and taking lots of medication in these instances longer fasting periods of 36 even 48 hours once or twice a week are recommended now i was never all that big when this all started that’s why i was kind of surprised to hear i was diabetic but i didn’t feel that that was necessary but an 18 6 is totally manageable i mean it’s really simple and in the off hours i can drink water i can have black coffee i can have black tea no big deal not a problem at all so we started doing that and the weight started coming off i started actually dropping weight by early march so we’re only talking several weeks ago i noticed that my blood pressure was pretty much normal all the time even a little bit low sometimes so i i tried stopping taking lisinopril i know it’s against doctor’s advice to do something like that without talking to them but i did it and i tried it i don’t know that i’d recommend it to you but i did it okay and my blood pressure stayed within normal range 120 over 80 all the time i checked it about 10 times a day while that was going on just to make sure what that means is my body was starting to repair itself it was going back to normal okay high blood pressure can come with diabetes and high blood sugar and insulinemia at around the same time i noticed that my blood glucose numbers were pretty low you know like sometimes around 70 and then as low as 110 or 120 after eating i thought hey you know what we tried the lacinapro thing let’s try taking the glippizide away so i did well i did it for about a week my numbers went up as expected to usually like a 120 or so when i was fasting which means i haven’t eaten in a few hours and i might get a spike of 150 or 160 after eating okay not actually horrible numbers when i looked that up but then one day we had a meal that had a lot more carbs in it than i thought it did and i apparently overindulged and my blood sugar spiked to over 170 got a little nervous overreacted and said nope i’m going back on the glyphosate now keep in mind i had not spoken to my doctor up till this point at this point i’d pretty much lost faith in my doctor i didn’t trust their judgment on this anymore which is a scary situation but i found enough information online which can be terrifying as well to explain to me what processes were at work and how things were happening to know that i wasn’t doing a dangerous thing at this point everything was still pretty okay even though 170 or 180 after eating is really not that bad somebody without diabetes can still spike that high even if you have a high carb meal so it’s not that bad all right along the way too i started noticing little things um and this is where everybody’s different i am a coffee drinker you guys all know that and i like english tea you know doing it with the sugar and the cream in it well i found out i’m one of those lucky people that caffeine spikes my blood sugar without getting into the very detailed explanation of why it does it essentially makes you temporarily insulin resistant okay that’s one of the things that it does so in doing that insulin can’t store or get rid of any of the glucose in your body so your glucose levels will go up it also happens to be first thing in the morning and that’s a cortisol thing it’s called the dawn phenomenon but that’s a whole other thing but combine that with the dawn phenomenon and i was getting numbers of 150 and 160 by having my coffee in the morning black coffee no sugar no cream black coffee would spike me to 150. well more research into that and i think within about 24 hours i had gone out and purchased decaf coffee decaf tea decaf green tea the whole deal and my numbers dropped by 20 to 30 points overall so if you’re having problems keeping your blood glucose at a normal range and you drink a lot of caffeine look into that by the way i will warn you right now the caffeine withdrawal sucks for about three days blessed erica’s heart she put up with me for all that time and didn’t kick me out but the headaches were horrible i’m sure i was cranky i was groggy i didn’t feel well but by the fourth or fifth day i wasn’t groggy when i got up in the morning i was wide awake i was ready to go at night i fell asleep easier i slept better so getting rid of caffeine big plus i would have never said that was a good thing six months ago there’s no way i would have gone there but it really really worked for me do your own research come to your own conclusion march 12th new blood work and another appointment with my doctor now at this point i explained about the blood pressure and all that and she more or less agreed that i don’t really need to be on lisinopril anymore even though she kind of urged me to keep taking it she was a little wishy-washy on that then came the talk about medication she wanted me to stay on glyphoside and i explained that i’d gone off it my numbers only went up by 20 or 30 points across the board and she couldn’t understand why they only went up that much and i said well i am on keto no reaction she didn’t seem to understand i said you know that’s low carb so i’m not eating sugars which don’t raise the blood sugar and she just kind of shrugged it off and didn’t really didn’t really react to it which got my wheels turning that now i’m realizing i’m talking to a person who is a medical professional that actually doesn’t understand how diabetes works i asked about going onto metformin instead of being on glipizide because they actually do different things okay let me explain metformin makes your liver release less glucose into your body and it helps to make you more insulin sensitive okay it helps to cut insulin resistance so it makes insulin work better still not the greatest thing if you already have too much insulin and too much sugar but it does help a bit better than glyphoside which what glipizide does is it actually makes your pancreas produce more insulin and it’s supposed to make you more insulin sensitive as well but shoving more insulin into a system that has way too much insulin and way too much sugar already isn’t helpful and i wanted to switch to metformin and she asked me why and i explained that and she said no you’re wrong they do the exact same thing but glipozide is stronger that was verbatim her words now keep in mind this was a teleconferencing appointment so it was all done by camera i had both companies information up on my screen on my computer that i was sitting in front of looking right at it as she’s telling me i’m wrong and i was just like i’m looking at their websites right now nope i was wrong which told me step two she really doesn’t understand diabetes and she you know she’s a gp so it it actually got derek i started looking for a new doctor pretty much right away but the biggest thing that really got me was my a1c had dropped to 6.2 now remember just 90 days before three months before it was 11.2 so i dropped really really hard above 6.5 is you have diabetes below 6.5 but above 5.7 so that little sweet spot there is pre-diabetes okay that’s where you have to manage but it’s not really full-blown diabetes um she didn’t really seem impressed by that when i said are we going to talk about how my a1c dropped her response was well some people have below 6.0 and i thought well she didn’t really want to hear me about the medication she didn’t believe the medication was different she really doesn’t seem to understand so we went and found a new doctor and just a week later i went to see this new doctor now in the meantime i had gone back off glibe again because i didn’t feel that it was helping i didn’t feel that it was working i went to see this new doctor who is a diabetes specialist okay if you have diabetes i urge you to find someone who specializes in diabetes and understands how it works in the last 10 years or so a lot has changed all right a lot has changed the way people think about diabetes has changed and it’s a diet disease it’s not something that medication is going to cure you have to change your diet before anybody says you can you can’t ever go back to your old diet therefore you’re not cured your old diet was poisonous to you and it’s poisonous to everyone in varying amounts so why would you want to go back to that it’s just that simple if you were eating something that was literally making you sick killing you a poison of some kind and your doctor said well stop taking the poison if you stop taking the poison and you get better would you ever go back to taking the poison again no because that’s what made you sick it’s the same thing if you go back to this high carbohydrate diet and that’s exactly what the standard american diet should be called as a high carbohydrate diet low carbohydrate shouldn’t be called low carbohydrate it should be called normal it’s a normal diet that’s what we were made to eat and you don’t need more carbohydrates than that it’s been proven over and over again more carbohydrates doesn’t do any better for you this new doctor took my a1c again right there in the office had a result in five minutes and it was 6.1 still not perfect but it’s getting there that showed improvement from just two weeks prior 0.1 more difference awesome now she had other concerns that aren’t part of this video but most of her biggest concern really was that i can maintain it and i told her i’ve been doing it for 90 days i do it every day my wife does it with me it’s not a problem this is now how we eat this is how we think about food and i don’t feel like i’m missing out on pretty much much of anything we eat much more variety of food than we ever did before and it’s more colorful it’s more interesting it’s flavorful and it challenges me as a cook to be able to pack in as many nutrients and fiber and other things as i can into this food and still make it really taste good and make it unique and different i don’t think i made the same thing more than twice in the last three months where i usually you know we’d have spaghetti meatballs at least once a week well usually once a week we’d have some sort of a meat like a steak or something every couple of weeks we don’t really do things like that anymore now it’s totally different foods and it’s usually like hey we got this new ingredient let’s use that up and come up with some some thing we can make with that so on march 18th was when i went to see this new doctor and that was exactly 90 days to the day of when i was given the first diagnosis of diabetes and she looked at me and said i don’t think you need to be on medication anymore that was one of the greatest moments i’ve ever heard because i was terrified going to this doctor that i was going to get told really bad news and things are getting worse or you know i just something and she was impressed now i had been off glipozide for four or five days when i went to see her so the blood glucose that she took that day was a real number and you know i was still maintaining 110 to 120 on a fast and no more than 140 to 150 after eating which is still that way those numbers are only going to get better as my liver starts to come back as my pancreas starts to work properly as i get rid of all the excess glucose in my system as i get rid of all the excess insulin in my system and things can get back to normal because that’s the thing your body is not dumb it’s actually really smart it’s doing things in self-defense so all of these are just defense mechanisms built up to keep it surviving as long as possible so when you start correcting one thing another thing gets corrected another thing and another before you know it your body goes back to normal and yeah i gotta eat a low carb diet for the rest of my life you know what i should have been eating it from the first of my life anyway so what’s the difference at least i found out now before it was too late so i want to summarize and just go over the things that i do now and what i suggest can be done to help get you in a better situation with your diabetes point one i eat less than 30 carb grams a day okay which sounds really hard to do but it’s actually not that hard if you cut out bread pasta rice things like that you’re cutting it way down watch your beans watch potatoes are awful for carbs watch those things you’ll do much better eat a lot of leafy greens eat zucchini eat carrots in moderation i don’t usually have more than a whole carrot in a day onions same idea but uh spinach all your leafy greens like mustard greens so we have tons and tons and tons of mustard greens so we eat a lot of mustard greens we do eat a lot of eggs and cheese and things like that i’m not saying you have to get rid of meat i’m not going to have that argument with anybody right now if you want to have meat go ahead you know there’s no carbs in meat so that’ll help too to date since this started i have lost 27 pounds and my waist my belt size has actually gone down by four inches to the point that i had to get new clothes some of my shorts just don’t fit well some of my jeans i’m fitting into jeans that i haven’t worn in 15 or 20 years don’t ask me why i still have them i just do okay belts i had to buy new belts because i was at the last hole punched a new hole and i’m beyond that now too so yeah four inches on the waistline and 27 pounds and we only walk a few miles a day not really exercising all that much speaking of walking point number three i still walk at least six days a week sometimes seven and we usually do between two and four miles a day okay like today uh was a little bit rough derek said her hip was starting to hurt a little bit so we did one mile this morning all right we’ll try to walk tonight after dinner try to get in two miles that way we’ll be at three miles today but that’s okay the important step is moving doing something exercise is great and the best exercise to lose fat is walking when you run you put your body into an emergency mode and actually stops burning fat it actually wants more glucose so it’s very inefficiently going to turn a lot of the glycogen in your muscles into glucose when you walk you’re never in an emergency mode so your body will actually start burning off stores and fat cells that’s a thing i learned that i thought was really amazing all these people that run it’s not really better for you than walking when do we eat we only eat pretty much between noonish and sixish at night that is a key that’s actually as important as changing the diet when you eat and how often you eat are key now that doesn’t mean that we stuff our faces from noon till six no we have two meals we eat it about noon and we eat at about six we might have a snack in the middle of the day something like that but we aren’t grazing or eating during that whole time the trick is to eat less often and eat less at a time but you might say aren’t you hungry no i get hungry when it’s time to eat but before then not really and i don’t think about food because we’re on a more of a higher fat diet fat satiates you much better than carbohydrates ever do as a matter of fact eating carbs turns off the little switch in your brain that says you’re full the sadie say tia tea i forget how they say it there is actually a chemical that tells your body i’ve had enough to eat well carbohydrates don’t activate that chemical that hormone that trigger so having fat you stop eating much quicker if you and if you think about it try eating a whole plate of bacon you probably well i mean somebody could but you probably can’t eat the whole plate without going oh i don’t need to eat more bacon but a whole plate of pasta which has a lot more volume no problem you could eat that right because your body doesn’t get the signal that you’re full until far too late while we don’t eat meat we do eat lots of fresh vegetables i talked about this already we’ve cut out most fruits we do berries like mulberries that grow in our backyard we do blueberries we still have yogurt and things like that to get some of the fermented fermented food into our system little things like that but a lot of veg we do you know use various soy products tofu i’m actually learning to make tofu myself which is really cool and i’m experimenting with ways to make alternate breads and alternate pastas and some people might say well if you’re going after those things if you’re trying to make those things that means your body’s craving it you should just have it well i disagree okay diabetes is an extreme situation it’s a bad thing and i’d kind of rather keep my toes and keep my vision and make a fake burger fake or or an alternate type of pasta or bread then lose those things so it’s not so much that i crave them or need them it’s just that’s what i’ve eaten for 50 years so i’m used to that so if i can make an alternate version that’s actually healthy for me that’s great like our keto chocolate cake it’s actually healthy there’s almost nothing in there that you shouldn’t be eating you could eat five of those and it wouldn’t be a problem because it doesn’t have sugar it doesn’t have carbohydrates at all well two carbohydrates three carbohydrates it’s actually got nutrients in it that are good for you it’s kind of crazy but anyway that is how i got off the meds in just 90 days and that that’s what this channel is all about that journey and it’s ongoing i feel like i’ve just taken the first step we’ve learned so much and come so far but there’s still a long way to go and there’s a lot of recipes to make and they’re still i want to be down to like a 5.5 or 5.0 a1c i don’t need to be just at the edge i want to beat this thing i want diabetes to not even be something that comes up in my mind and if i can do it and do it the way i did it you can too it’s really not that hard guys if you like this video look up there’s another one right up there you might like that one too

Kind 2 Diabetes – Diabetes Drugs and Their Impact on Blood Fats Ranges

Researchers at Shiga College of Medical Science in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, discovered taking metformin earlier than meals helped to scale back the rise in blood fats ranges seen after meals in eleven individuals who had been identified with Kind 2 diabetes. Their examine was reported on in January of 2019 within the Journal of Diabetes Investigation. Metformin is the primary drug of alternative prescribed for managing Kind 2 diabetes. The typical physique mass index (BMI) of the individuals was about 28 kg/meter squared, or obese however not overweight. Once they got metformin earlier than a meal their blood triglycerides, a kind of fats, rose lower than it did when the remedy was given after their meal.

Kind 2 Diabetes – The 5 Most Damaging Refined Carbohydrates

The majority of carbohydrate meals consumed as we speak are extremely refined and processed. Most of it’s easy sugar, however not simply desk sugar; corn syrup, candy drinks and several types of sweet. Often, the vitamins and fiber have additionally been stripped away. Not all carbohydrates are dangerous for you, however the next are classed as being the worst of the worst.

Kind 2 Diabetes – My Story

Kind 2 diabetes have an effect on is pandemic that have an effect on over 450 million folks worldwide. World Well being Group has issued a mandate asking all nations to carry diabetes underneath management. I’m sharing my story to well being different sort 2 diabetic regain their good well being again

Kind 2 Diabetes – Is A Vitamin D Deficiency Throughout Being pregnant Linked to Gestational Diabetes?

In a examine carried out just lately at Hacettepe College and a number of other different analysis establishments in Turkey and Cyprus, decrease vitamin D ranges through the second three months of being pregnant have been linked with the chance of Gestational diabetes which can also be known as pregnancy-related diabetes. The analysis was reported on in January of 2019 within the journal Gynecological Endocrinology. The investigators included 40 girls identified with Gestational diabetes and 40 wholesome girls throughout their second trimesters.

Kind 2 Diabetes – three Tricks to Assist You Handle Your Blood Sugar With out Medication

In accordance with the Centre for Illness Management (CDC)’s Nationwide Diabetes Statistics Report 2017, over 100 million folks in America have Kind 2 diabetes or prediabetes. The report additionally states no less than two in each 5 grownup Individuals could have Kind 2 diabetes of their lifetime. With such startling statistics, it comes as no shock an enormous variety of persons are identified with Kind 2 diabetes yearly. Probably the most surprising information for most individuals, nonetheless, is you will have to be on medicines for the remainder of your life.

Kind 2 Diabetes – Defending the Coronary heart and Blood Vessels

Omentin is a small protein just lately found. This protein is present in fats cells across the coronary heart and different organs, small intestines, the cells lining the guts and different organs, blood vessel cells, some airway cells, the colon, ovaries, and blood. The molecule is anti-inflammatory, and low ranges of it have been present in insulin resistance and Kind 2 diabetes.

Kind 2 Diabetes and Wholesome Consuming – The Prime three Methods to Simply Take away Added Sugar From Your Weight loss program

Sugar is present in nearly all the things! It’s so laborious to select up any packaged meals gadgets and never see some type of hidden sugar listed within the ingredient record. Sugar can also be in meals you’d by no means suspect salad dressing, pasta sauce, ketchup, and protein powder. You title it; likelihood is there may be added sugar. Not solely that, sugar will be listed on an ingredient record many various methods, so discovering the hidden sources is usually a bit tough and might require you to do some detective work.

Kind 2 Diabetes – Consuming for Well being Throughout Being pregnant

In December of 2018, the journal Vitamins reported on a examine on the consequences of the Mediterranean weight loss program when eaten throughout being pregnant. The examine was carried out on the Hospital of San Carlos and a number of other analysis amenities in Madrid, Spain. A complete of 874 girls at 13 weeks of being pregnant have been included within the examine.

Current Research Present Irritation Leads To Diabetes

When most consultants speak about diabetes, they focus primarily on blood sugar degree. Nevertheless, new analysis exhibits irritation performs a significant position in diabetes. This text will pinpoint a very powerful info about irritation and its position within the improvement of diabetes.

Kind 2 Diabetes – Is Muscle Mass a Think about Stopping or Controlling Gestational Diabetes?

Bodily exercise is understood to be a technique of stopping or controlling Kind 2 diabetes and pregnancy-related diabetes which is named Gestational diabetes. One purpose for this may very well be a protecting impact of muscle tissue. Scientists at St. Marianna College in Kawasaki, Japan, discovered a hyperlink between low muscle mass and insulin resistance.

Kind 2 Diabetes and Wholesome Dwelling – Why You Must Make investments In Your Well being Each Day

Want to know the best natural herbal remedy that grows wild in your own backyard? You'll be surprised as I was... take a look..

Well being recommendation is throughout for an excellent purpose. Individuals are pushing their concepts as a result of there’s a demand for it. It’s extra than simply fascinating materials to many individuals; typically it’s essential data all of us should be made conscious of. Your well being and well-being turn into a extra related subject with every passing day. No one is getting any youthful, and few of us are making ready for being older. You’ll want to spend money on your well being each single day. A bit of goes a good distance, particularly when you think about the advantages you’ll acquire and the well being issues you’ll forestall.

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