Full Spectrum CBD OIl: 2 Chefs Review CBD Food & Drink Products!

2 Chefs Review CBD Food & Drink Products!

CBD products have been trending through the food and healthcare industry over the last five years – from CBD Tea, to CBD Gummy Bears, CBD oil, vape and even CBD creams. But our question is, are the food ones any good, or is drug culture still driving the marketing behind these products and overshadowing the widely recognised health benefits? In this episode, we open up the conversation to hear each other’s opinions – and we taste-test a few weird and wonderful products along the way!

Full Spectrum CBD OIl

We are  a group of mates who have your back when it comes to all things food. From cooking battles to gadget reviews. – Ben it’s not worth it. – [Narrator] And cookbook challenges to a midweek meal packs app. – [App] Crack your eggs, bake. – [Narrator] We uncover the tools that’ll help us all cook and eat smarter. Join our community where everything we do starts with you. – Hello, I’m Jaime, this is Mike. Welcome to Fridge Cam. – Today we taste test some CBD food and drink products to see whether it’s a trend worth taking seriously. – And do they actually taste any good. – So many of you have requested that we try some CBD food products so we’ve got our chefs Ben and James here. We’ve got our normals, Jaime and Baz to give a conflicting perhaps different side of the argument and we’re gonna see whether we think CBD and food have a place in synergy together in the world. – Oh, okay. – [Mike] See what we’re talkin’ about today. – Whoa. – It’s some oil. – So first off, very, very important that we make it clear that we are not researchers nor are we in the medical profession but what we do like to do is eat. First off, what is CBD? – [Barrry] Marijuana? – CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It can be used in several different ways including vaping, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. That’s what we’re talkin’ about today. Unlike its closer relative THC which I’m not going to tell you the full name, CBD’s completely nonpsychoactive. This allows to benefit from the many health properties of the cannabis plant without the negative side effects of getting high. This is one of the highest-rated CBD oils that you can get in the U.K. It’s made in the U.K. for the U.K. But before we begin anything, pop three drops under your tongue. Hold it for 30 to 60 seconds and swallow. – Grassy. – Very earthy. It’s got, actually it’s go the a slightly burn to it. – It’s not floral it’s like earthy, grassy. – Hoppy. It’s got like a spicy back note to a hoppy flavour. It’s not terrible, it’s just very very savoury. – This is how this is marketed. It may reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, soothe pain and inflammation and improve heart health. Bold claims. – That is a lot of claims. – I have tried this before with the idea thinking it’s actually quite useful for anxiety and so on but actually, I couldn’t get in the habit of using it regularly because I didn’t enjoy it. – I actually asked one of my friends who I know uses it to give it a quick summary of why he uses it and he said I’ve been using CBD oil for the last six months to help me manage my anxiety and insomnia. I often get anxious being in crowded places so I’ll often have a few drops about half an hour before doing these activities. It calms me down very quickly and slows my mind down. I also use it if I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t switch my brain off. I think it’s good to use infrequently. I try and only use it a couple of times a month. – That is interesting like to have such a cause and effect is, I’m surprised that it’s that direct. – Do you wanna hazard a guess in how much that bottle cost? – I’m going to throw 30 pounds on the table. – Whoa! Okay, I was gonna say more like eight pounds. – £44.95. – Oh whoa. – Very clear when you tasted it earlier, you didn’t like the taste. Let’s see if we can find a way to get the same benefits through something yummy. Lift the cloche. – Gummies. – Yay. – These are CBD Zen Bears. CBD gummies with a guaranteed five milligrams of CBD per bear. Each pot contains 100 bears givin’ you a total 500 milligrams of CBD. It’s all about natural, delicious fruit flavours with no sugar or sweeteners. So the highest searched CBD term on Google. Difficult to find recommended dosages online. The guys who provided the oil recommended we go on body weight so for people your body weight, you’re looking to consume around 18 milligrams. Both are THC free. You will not get high. You will not suffer those side effects. They do both contain CBD. – I’m gonna try a little red one. – I’ll try a yellow one. Mine tastes like a gummy bear. It’s lemony. It does not taste like CBD. – Does not? – Quite CBD-y. – Yeah, I’m surprised at how. – I expected these to be fruity. – How not pleasant that is. – Really? – I really expected that to taste like fruit but that tastes a lot like the CBD oil. – Sweet, gummy, fruity. It certainly hasn’t got any of that flavour that we were having from the oil. – It’s a much nicer experience than having the CBD straight but it doesn’t, like, they’re not sweets. – Try a love heart. CBD gummies, treat yourself to an extremely chilled-out Valentines Day. Eight gummies in each pack, eight sweet kisses of calm. Each Gummi Heart contains two milligrams of CBD, scent matched to the fragrant Tahoe O.G. cannabis strain. That must mean something to someone somewhere. – They don’t taste amazing but again like I probably would never attribute that to CBD. – The hearts are much sweeter. – But it’s still not, I mean love hearts are the first thing I go to in any pick and mix. – Not the little white chocolate mice? – No, no. – No way, terrible decision! – [Barry] What is wrong with you. – They’re no Percy Pig. – Oh absolutely not. – They’re no Haribo Fried Egg. – Oh. (Jaime laughing) Wow. I didn’t expect that. – I mean, that looks more like it’s aimed at kids now. – [James] Edible cannabis, weird. – It’s giving off the whole subculture of being high and stoned and applying that to the branding of a product that does none of that. – They are playing to that market and misleading I should imagine. – This is good though. Looks a bit more medical. – How much do you think the gummy love hearts are? – Eight gummy hearts. – They can’t be more than. – Couple of quid. – Fiver? – Four pounds. – You’re bonkers! – ‘Cause it’s. – Yeah, five or six quid. – Love heart gummies are 8.99 for that packet. – Ooh, okay. – And the CBD Zen Bears, there are 100 in that pack. – 35, 40 quid. I reckon that’s 50 quid. – That’s probably 40 quid. – 10 pounds. – Yeah, a tenner. – 39 pounds 95 pence. That is 500 milligrams of CBD. It’s the exact same as the oil. – The good thing about them is that it’s a lot easier to apply a dosage. I don’t know how much oil I had. I thought I had a drop. He watched me pour half a dropper down my throat. It’s amazing how much packaging changes your mind ’cause if those had come in that, then I’d be all of them, I’d be like this is no good but because of that plus the price they seem like quite a good idea. (upbeat music) – Ready for another? – [Jaime] Yeah. – Give it a lift. (men oohing) Stressed, you? Not with these delights. Luxury chocolates with a whopping five milligrams of CBD each. Four chocolates in each box, perfect for sharing. 100% legal for a guiltless experience. They cannot get you high, only chill you out. – Did you say After Eighths? Purposefully? – [Mike] As in, yeah. – As in like an eighth of an ounce. Oh, see this is bad. – I quite like that. – I’m already preempting that the price is on par with luxury chocolates. We’ll see about the quality. – These can’t be that bad. Oh, I was expecting a gooey middle. – Oh it’s, I was expecting like a truffle or something. – It’s not unpleasant. – If I had that in an advent calendar I wouldn’t be offended because it tastes like advent calendar chocolate. – You know the little chocolate footballs or chocolate coins you got at Christmas in netting? – It tastes like cardboard chocolate. – No mint. – Yeah, I’m disappointed by that. – There’s no mint, it’s an After Eight, where’s the mint? – It’s not an After Eight. They’re a U.K. chocolate with a creamy, minty centre. – That is not far off, yeah. – Again, they’ve gone down the cannabis route. – It actually plays off that negative stigma, doesn’t it? – [Barry And Jaime] Yeah. – And I don’t find that cool personally. If the benefits of CBD work for me, I’ll actually be personally embarrassed to get out a product like that. – Yeah, it doesn’t have to play off drug culture. – Dare I ask the price? – Do you wanna take a guess or? – 20 quid, 20 quid? – I mean, 16, four pound each, 16. – Nine pounds 99. – Oh wow. You can still keep ’em. – We’re gettin’ a bit sillier now. Have a lift. – Oh my goodness. – Is that a fruitcake. – Is it CBD like fruitcake? Or Christmas pudding? – This is a CBD Christmas pudding. (Barry laughing) The most festive way to get a hit of the glorious green. Too delicious only to sell at Christmas time. Handmade pudding infused with CBD and cannabis terpenes. Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal and cannot get you high. It might make you feel chilled out though. – Do you have any brandy? – I’m not providing anything. I’m not even bothering, you know, because come on, like who’s eating this? – [Barry] Well apparently we are. – [Mike] Yeah. – Cheers. – Cheers. – I do like a good Christmas pudding. I’m not sure that’s a good Christmas pudding. – Nope. – It’s the kinda thing that someone would go like, oh little Johnny’s a stoner, why don’t we get him this for Christmas? – Without heating it up, garnish it with holly, flambeing it and serving it with brandy butter, it just tastes like fruitcake. – [Mike] It’s okay. – And it’s perfectly good fruitcake. – It is just as bad as any other fruitcake. – I think I’d still stick with the oil. – Yeah, I’m still stickin’ with the oil. Happy holidays. – [Mike] Yeah. – Yeah. – There are studies showing that CBD loses its potency once heated to above 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees C). – This is not, by any means, a bad fruitcake. I just, I’m not sure I see the point. I’m not sure this would the vehicle in which if I wanted CBD I would take it. – It is an odd thing but it’s fine. – It’s novelty again isn’t it? How much, how much for the pud? – 10 pounds. – 12. – I mean, I want to say 10 pounds. – Fiver. – Three pounds 99. – Yes! – Oh, hm, I’m quite, yeah, I’m surprised at how cheap that is. – Well, the recommended retail price is 9.99. – Is it because it’s not Christmas anymore? – [Mike] Slightly different this one, lift it. – Whoa, look at the colour of that. – This is Cannabis sativa gin. Cannabis sativa is a herbaceous flowering plant from Asia. It’s been cultivated throughout recorded history as a source of industrial fibre, seed oil, food, recreation, religious, and spiritual moods and medicine. Each part of the plant is harvested differently depending on the purpose of its use. This has been infused with Cannabis sativa. Have a taste, see what you think. – G and CBD. – Ts. – Ts. – Not my favourite gin but it tastes like gin. I, not only, okay. – Crafted in Amsterdam. Massive cannabis plant on the front of it. – So this is completely different in that there are no CBD benefits. This is the other way round. This is marketing purely cannabis as a selling point. – Fine. – [Mike] Fine? – I mean, it’s a perfectly suitable botanical. I wonder what they put in it that gives it that green tinge. – Food colouring. – Probably. – It’s 40% so it’s a proper gin. – It’s a proper gin. – It tastes nice. – And it’s a nice tasting gin isn’t it? – I think yeah you have to work out ways that you can market yourself out there and by adding the botanicals of cannabis, I think it does it so I could see how on a shelf in Amsterdam, this would stand out. – Would you put it on your alcohol shelf? – I would. – [Mike] Yeah? – I would but. – It’s interestin’. – [Mike] It is a talkin’ point. – But that’s it. – People would ask questions about it and go… oh does it??? And you go no. – Yeah (laughs) yeah. – Oh, could I get…? No, you can’t. – Other than the whopping great big leaf and the association that’s cropped up recently, there’s nothing novel about hemp. It’s been around forever in rope making and clothes making and paper making and all sorts. So there’s nothing new about it. It’s just the craze now they’re latching onto. – This doesn’t offend me as long as it doesn’t cost a fortune. – How much do you think it costs for the bottle? – 25 pounds. – 35 pounds. – Bang in the middle, 30 pounds, 29.99. – It’s what you pay for a nice bottle of gin. – So, in summary, CBD, food, the crossover. What are your thoughts? – CBD is not necessary in food and food is not necessary for CBD. CBD is a supplement and you can choose to have it as an oil or, I think it’s quite a good idea to put it in something like gummies so you can regulate it a lot and it’s more enjoyable. – I can definitely see it having a place. I don’t necessarily think that we’re there yet. Like, so many people feel they have to play off the illegality of cannabis and it’s naughty and you shouldn’t be having it but it’s okay ’cause we put it in a Christmas pudding for you. – I think the market needs more education about the benefits of CBD and then that can be celebrated. – And here’s actually a CBD brownie recipe in our brand-new cookbook, “To The Beat”. – Yeah, we fuse music and food. We got loads of playlists, loads of recipes, it looks amazing. If you’d like to get hold of it, click the link in the description. – Can I do a dad joke, can I do a dad joke? – Please do. – Accidentally broke my favourite bottle of whisky last night. – Oh now. – It’s all right, managed to fix it with some scotch tape. Yep, yep, yep. (people booing) – [Mike] I’m annoyed that I even smiled. – [Narrator] Yes, “To The Beat” is available right now. It’s a load of great recipes styled, themed, and chaptered by genres of music from punk to country and classical to pop. It’s bold, it’s a load of fun and comes with bespoke Spotify playlists for you to play whilst you cook so go and grab it now at sorted.club. And now a blooper. – So, what CBD products have you already heard of? – Fish, CBD fish. – How? – Get a fish. – No.

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