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We travel to Nevada to try CBD oil with Ian. In Utah the laws are rapidly changing and there is A LOT of conflicting information at the moment. So until the dust settles we are playing it safe by going to a…ahem…green plant with 7 leaves friendly state. (Don’t want to say the name and get flagged, haha). I will try and post up-to-date information as time goes on.

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Hello looks like Alistair is making a transaction here of some kind I don’t know what you think you’re gonna get out of there hey sweetie are you cold hey Connor all right yeah it’s no one all right okay so we’re up in Lake Tahoe area is that for cove on the Nevada side so we came up here originally to my sister Eden because we’re not certain on all the Utah laws regarding CBD oil now it doesn’t mean that you can’t take it in Utah they do sell it I think some people say like hey you need a card from a doctor it really just depends because we were uncertain about the laws we decided to come out to Nevada so anyway yeah because we were uncertain we just came out to Nevada my sister lives out here in Reno so we came up the mountain to Tahoe she’s gonna meet up with us here and give you guys a little bit more information I also want to stay in fatica Lee we are not legal counsel you are responsible you do your own research find out what it is you need to know and your local laws hi my name is Ian Wakefield and I am a full-time cannabis consultant and I also run a cannabis coaching business on the side yeah and why are you here what are you doing well I’m Robbie’s oldest sister and I’m here to help with Ian’s issues that he faces with his autism with some CBD oil okay and what kind of this can you pull it back to your face love it yes this is the harmonious brand CBD it’s a full spectrum that’s different from a distillate in that this contains all of the compounds of the hemp plant versus distillate which would only contain the CBD itself so this is better than what I just said find over the shelf at like my local mall or like that absolutely also because you may find full spectrums here and there in that way but you won’t always have somebody who has put their lab testing next to the product online there is always going to be current lab tests for every batch with the bottle okay and in full disclosure we are using this for free thanks to the generosity of Ian sprint Eden’s friend at harmonious I’m Eden Eden Ian we screw it up sometimes so there they’re gonna offer this this to us for free so we could try it out yeah so that’s nice yeah very nice of them yeah anything else you want to say about it or huh you know I stand by a hundred percent i I tell everybody about it that I can and especially people who are afraid to try THC or you know any of the heavier products this is a really really great alternative well and that’s another thing too so THD THC versus CBD why don’t you tell us maybe just very briefly the legality involved but also you know how THC is a neurological inhibitor or that kind of thing yeah THC has many medicinal benefits that are we’re still exploring in science and the legalities kind of put a damper on that because federally it’s not legal to actually perform lab testing on actual cannabis in the United States this is from the hemp plant cannabis is cousin and it has all the other medicinal medicinal compounds that you’re going to want but yeah as far as something that has higher THC in it that’s going to be where you’re going to need to be in a legal state and and deal with it on your own make your own decisions accordingly mileage may vary no this is fine this is this is over-the-counter type stuff yeah yeah you can order this this is this is legally able to be shipped throughout the United States without problem including Utah including Utah yeah so we just found out about this recently and sorry if my voice is a little bit muffled behind the mic but we just found out the laws change so rapidly that Utah has legalized CBD oil over the counter I think it’s okay to give it to minors in Utah we were unsure so we came out here to Nevada because I knew my sister would know better than most in accordance with local laws and customs and things like that yeah this is completely legal to give your kids the FDA is trying to step in and stop CBD from being able to be given to pets and kids and things like that and we’re working on fighting that because CBD isn’t regulated though that’s why I prefer to go to this brand because he does things through state regulations so even though it can be shipped Internet you know anywhere you wanted to go it’s still above board for a product that you know is going to be regulated you know that this is going to be factual okay awesome yeah was anything else you wanted to say I’m just really grateful to Brandon and Anthony and the guys over at Harmonia CBD for being so generous is to offer us this opportunity to see how we can help Ian with CBD oil okay how long I’m gonna do another Tong three drops one two three that’s it hmm three jobs three jobs to start yep sweet drops looks perfect oh good it’s better than a half one because a half one makes my likes crazy I just like your spirit on does how was it taste I taste a low flame a little fight yeah what would you say to people who just say you’re judging your kid you’re just making them passive and zombie like that would you have to say about that well at first I’d say that’s not true that’s not what happens I mean Ian’s as talkative and has as much of his personality as ever he’s he’s a bit calmer and I’d argue that this medicine isn’t really for us the parents it’s honestly more for the kid they’re less anxious they’re able to sleep better they’re able to concentrate better on the tasks they have at school and the tours they have at home and whatever choose for their mind – I think it’s highly beneficial yeah and that’s been for a spiritum so we think so far of the oil well I’d say the biggest difference I’ve noticed between risperidone and the CBD oil is that risperidone immediately makes in sleepy and he is actually more tired and more lethargic on her Sparrow dome than he is on CBD oil although the CBD oil has a more calming effect yarr that may not be true for so much my understandings of you in facts so I’m trying to get through this it affects people differently based on their um their body chemistry and their neurological I’m not sure why that is so it’s really nice to see and reacting well to it it’s still too early to tell if this will be a permanent replacement does it risperidone but again whether it’s perdón it’s just there’s too many side effects that long-term we think what could be detrimental especially how it makes him a little bit sleepy to begin with and then that is kind of like pacifying him not that we want him to behave that way it’s just how he responded to it and so as many people have mentioned online with medications there’s a kind of a cocktail that people go through where they try risperidone and that doesn’t work so they try a belif and vilify abilify and they just kind of go down the list of different medications until that wears off then they go on to the next thing and we want to try something that’s made available more natural a little bit more long-term the Ian can take and not have any major side effects so far the only side effect we can see that I guess you could say was major was that he woke us up at 4:00 a.m. and he goes daddy I’m hungry so he he had the munchies for a lack of a better term so one of the things we did want to mention is we’re starting out small and we’re working our way up so we started a very small dosage and we monitor Ian’s heart rate and things like that so I put my hand on his wrist I did a stopwatch and he was about 75 beats per minute so he did well in the middle of the night I checked his pupils made sure that they weren’t dilated or anything like that and they reacted just fine another thing that is nice is the cost it’s about half as much as risperidone how did you feel I feel I feel good I feel good what was the word you said fantastic you felt fantastic a little bit fantastic well that’s good yeah do you still feel fantastic yeah cuz I’ve done a lot of I was playing with my freak imaginary friends they’re right they’re directors it’s crowded there are there’s a lot of them there’s a lot of your imaginary friends yeah they’re all come to a party with me and us nice dear hey everybody we’re back in Utah right out here walking with Ian you can probably hear him say hey hey guys yes you are so I just want to do a quick little recap here kind of a summary of the week in Nevada where basically ending Ian’s dosage on the CBD oil I’d love to continue it actually I had some pretty good results it doesn’t last as long as his or spare at all but I like that it doesn’t have as many side effects especially the drowsiness that comes with her spear at all hopefully it doesn’t get too loud we’re heading into a construction area I would have done it inside the house but the kids have been super noisy so I come out here and there’s construction everywhere what do you do so anyway um basically the the Utah laws are such that we can’t continue the CBD oil to the best of my understanding you guys can correct me in the comments section if you want let me know more but as I checked the last bill that was passed in 2018 was like 200 pages long I don’t have time to read it most people don’t and it basically covered things like epilepsy in terms of getting a medical card and autism wasn’t even on that list so yeah you basically need permission from a doctor or a medical card saying that you know your child needs CBD oil I forgot to mention too if any of you are new to the channel it’s been well documented that ian has autism you can see his paperwork there just because we get that question a lot because he is more or less high-functioning now and you can talk a lot of people are like is even autistic should you be giving him medication yes he is but anyway aside from all that we would have loved to continue using CBD oil and you know many people do no matter what the laws are I don’t think anyone’s going to come after those people we want to be careful because we’re putting on YouTube and inevitably you get one or two zealous parents who are like that’s it I’m gonna call Child Protective Services on you you’re torturing your kid you’re a terrible parent blah blah blah long story short you know they’re they’re calling people and just making your life miserable because they’ve got nothing better to do we’re trying to do the best we can for our son that’s the honest to goodness truth we really want Ian to be happy and healthy and when it comes to more severe autism and he’s not very severe but the further you go down the spectrum the more difficult life becomes just doing basic things just feeling like you can go outside without being overwhelmed and he has a difficult time with that kind of stuff he gets overwhelmed so it helps him yes it helps us to that’s an added benefit but the the first priority is to help him out so he can go to school you can go to church you can go to public places and not be overwhelmed and just make it through the day without tons of problems so we appreciate my sister and her friends for letting us have the oil for free I’m very nice of them it doesn’t reflect anything on our review we just tell the truth you know how it is it’s not a magic bullet it’s it’s been great though so far I would recommend it to those who want to try it of course your mileage may vary just depends on the person everybody’s chemistry is different so yeah I hope that was helpful and if you guys of course have any comments questions let us know appreciate all of our supporters and we will see you next time

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