Exipure Diet Pills Review – Does Exipure Really Work?

Exipure How to Burn Fat Fast Diet Pills Review – Does Exipure Really Work?

Should You Join an Online Weight Loss Program?

The online weight loss programs or more to the point “Burn Belly Fat Fast Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Soft Folding Fat 31 Dayshow to lose fat” I’m sure you are aware of are becoming extremely popular these days. If this is your very first time hearing about an online weight reduction program, you might be questioning whether or not you should sign up with one. Maybe, the biggest indication that you should consider signing up with an online weight reduction program is if you are seeking to slim down. Whether you are fascinating in enhancing your look, improving your health, or doing both, weight loss can be a demanding time. Many weight loss programs with a quick diet assist you by having a daily food or an exercise log for you to commit to. This has been understood to encourage numerous online weight loss program members.


Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Michelle, and today I’m going to show you  how to lose fat from your belly, without dieting just using Exipure and through appropriate exercise. Now, before  doing this video today, I discussed with a few of my mates from the gym, some of the problems  they experience with managing their belly fat, and the strategies that work best for them. Then  what we’re going to be doing is talking to a male dietitian, he’s going to give you four of his  tips for managing belly fat and losing belly fat without dieting, and then I’m going to give  you my four exercise tips for the most effective ways of losing belly fat and actually keeping  it off. So let’s go to our guys at the gym. So what’s your biggest challenge in managing  your body fat? Well, that’s easy, it’s eating the right foods, not eating too much fatty food, not  drinking too much booze, and exercising properly. What do you find the biggest path that, the  exercise or the diet of the drink? The diet. The biggest challenge with me was maintaining your  belly fat, and I found that it is a combination of things, you have to maintain your diet, you  have to watch out what you eat, and you have to mix your exercises with cardio as well as the  weight training, and I think the biggest challenge for me was to – because being Indian,  Indian diet is highly rich in carbs, and you have to watch what do you have on your  plate. Well, really, my biggest challenge is it doesn’t really matter what I do, I try everything,  and I don’t seem to be making any progress. Do you think that there’s some particular  changes that you could make that would help? I hope there is. Well, that’s to be revealed. So how much extra belly fat are you carrying?  Four pounds, five pounds, six pounds? This here is five pounds or 2.2 kilos of fat, and that’s the  volume it takes. So you can imagine that sitting in and around your abdomen. So that’s a large  volume, isn’t it? Now, the importance of abdominal fat is if you take a look up here you can see  that abdominal fat is different to other fat and actually sits in and around your abdominal  organs, and the real problem with this type of fat is that it releases toxins and those toxins go  to your heart, cause heart disease, and they also cause organ damage. So not only is this a really  important physical comfort issue and fitness issue, it’s also a really important health issue  for men. So let’s talk to our dietitian and see what he has to say about the best ways of managing  body fat and losing body fat without dieting. So thanks for coming in today Darcy. So can you  share your four tips on how men can lose this type of fat without having to diet? So basically  the thing about diets is that they’re mostly like crash diets, they’re mostly unsustainable.  So you want to change your eating in a way that you’re going to be able to stick to for a long  time. So like a long term sort of plan? Yeah, basically, and one that you enjoy, because you  don’t want to be absolutely hating what you eat every single day. So basically, the way that  weight loss works is that your body’s got its maintenance energy requirements, and that’s  just basically, and if you just eat those, eat that every day, then you’ll just maintain  your weight, because that’s enough for your body to keep running. So the way you want to  lose weight is you want to actually create an energy deficit, which is where you eat  less than what your requirements are. But guys don’t want to start, they don’t  – we don’t want to use the word diet. So can you still lose weight without actually  having to diet? Yeah definitely, so there are a lot of different strategies that you can use to  lose this type of fat from your body. One strategy that I recommend to most people is that they  increase their consumption of plant-based foods, so like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes  and beans. So like a Mediterranean-style diet. Yeah, so for example, the Mediterranean diet.  And that’s got a lot of other health benefits, for example, it’s good for your heart, good for  a whole lot of a bunch of different things in your body. And another thing that the  Mediterranean diet targets is that it aims to reduce your consumption of red meat, and  red meat can be quite high in fat. So how much red meat should a person, a man eat, do you think,  and what size? Well, per week, the recommendation is that you eat two serves of red meat, and  one serve is basically just what would fit within the palm of your hand. Okay, so what would  be the better types of meat for a guy to have, if he’s trying to manage his weight? So the  better types of meat to consume would be, on a more regular basis, would be things like  your fish and also your white meats and poultry, and that sort of thing, and that’s another thing  that the Mediterranean diet promotes is that it tells you to eat, to increase your consumption  of fish. Okay. So what about alcohol, what about when it comes to drinking, do guys actually need  to stop drinking or maybe they need not have a case a day. Well, yeah. No, basically, if you’re  having a case a day, then yes, that’s going to promote weight gain. Because I think what one  pint has, like 180 to 220 calories, so that’s a lot of extra energy, isn’t it? Yeah, exactly,  yeah. It obviously depends on the beer, and that’s one thing that you can do to reduce your calories  through alcohol is you can pick low calorie beers or light beers. Other strategies that I personally  use to minimize my… Not really drink much. Not that I drink much, but basically my strategies  are minimize alcohol because alcohol is also very energy dense, and so, if you over consume it,  it can help – it can lead to weight gain. But I also do things like, I’m mindful of the mixes  that I use, say, when I’m drinking spirits, I’ll usually drink vodka lime and sodas,  but you can also go for things like your no sugar colas and all that sort of thing, no sugar  lemonades. Great idea. All those sort of things. And how many a day would be, if a Mediterranean  diet, how much wine a day? Well, again, the recommendation is no more than two standard drinks  per day or no more than four standard drinks on any one drinking occasion. But yeah, so basically  just minimizing your alcohol is one good way to help lose weight. And finally, what do you  think, there’s a lot of a talk about intermittent fasting. What do you think about that? Well, I  think intermittent fasting can also be a good strategy to lose weight. Obviously, it depends how  you go about it. So say you have one day on less energy but then you go and way overcompensated  for, way overcompensate for it the following day, then you’ll gain weight. But if you do it  properly and you have your fast days or you have your periods of fasting, and then you don’t go  back and overcompensate, that’s a great way to create an energy deficit because… Yeah, so is  it enough just to – sorry to interrupt you – is it enough just to miss a meal? Yeah, missing meals…  So you don’t have to go a whole day without food? No, you don’t need to go a whole day without food,  but yeah, it’s all about reducing the amount of energy that you eat throughout the day. But you  can do things like, you can still feel yourself up on things that aren’t high in energy, for  example, what I was talking about earlier, fruits, vegetables, legumes, your plant-based foods, a lot  of your plant-based foods are very low in energy. And so, you can eat a lot of those, and not rack  up your energy, and basically you can still be in an energy deficit, but stay full, so you won’t be  hungry and feel like snacking on more energy dense things like lollies, chocolates, all those sort of  things. That’s great advice. So you’re off to the gym now? I am, I am off to the gym now. Okay, I’ll  let you go and do your workout, thanks so much for helping us out today. No worries. And see  you next time. See you next time. Bye. Bye. So we’ve heard from Darcy about how to actually  lose body fat from your whole body, but now I’m going to talk about four exercise strategies, and  one in particular which is really effective for targeting abdominal fat. Now, let me just bust a  couple of myths, abdominal exercises, your sit-up exercises will not do it. So it doesn’t matter how  many abdominal exercise you do, that’s not going to lose your belly, so don’t waste your time. And  the second myth is that you can actually lose your weight or incur an energy deficit just by steady  state exercise. Now, if you’re eating a bag of Doritos chips, it’s going to take you an hour  and a half of running or three hours of walking just to burn that off. So that exercise isn’t  going to help you lose weight, if you’re actually overeating. So let’s now go through the exercise  strategies. The first one I would like to talk to you about is HiLo or interval training. Now,  this is a really fantastic evidence-based exercise strategy to target losing abdominal  weight. So interval training means going fast and slow, and ideally doing 15-minute sessions,  and where you go eight seconds really fast and 12 seconds really slow. So you do a five-minute  warm-up, and then 15 minutes, three times a week. Now the research at the fat lab of  Sydney, the University of Sydney, has clearly shown that men that actually do this  type of exercise lost, over a period of three months, 17% of just their abdominal mass, not to  mention all the other health benefits as well. So HiLo intensity exercise is one of the most  effective ways of losing your abdominal fat. Now, this isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it’s a  great strategy. The other thing that you can do is do a combination of your weights and your cardio.  If you’re doing the same thing, day in, day out, of weights, just weights only, or cardio only,  you’re going to be unlikely to lose as much weight as if you actually combine the two. Ideally, you’d  be doing your weights two to three times a week, and then doing your cardio on four  to five days a week as well, ideally, five days a week, and trying to get  to 40 minutes of your cardio. Now, there’s some sneaky tricks here, if you do your  weights first, before you actually do your cardio, you mobilize your fat and you’re going  to be much more likely to burn off fat. The other sneaky trick is to use exercises that  use your large muscles, they’re your fat burners. So exercises are like your squats, like your  lunges for your weights, your back muscles, they’re your large fat burners. And also too,  if you’re choosing your cardio equipment, think about the exercises that actually use  whole body or large muscles, exercises like your bike riding, your spin classes, your  rowing machine, your elliptical machines, all those types of machines use your large muscles,  and they’re going to be much more effective. So they’re my tips for  actually losing your belly fat, your HiLo exercise, and mixing up your exercise,  don’t do the same thing day in and day out, mix it around, do combinations of your cardio as well as  your weights, use your large muscles as well. So I think you can see, there’s quite a bit you can do  to actually lose your body fat and your belly fat, and without actually having to diet, just  changing your exercise, the way you exercise, and following, as Darcy said, a  Mediterranean-style eating plan, and maybe cutting back on the case of beer  to just maybe one or two glasses a night. So I really hope this information helps you lose  your beer belly, I’d really love to hear from you or hear your comments in the comments  below, any questions that you have. And as always, if you like the video,  can you please give it a like below, because this helps other men find the video  too and YouTube will share it around. Thanks so much for watching today, I look forward  to seeing you next time. Bye for now.

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