Dr Berg: What Happens if You STOP Eating Grains for 14 Days?

Find out what will happen if you stop eating grains for just 14 days. All right what would happen if you gave up all grains for two weeks 14 days that’s what we’re gonna talk about today and yes i’m talking about the breads pasta the cereal the crackers the biscuits the waffles the pancakes the muffins the donuts etc etc as well as the rice and the corn

Video Transcript

Now if we compare giving up sugar for two weeks to giving up grains for two weeks i really think you’re gonna have way more benefit giving up the grains for two weeks simply because what these grains do to your gut not only do you have the spike in blood sugar but you also have a lot of inflammation all right let’s unpack this topic what’s a grain well grain is a seed of grass okay different types of grass and in a grain you have three parts you have the bran which is the fiber part which has some b vitamins you also have the germ part which has some b vitamins vitamin e minerals and phytonutrients then you have what’s called the endosperm okay that’s where you have all the carbohydrate this is where you have some more b vitamins and this is where you have the protein and i’m talking about gluten okay gluten so very few people are consuming just straight whole grain like they don’t go and buy this grain and then come home and germinate it soak it you know getting rid of the phytic acid so that way you don’t have something that blocks your minerals and then they don’t then dry it out and then grind it into flour right away and then turn into bread that’s not what happens you go to the store and you either buy the product that’s already done or you might buy flour and even if it’s whole grain or whole wheat flour it’s been sitting on the shelf for quite some time now the definition of whole grain is any mixture of bran endosperm germ in proportion one would expect to see intact grain an fda said if it’s at least 51 percent whole grain it can be considered or defined as whole grain so you can basically have 49 refined grain with this whole grain in its whole grain so here’s the problem as soon as they grind the grain okay they expose it to air and light and oxygen that right there oxidizes and destroys the delicate fatty acids the delicate vitamins this is why back in the 20s and 30s and 40s they started to fortify grains okay they started to add some so-called nutrients back into the grains because quite a few people were ending up with diseases like pellegra which is a severe b3 deficiency uh and beriberi which is a severe b1 deficiency and i think i recall a report even in the early 1900s there were like 7 000 people who died of pelegra which is the b3 deficiency because of these grains so they ended up adding in um some synthetic version of vitamins back into this grain to try to bring it back to where it was because in the refining process you end up stripping out a lot of nutrition so they put back in iron b1 b2 b3 folic acid and calcium and you can imagine the quality of those vitamins are definitely probably the lowest list they’re made from petroleum and they just stick them in there not too impressed with that the problem is when you eat grains that have been fortified which it’s mainly in america and other in a few other countries but certain parts of uh western europe and i think italy don’t use this fortification crap and so this is why when you eat grains in other parts of the world if you’re not in the us you don’t nearly get the bloating the grain doesn’t sit in your gut like a iron weight because there’s iron in there right plus they do use a different type of grain as well but that fortification is not good on your digestive system so when they actually refine the grain okay you end up eating the product and you actually if you consume refined grains you create deficiencies of certain nutrients okay and at least two of the primary nutrients that you’ll create deficiencies are the b vitamins and the vitamin e complex now you know they put back in three b vitamins but what about all the other b vitamins these other b vitamins that are not in there that you then become deficient in can create a major strain on your heart now you may have not heard a vitamin before there’s some interesting research done by dr royal lee back in the 1940s and even 50s but another name for vitamin b4 is adenine is a critical critical compound in the regulation of cardiovascular function both in the coronary artery as well as in the rhythm of the heart the neurological pacemaker of the heart and so if you’re deficient in this element i could put a big strain on not just one part of the heart several parts of the heart so giving up grain for two weeks will take some relief off of your heart both the coronary artery as well as in the pacemaker of the heart so the heart can then stay in rhythm much easier now let’s talk about vitamin e as far as the heart goes your vitamin e is very necessary to prevent angina because vitamin e improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the heart tissue by up to 250 percent so if you’re deficient in vitamin e the heart has to labor it doesn’t get enough oxygen and the heart can even form a heart cramp that’s called angina so when you give up grains for two weeks you’re going to take a big stress off the heart all right the next point i’m going to bring up is just the simple carbs the refined carbohydrates in these grains they’re huge with a pretty high glycemic index and i’m not even talking about the added sugar to the cereals and all these other grains just talking about where grains are on the glycemic index okay especially refined grains they are high so what happens is this grain turns into sugar very quick it spikes your blood sugar and now you’re going to get all the bad effects of high insulin and high blood sugar and that’s going to be weight gain that’s going to have cognitive problems you’re going to be less smart less focus less concentration you’re going to have a lowered mood you’re going to be irritable you’re going to have more anxiety and you’re simply going to be tired okay other than that you’re going to be totally fine now i just want to point out when you consume pasta it’s a little bit different if you check your blood sugars right after consuming pasta um they won’t be spiked it’s kind of a delay apparently pasta is more dense so it takes a while for it to break down so if you check it within an hour your blood sugars will be spiked in a major way so just because it doesn’t get spiked right away doesn’t mean it’s not going to spike later all right the next point i want to bring up is this thing called phytic acid what is it it’s a protective chemical that seeds use to keep a seed from sprouting okay and when you consume grains with phytic acid because you didn’t germinate them or soak them okay what happens is you now are going to have a difficult time absorbing minerals like zinc like iron like calcium things like that so this is why grains um inhibit your ability to absorb minerals trace minerals so by getting off grains for two weeks guess what no phytic acid and you finally get to absorb these wonderful trace minerals that’s going to be cool and there’s a whole chain reaction of positive things that are going to happen just from that all right the next point i want to bring up is the reduction of gut inflammation when you stop eating grains why because of gluten gluten is one of the most inflammatory things for the gut that you can consume so many people have a gluten intolerance okay they just can’t tolerate it or they have a severe allergy to gluten it’s a protein and even if it doesn’t directly affect the gut it affects other parts of your body there’s a lot information on that i will put a link down below but it’s going to affect the pain in your gut it’s going to affect bloating distension you’re going to feel like you’re pregnant after you eat grains that was me you’re going to have pain in your stomach that was me and anything that’s going on with the gut is going to be going on with the brain so if you have gut inflammation guess what it’s going to affect your brain you’re going to have brain fog you’re going to have all sorts of behavioral issues and mood problems and anxiety and even depression the list goes on and on that’s not all we got more if you don’t eat grains okay there’s no fortification so we’ll have less bloating from that you’re going to feel like oh wow my stomach isn’t so bloated now also grains are high in omega-6 fatty acids and those are the things that create inflammation so guess what you’re going to have a lot less inflammation uh not just in your colon but through the whole body so if you have arthritis chances are that arthritis might actually disappear all right number eight you’re going to have less fluid retention because these are refined grains usually okay mostly refined grains refined carbohydrate you’re going to hold a lot of fluid and so an average person is probably holding minimally 13 pounds of excess fluid when they do high carbs so getting rid of the grains for two weeks you’ll probably lose at least 13 pounds of fluid that’s going to be cool also you’re going to sleep better there’s going to be more hormonal balance there’s going to be less effect on the neurotransmitters in your brain like dopamine and you’re going to just feel calmer you’re going to feel stress free okay and then you’re going to sleep better also and this is interesting if you have hashimoto’s which is usually the most common form of hypothyroidism okay 90 of people that have hypothyroidism have hashimoto’s you definitely need to get off grains immediately why because the gluten in the grain the protein can mimic the thyroid and cause what’s called molecular mimicry where your immune system is attacking the thyroid simply because you’re eating gluten okay so you need to get rid of that and guess what your thyroid is going to be a lot happier and that’s going to lead to a whole cascade of wonderful things from just from that also all this inflammation that you have is going to go away and your immune system will now finally get a chance to work much better you’re going to be running less on glucose and more in ketones and so you’re going to have a cleaner fuel and your immune system loves that so you’ll be less sick as well and lastly you’re going to be less exposed to something called glyphosate glyphosate is the thing they spray grains unfortunately even though some of these grains are not even gmo they still spray them less glyphosate means lower risk of cancer and it also means better digestive health because the glyphosate kills microbes and they can affect your gi as well so i challenge you to give up grains for two weeks and then write down in the comments section how wonderful your life is because of that now if you haven’t seen my other video on giving up sugar for two weeks i put it right here check it out

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