Dr Berg: The BEST Foods that Make You Lose the Most Weight

Today, I will cover the absolute best foods for you to lose weight. These foods support weight loss because they have the least effect on your insulin levels.

Insulin, even in tiny amounts, make no mistake will block weight loss. Insulin is a hormone that converts the carbs you eat into fat—it’s the fat-making hormone. The foods on this list will barely trigger insulin.

So, just be sure to have a moderate amount of protein (7g-8g per meal). If you want to lose weight fast, only consume two meals a day or even one meal a day.

It’s important to keep in mind that pure fat doesn’t affect insulin, and the only carbohydrate that does not trigger insulin is fiber.

Video Transcript

you know a lot of people want to know what foods should you be focused on to burn the most fat or to lose the most weight so instead of getting into the details of a diet i wanted to just focus in on the foods and the key foods that have the least effect on insulin okay because insulin is a hormone that even in tiny amounts will block your ability to lose weight insulin is the hormone that converts the carbs that you eat into actual fat so it is the fat making hormone and so if we compile the list of all the foods that have the least effect on insulin you can have the best list to help you lose the most weight now the only thing i want to bring up with this list is uh quantity of protein if you’re doing high levels of protein that can potentially slow you down because that can then stimulate insulin but if you’re having a moderate amount of protein on this plan you’re going to do quite well in fact if you keep your protein around around seven grams maybe eight grams per meal uh you’re going to be doing very very well and of course if you really want to be successful you really won’t only want to do two meals per day or even one meal a day all right let’s start with the proteins okay so we have all these proteins have less than one gram or zero grams of carbohydrates okay so eggs beef lamb chicken pork veal duck hot dog sausage deli meat organ meats dried meats and pork rinds which is a collagen but also realize that you have to read the ingredients because some of these foods like even deli meats um sausage hot dogs can have hidden sugars like dextrose uh even high fructose corn syrup and even the dried meats can have like beet sugar so you want to avoid meats with sugar all right so that’s the protein list and of course tea coffee and water have no carbohydrates so you don’t worry about that and then you have apple cider vinegar okay zero carbohydrates seasonings mustard great thing to put on your meat no carbs or less than even a half a gram of carb and then we have monk fruit stevia and erythritol all have zero carbohydrates uh lemon lime very very small amount of carbs it’s less than one which is insignificant now there are two other things that i want to talk about in relationship to insulin okay pure fat has no effect on insulin now if something is combined with a carb it’s going to have more effect on insulin but if you have a pure fat it’s going to have no effect on insulin so butter ghee talo lard coconut oil olive oil mct oil whole cream all are pretty much pure fats so those are not going to have an effect on your insulin despite having a lot of calories and so these fats will turn into energy now of course there’s always a limitation of matter if you consume an ungodly amount of this yeah potentially it can turn into fat for sure but if at the same time you’re not consuming any carbohydrates and you’re doing a high fat diet that fat is going to turn into energy and that is because you primed the pump you converted your body over into ketosis so now it’s no longer running on glucose so when you feed the fat it turns that into ketones if you still had carbohydrates with fat you wouldn’t have this conversion and you wouldn’t be able to burn that fat too effectively in fact a lot of fat will be stored as fat i want to mention one thing about this because sometimes you’ll see in certain studies it’ll say my study showed that mice consuming a high fat diet caused increased weight gain it caused diabetes insulin resistance and then you actually read the study for yourself and you find out the high fat diet that these mice were on were not just a high fat diet notice they did not mention ketogenic diet notice they didn’t mention a low carb diet they just mentioned a high fat diet and these high fat diets that they feed mice are also a high carbohydrate diet their carbohydrates that they put in this high fat diet are roughly about 36 percent carbohydrates so it’s a high carb high fat diet so that right there invalidates the whole study all right mayonnaise now obviously it doesn’t have any carbs but a lot of times it has soy oil or canola oil or cottonseed oil you want to avoid those oils because they’re highly inflammatory now avocados do have a good amount of fat they have a good amount of fiber they have some carbohydrate but they’re a really good fat vegetable and a also a good fat oil that you can use in your cooking but avocados will not cause you to gain weight mct oil is a pure fat will not trigger insulin in fact it converts to ketones very very efficiently all right let’s move to the next section of this list there is one carbohydrate that has zero effect on insulin okay that is fiber so when we take the total carb and we minus the fiber we get our net carbs and that’s what we’re looking at when we’re calculating this plan we want something to be very very low net carb so this next list are all carbohydrates that have very low amounts of carbs and a good amount of fiber so when we deduct that we come out with a very very small amount of carbohydrates so olives less than one gram of carbohydrate insignificant spinach 1.4 grams net carb now this is all just one cup as we go down the list okay one cup of mushroom that’s one gram net carb sprouts one cup one gram net carbs celery that’s one this is one stalk not a cup it’s less than one gram it’s point nine grams uh net carb cucumber one cup 2.5 grams arugula one cup .36 grams net carb that’s like one third of a cup arugula is a great vegetable it’s cruciferous and it’s very very low in carb it’ll help you lose weight lettuce one cup point six grams net carb okay this is why i recommend you know seven to ten cups of vegetables because the carbs are so low you don’t have to count the carbs as your any calculation of your keto plan and very high in fiber with a lot of potassium bok choy one cup 2.4 grams net carb a very small amount water crest one cup .3 grams net carb out of all the leafy greens i think watercress are the least amount of net carbs okay asparagus one cup 2.3 grams net carb one large pickle 0.5 grams net carb it’s like a half a gram insignificant zucchini one cup 2.3 grams net carb cauliflower one cup 3.1 grams of net carb now if you’re on the ketogenic plan you’re allowed you know up to 50 grams of carbs okay per day so we’re talking about one or two maybe potentially three grams of carb it’s insignificant all right let’s talk about cheese one ounce of gouda cheese less than one gram of net carb blue cheese .7 grams net carb cream cheese .1 gram net carb insignificant parmesan cheese .7 grams net carb in brie cheese 0.7 gram of net carb insignificant all right here’s some other ideas you can do a cheese wrap and you can put make your uh your like your sandwiches with your meat and your lettuce and just wrap it with cheese in these cheese wraps that you can get at the store now it’s like one gram of net carb so insignificant then you have konjac noodles one bag is one gram you can cook with this as your pasta noodle it’s not too bad but there’s insignificant amount of carbohydrates compared to pasta which is off the charts all right then we have slim rice which is a looks like rice and it’s from the konjac plant and you can put some vegetables in it you should definitely try that one it’s pretty cool another thing i want to mention with the bread there’s so many people that just cannot give up bread and so there’s a great recipe it’s simple it’s called cloud bread zero carbohydrate okay you just mix eggs cream cheese and cream of tartar i’ll put the recipe down below it makes bread i mean it looks like bread it tastes like bread you can put stuff in it it’s quite amazing and then we have nox jello okay great for kids you can maybe put some stevia that has different flavors they have lemon and raspberry and strawberry different flavors you can check that out but that has zero grams of carbohydrate so this is your list if you wanted to lose weight and you wanted to keep it really simple just type out this list and you’re going to lose a ton of weight but sooner or later you’re going to want the details of exactly how to do healthy keto intermittent fasting and for that check out my playlist right here

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