Dr. Berg: The Benefits of Healthy Keto (Part 2)

Dr. Berg: The Benefits of Healthy Keto (Part 2)

So uh once again, uh this guy doesn’t need any introduction, so we’ll. Just let him dive right in welcome dr eric berg good morning, real quick. I want to clarify one little point about yesterday. Sometimes you may find little differences within the speakers.

You know there’s. Not everyone agrees on every single thing. We agree on the main stuff. So let me just clarify one little thing, because there’s, a confusion, keto the whole keto program is not a gradient from here to here.

When people watch my videos, you got people from every single different walk of life. Viewpoint, awareness, not everyone is going to wear. You know silver line underwear or get a tent uh to protect them against the the the emf right off the bat.

Also, when you’re talking about keto, if i mention oh yeah, you have to get grass fed. You have to go to the farmer’s market. You have to grow your own vegetables. They’re, going to look at you like. Are you kidding, so you got to start somewhere.

So if someone has to start dirty, keto go for it, but there’s. You can always improve on it. So my version of healthy keto is like just taking it to the next level, but the benefit of low carb, just in general, is huge.

Okay, all right, [, Music ]. All right. I want to continue here. Um vitamin d immunity we’re talking about the relationship between nutrients and protecting your genes in your dna and how important that is in reducing the comp uh the complications.

But if you actually lower the carb and add the nutrient, you can really protect your genes, so i’ve already went through this slide. Vitamin d deficiency can lead to depression because it’s involved in so many neurotransmitters like serotonin dopamine things like that asthma, kids, that get more sun, they get less asthma, symptoms, adrenal fatigue, higher amounts of vitamin d can help.

Why? Because vitamin d helps to build up, cortisol cortisol is an anti-inflammatory and it’s involved in adrenal skin problems. Psoriasis vitamin d works great uh. It’s, one of the best anti-inflammatory, especially if you electronic pain or um.

Even my my mom, she came to me. She says i need an adjustment, low back pain. I said: let’s, give you some vitamin d within probably what a day both gone. Um back pain, works, great autoimmune, essential vitamin d, because vitamin d is an immune.

Modulator controls the immune system, sleep problems, you get, vitamin d helps shut down the certain centers that can keep you awake, so it can get you into a deeper delta wave sleep, low immunity, chronic pain, but vitamin d acts a low vitamin d acts as a basic Constrictor causing high blood pressure, vitamin d is a really great thing for high blood pressure.

There’s, a condition called essential hypertension, another name for that is primary hypertension. Another name is idiopathic, which means unknown cause. Hypertension, essential hypertension they don’t know what what caused it 95 of all high blood pressure is hyper is essential.

Hypertension, they don’t know what caused it. African-Americans are usually have higher rates of getting high blood pressure and they also have more deficiencies of vitamin d. My viewpoint is it’s, because what happens the darker, the skin, the less you can absorb the sunlight and get vitamin d.

I mean it’s kind of like a no-brainer. It’s like oh, it’s obvious, so it’s very difficult, almost impossible to get your vitamin d from food. This is not enough, so either going to get sun or you’re going to have to take it another way.

Vitamin d, also lack of vitamin d, will stiffen your arteries and if you have high blood pressure, sometimes to reverse that stiffness could take up to a year. So don’t give up after a week of trying it uh.

Vitamin d is also associated with deep vein thrombosis if it’s. If you’re deficient interesting. Also, if you’re low in vitamin e can cause the board burning throat because it’s involved in the um, the digestive system and also the production of acid.

So you might not produce enough acid and then the valve doesn’t close because they’re extinct and then the acid goes up here and it starts to affect your your vocal cords. You can even get hoarseness or have this kind of cough.

That was a demonstration, okay um. This is interesting. The spanish flu 1918 killed 50 to 100 million people. It’s a pandemic. This is really weird. Where does this come from? Just all the blue, you get this virus thing.

It’s, just a pant. It’s worldwide. That’s weird, when you um, evaluate someone in a clinic. One of the most important things to ask is what happened just before you got this problem, because if you look what happened right before the spanish flew anyone know what happened, what what occurred world war, one which occurred 1914.

So for four years we had this war. Let me get the spanish flu worldwide. What if there’s a connection? Well, there was a huge shift in what people ate both at home and also the um, the military everything was preserved.

They had to do canned foods um, they restrict different foods and so also transportation shifted. So everything had to preserve the foods. When you preserve the foods, you drop nutrition, you create nutritional deficiencies, um eat more cottons cheese, you’ll need less meat, so there’s, a huge chip, canned foods by the way deplete your zinc by 89.

I wonder if there’s, a connection there might be um, but yeah everything was canned and um. Zinc is a little bit important in the immune system. But the question is: what month did this spanish flu occur in 1918 and what would be the worst month to experience a vitamin d deficiency january spanish flu occurred january, just at the heart of most vitamin deficiencies, because um 80 to 100 percent of people are deficient In vitamin a certain points of the life or certain seas – seasons, okay, so you get this low vitamin d.

It makes you susceptible to getting viruses and things like that, and then there’s. A whole cascade of things that occurred check this out during the winter months. People with ms irritable bowel disease have relapses more than any other time of the year.

Could there be a connection? Remember vitamin d. Is an anti-inflammatory helps the immune system. Um. You have us upper respiratory tract infections, increase majorly during the winter months, but ms, that’s.

Autoimmune, you get you get aggravations and you get uh. People just develop these autoimmune conditions more in the winter than other times of the year. Interesting epstein-barr virus comes out of remission more during the winter months.

Uh rhinoviruses uh rotaviruses come out of remission bacterial infections, so there’s. A huge connection, even babies, that are born certain times of the year, have more risk for ms ulcerative colitis, just gestational diabetes, interesting.

So these vitamin deficiencies can weaken your system down the road spanish flu. The mortality was driven by two overlapping things: early severe acute respiratory distress, it’s, called arts didn’t. We just see that as a symptom of vitamin d deficiency, an aggressive bacterial pneumonia super infection – in other words, these people that died from spanish flu, didn’t die of the virus.

They died of a bacterial infection and also their lungs were filling with fluid and they were drowning in their own. Fluid couldn’t, breathe, interesting salicylate aspirin causes immediate lung toxicity and made predisposed to bacterial infection by increasing lung fluid and protein levels and impaired the mucus clearing back then they didn’t, know the toxicity of aspirin.

Some some doctors were giving 1300 milligrams every hour for 12 hours straight there’s side effects from that it can cause pulmonary edema disaster also bear the company bear from barry aspirin um. They ran out of their patents just before that, and everyone in their brother actually jumped on the bandwagon to actually produce aspirin.

So you had this real push to help this infection. They didn’t know at the time until later, so we got the the aspirin, which is toxicity, really kill people with the bacterial infection, and then the low immune system is all kind of a perfect storm.

Um 100 of the entire population can display inadequate vitamin d levels. Should we agree at certain latitudes, depending where you’re living and the season now people in the north, they consume a lot of uh like an alaska or something they eat more salmon.

They get the vitamin d right. Let me just mention this shortly. Polymorphism, you’ll, hear more about this. This is kind of a variant of a gene and a lot of people have this. If you do the 23andme test, you can get what type of variation you have, whether it’s, something with nutrition.

You might have a problem uh absorbing folic, acid or folate, or it could be the conversion of ala to epa or dha, or vitamin inactive vitamin d to d3 or beta-carotene to retinol. So you can have these little weaknesses and you can have a deficiency from this genetic level, which means you just need to take more.

A lot of people have a problem with this variation to the vitamin d receptor um and that’s. Why? They’re deficient, i mean, i think it’s. My guess is probably 40 50. So if you’re deficient to some degree, if you don’t take enough, you could be always deficient and that could be what’s underneath your inflammation, zinc, vital, vital vitamin two billion people are deficient.

Zinc is involved in dna and rna synthesis. It’s necessary in the breakdown breakdown of amyloid plaquing, that’s that build up of that misfolded protein. That gets stuck in your brain um involved in the body’s.

Antioxidant network, the body does not store zinc for too long. It’s, a coenzyme involved in a thousand different enzymes through your body, so it’s very, very important. Um, most zinc in the brain is in this structure called the hippocampus.

What is the hippocampus? I forgot to set my timer thing, so can you let me know when a half hour’s done, because i’m going to bring this gentleman. What’s that no, i just, i think i started a little bit later.

Can you let me know: okay, because i forgot to set my timer all right, so um hippocampus is the structure of the brain that’s involved in memory and learning okay. So if you’re, a vegan consuming a lot of bread and pasta and that type of thing you’re going to get even if it’s, especially if it’s, whole grain, because the bread something There’s in the bread in the brand.

You have this chemical called phytate or phytic acid that blocks zinc, so you’re going to deplete the zinc. This is one of the reasons why people in pakistan, india, have a major zinc deficiency, especially kids and women that are pregnant because of this faculty and way too much whole grain or refined grain.

This is interesting. Rats that were fed zinc, resisted damage from carbon tetrachloride that’s, one of the most potent liver toxins that was in the flame retardant, the um fire extinguishers. I don’t think they use it as much it’s.

Still in the environment, but it’s in a lot of environmental different chemicals. So if you have a pet gerbil or a mouse as a pet, make sure that you give them zinc. Zinc deficiencies can lower cortisol, which isn’t related to inflammation birth control.

Pills, deplete, zinc, insulin is bound to zinc. So if you want to speed up insulin, resistance, get overcoming that zinc would be. A good thing to consume. 99 of zinc is inside the cell, not outside the cell.

That’s. Why it’s hard to find it uh. Zinc is really really important if you’re pregnant um because it can affect the future health of your child. It’s involved with blood, sugars, immune system, hair loss, alopecia, scaly, skin all types of skin problems, acne female dermatitis diarrhea, but diarrhea then, can cause a zinc deficiency.

Did you guys know that diarrhea was a genetic disorder? It was a gene. It was it’s hereditary. Do you know that yeah it runs in your jeans, [, Laughter, ]. Sorry, i had to throw that in there to wake you guys up, um zinc.

Is it really connected to low testosterone levels as well? It can affect a lot of things: um delayed healing wounds, so if you have an ulcer in your stomach, for example, or your small intestine, zinc is the remedy because it protects against the ulcers.

I’m trying to show you the connection. If you actually get these nutrients in the diet, you bulletproof yourself with so many problems. Even if you have a disease, okay, mental lethargy, depression is connected to that hippocampus in the brain.

Okay, if you have a gi surgery, gastric bypass watch, your zinc levels start taking more trace minerals, antibiotics, diuretics, ulcerative colitis, because if you have an inflammation in your gut or an ulcer, you’re, not going to absorb these nutrients.

So that is a barrier of absorption. So here you are eating a good diet, but it’s not going in because the gut’s, not allowing it to be absorbed, diabetes, vegan, diet, phytase. We talked about that liver disease.

These are all other ways that you’re, not getting your nutrients here’s, some of the best zinc foods, seafood oysters top list; um beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, eggs. So i this i’m rating. These nutrients, based on what i think is the most important vitamin d is the most important zinc is number two dha is number three dhea is a type of omega-3 fatty, acid and um.

It’s involved in brain vital, vital to grow an infant’s. Brain you, don’t have because it’s involved in the structure of that brain. So if you’re pregnant again, you better be taking cod, liver oil and some of the other foods for the dha.

It’s, also really good for your eye and the heart. So if you want good vision, dha is what you need to do, and basically the the eye is part of the brain. It’s, an extension. You have a part of your brain sticking out of your eye: um.

Okay, so an abundance of dha is in seafood, which a lot of people don’t consume enough of so how? Many of you want a larger brain? Okay start getting more seafood. It might not be able to fit in your cranium, but um all right, herring, salmon mackerel, tuna, sardines, trout, oysters mussels, clams crabs lobster when you’re doing keto.

These are some foods that you might want to start eating more of okay. Sometimes, when people do keto, their focus is on low carb and they might be doing just like a certain couple of foods, but they’re, not adding the seafood in there magnesium involved in a lot of problems.

Most people are deficient at the heart of chlorophyll. You have magnesium, so magnesium is in the greens. Anything green, not lime, green jello, but everything else but green. It’s involved in over 400 enzymes.

It’s necessary to making atp your energy. It’s involved in the repair process. Dna systems affects your muscles nerves. Protein synthesis here’s. Some dark leafy greens here’s. Some examples right here: seeds, nuts, um avocado and tahini butter – that’s sesame seed.

These are – and i’m, showing you just pictures of top magnesium foods now. Does anyone want these slides? Okay, not everyone, but just a few. Now i’m gonna i’m gonna send. I want to send everyone all the slides of all the presentations and then also um, which i’m gonna i’m gonna get jaclyn’s as well, and i’ll include that and then I’ll, also send um you all the uh, the videos, a link with all the videos, so just check your email um and we’ll.

We’ll, have that we ‘ Ll. Have that to you on uh monday jared: can we get that monday? Get everything edited now give us a couple couple weeks. Yeah give us a couple weeks. How much time do i have okay, okay, fully very, very important folates involved in protecting you against breaks of your dna and your genes? If you don’t have enough folate, you’re.

You’re, going to get a lot of damage in the dna and you can’t repair it so that’s. What sets you up for cancer and a lot of other issues, so it’s involved in making dna and turning genes on and off. This is called the epigenetics um above genetics um.

Where do you get folate? Well, it comes from the latin word or actually the greek right, because everything comes from greek, folate or foliage, which means leaf because it’s in the dark leafy greens.

You can also get it from beef, liver, okay, but you also get it from eggs a little bit but dark leafy greens and especially asparagus asparagus. Selenium is the next one. The list vital vital bottle, plays a critical and important role as an antioxidant protecting the dna.

Reproduction thyroid converting t4 to t3, and also it’s such a powerful antioxidant. It helps in autoimmune, hashimoto’s and by the way, over 90 percent of hypothyroidism is the hypo. The hashimoto’s, version of the type that’s; autoimmune; that’s interesting.

So we’re, getting a lot of oxidation because we’re, getting a buildup of hydrogen peroxide and that’s. Uh, you’ve, taken hydrogen peroxide on the wound. It just fizzes up. It gets it’s, a real, strong oxidant and so selenium helps to counter that so hashimoto’s.

You should be taking that or consume the food that has it as well. Also um people are concerned about the mercury and the fish. If you have enough um, i think it’s. The next slide yeah. If you have enough selenium in that fish that seafood, it’ll counter the mercury okay, so you can see down here that the worst fish to consume would be the pilot whale and the shark, because you can see that it has higher amounts of Mercury than selenium, but look at the the tuna, the jackass skipjack tuna off the scale, so you don’t have to be that concerned about the mercury.

If you have enough selenium selenium is in the brazil nuts right, but you also get it in tuna: the fish, eggs, sardines, halibut, sunflower, seeds, meat, spinach, iodine massively important for pregnant women.

If your child is deficient well, if the mother is deficient iodine at birth, they can have a couple problems. The iq goes down by 12 points and also it affects the hearing. Iodine is connected to the hearing system in the brain, and you can have problems with that.

The thyroid gets the lion’s share of iodine, but it’s also involved in brain function and myelin, and also that iq thing. So anyone want to raise your iq, make sure you’re, taking a little iodine from the foods or you can get it from seek help.

Um iodine deficient animals have impaired ability to generate ketones interesting. So again, if you have your the pets and things make sure they’re having enough iodine, it’s, never been tested in humans.

Okay, eggs have iodine sardines seafood. We keep coming back to the seafood thing right: um, sea, calp, scallops, okay, b12. I’m going through this rapidly b12 is very important. If you’re deficient, you can have a couple problems.

Actually a lot of problems. You can have anemia okay, because you have this thing in your stomach called the intrinsic factor that delivers the b12 down to the intestines, where it’s absorbed the lower part and what happens if you don’t have enough stomach acid.

You’re, not going to break off that b12 from the protein part of b12 because it comes with a protein and what’s going to happen? It’s, not going to be absorbed because you don’t have low because you don’t have enough stomach acid, so b12 can cause anemia, but really the big problem more than that is neurological problems.

If you’re deficient in b12, you can have um severe sharp stabbing pain in your body, neurological problems that you cannot reverse. You can create serious problems with the nervous system. Here we go.

We animal foods, you know: clams fish, cheese, beef, liver, eggs. Now what i did is i i got some great information from another book which i don’t have the reference with me, but i ‘ Ll have to include it in the slides when i send it to you, but if we take all the different nutrients and different foods, especially to support the things that i’m talking about here and these like iodine iron, zinc, selenium and copper.

Shellfish is at that top of the list. I think you guys should be consuming more shellfish. Sometimes people are concerned because of the cholesterol right yeah. No don ‘ T worry about that. So what i’m going to recommend is these foods? A little bit more of these foods, when you’re on the keto, it’s, going to make it healthier.

Does anyone like shellfish, but the key thing is you have to dip it in butter all right, so it’s, a crab crayfish, and then we have the clams mussels scallops lobster. You know if you’re gonna have to do it, you got ta, do it it’s for your health, wellness, uh meats, leaf uh beef liverwurst.

They have a great product and it’s. Actually, a mixture of grass-fed beef, liver heart and kidney. Oh my gosh organ meats – this is the i can’t consume liver. So this is how i get my my liver, but a little bit of each week is really good, so uh.

This is a great product. High quality us wellness meats has some great stuff additional key foods. I’d, recommend salmon wild called salmon dha and, by the way, all the shellfish have not only those trace minerals, but it’s.

Loaded with dha, so it’s really really key. Then we got the pasture raised eggs, not the pasteurized eggs. Pasteurized organic eggs are definitely better than commercial eggs, olives, olive oil, grass-fed cheese, avocados asparagus and dark leafy greens.

Again, i’m. Trying to show you the healthy version of keto um that i recommend, because all these the vegetables that you consume have more phytonutrients. Do i have five minutes vital nutrients. Um. Give you those additional benefits that go way beyond um, just vitamins and minerals.

They’re, powerful antioxidants because of all three radicals, so you get those as a benefit and uh don’t have time to get too much into it, but they’re very, very powerful. The cruciferous vegetables really really important green tea and the list goes on and on because they activate all these proteins to help in anti-inflammatory conditions, our anti-inflammatory properties and also cancer.

Now we know why, because it’s, a powerful antioxidant. Now some of those speakers mentioned this concept of hormesis, okay, and i want to just explain what that is. That is a kind of a state where you’re, adding a little stress to the body to make it stronger.

It won’t kill. You will make you stronger. Is there something about that um? So there’s, a lot of things that you can do to increase the strength of your body as well as the build-up of antioxidants in the body.

So exercise, for example, will build up your antioxidant reserve. So exercise is one um fasting. You’re starving the body and the body adapts to that by becoming stronger phytonutrients. Some of those are like pesticides in the um in the vegetable family.

That can actually strengthen your system so a little bit of poison now and then is not that bad um temperature going into heat or cold to a certain degree. A little bit will actually stimulate your body to become stronger, even toxins.

Even this explains why some people like in different european countries they drink alcohol, like with meals like wine, right they get the polyphenols and they actually don’t seem to have a problem with that.

I’m, not recommending that i’m, just saying that that potentially could be the reason why they’re, not having a problem because they’re. First of all, don’t overdo it and they um wait a second. I’m a little bit thirsty.

They don’t overdo it and they basically and slowly could help them. [ Laughter, ]. Give you one more minute. I was thirsty, so you have um if you have a little bit of it and you can keep it below like a gallon a day.

No, i’m, just kidding no a little bit of radiation, believe it or not, will help build up your body, hypoxia and free radicals. So you’re here. You are like there’s. All these different types of exercise where you’re, actually cutting up blood supply and you’re exercising you’re.

You’re just trying to build up the body, but um anyway, free rattles, free radicals can help that um. Lastly, just to summarize everything up, um you, you need stomach acid to break down protein. So most people over the age of 50 have low stomach acid.

This is why the apple cider vinegar maintain hydrochloride to absorb those nutrients, especially protein when you consume meats, and things realize that you might be absorbing them. But you’re, not utilizing and turning those into proteins 100, and maybe, if you’re lucky about 36 to 40, unless you’re eating egg, which is 48 egg, is the best absorbable protein and these other proteins.

Um are wasted either to turn into fuel or to go up through the urine, and if you have low stomach acid, this could be the reason why you are not um. You’re protein deficient. I’m going to. I have about 10, more slides that i’m, going to send you, but on that note i need to bring up my next speaker, which is kind of a little guest.

His name is uh nicholas. He’s from greece and he basically um ran an iron out. He did the iron iron man, okay, and what the reason i want to bring him up, because his incredible story he’s like one of the only guys who just doesn’t, do the glucosing every hour.

Most of these athletes consume, like 100 grams of glucose an hour. He had no glucose, he was doing with coconut oil and water six and a half hours. So let’s, bring them up.

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