Dr Berg: How can I cure tinnitus?

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Are you or someone you know suffering from Tinnitus or hearing loss, or both?
An extensive study published by researchers at the University at
Buffalo shows what exactly happens inside your brain when you have
These researchers were able to pinpoint the origin of tinnitus
activity to specific sites in the brain that went far beyond the part
of the brain that specializes in hearing

Researchers from the University of Arizona picked up on these
brilliant scientists’ work and they found that the real cause of
tinnitus sound is due to inflammation in the same specific areas of the

The buzzing, whooshing, roaring, hissing inside your head is caused
because your brain tissue becomes inflamed and causes your brain’s
nerve cells to vibrate.
So here lies the question, “how to reduce inflammation?”

Well, It’s finally here!

The tinnitus treatment that ends the suffering of millions and has
brought thousands into tears after seeing its incredible results.

The nutrients it contains are so incredibly powerful, they not only
clear the noise inside your head, but also nourish your brain and
protect you from brain disease.

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