Tonight I wanted to share products I use to help sooth my aches and pains, while increasing relaxation. The products are full spectrum CBD and hemp products that are safe to consume without getting high. Full disclosure I am not an expert, but if you ever want to learn more about these products feel free to email or DM me, I’m here to help.

Hello my beautiful owls my beautiful owls how are you doing today today today so it is excellent to have you here tonight because we are going to relax with some amazing cbd products that i have today cbd and hemp products and first and foremost i am not an expert or you know a doctor in any way but i do see a lot of the benefits that cbd and hemp bring to my life and so i just want to share that with you today and heal you up heal you up before you get some rest tonight what do you think okay sounds good well let’s get started but make sure you have your headphones on and that you’re sitting back sitting back sitting back and relaxing so first before anything i would love to give you a calming drink that i have here so what i have here is a q-twist calming peach lemonade drink powder it is made with broad spectrum and if you do not know the difference so there’s the cannabis plant and within the cannabis plant you have ways where you can extract and create things like thc which is what gets you high and then you have cbd which comes from the flowers and the leaves and then you have hemp which actually comes from like hemp oil comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant and this is actually full spectrum which is like really water soluble and that’s very hard when it comes to oil because oil and water don’t really mix mix mix but they’ve been able to take science and create amazing products like this to help you calm down with the use of cbd and hemp now this specifically is for stress relief and calming before bed is great especially after you’ve already eaten dinner so i think this is gonna work really well to help you sleep okay and i love the flavor if you’re not a big fan of peach lemonade let me know what other drinks you like flavors and stuff you think you would like okay so first i’m gonna put the powder in the cup that spoon is so loud okay tear notch dare notch see if it actually dares as easy as it says there it is very quickly that was good don’t want to get powder everywhere okay right there okay let’s grab some water we’re gonna grab some delicious and refreshing water now i wouldn’t recommend that you drink this much water before you go to bed on a normal basis but i know you’re really feeling stressed tonight so we’re going to give you a stress relief trick okay okay we’re gonna stir it up okay we’re gonna stir it up it does have a very interesting peach color and smells delicious it actually smells like straight up peach so i’m going to give this to you okay have a little sip right it’s good right okay cool so um while we continue the treatment i’m going to put this down for a second and then i’ll give it back to you once we’re done yeah okay just let me know when you’re thirsty and i’ll give this to you do you hear the birds we have birds that um nest in little crevices of our house and i mean why would i ever remove them i love it because they are able to like nest and have their little babies and since it’s spring they’re like really getting it on okay so the next thing that i’m going to use on you is the defend hemp oil it actually says defend right there defend why am i moving my hand opposite to that okay so the defend now what i love about this hemp roll-on is it has things like oregano oil which is like known for its cleansing properties you know it has clove bud oil which is also known to help like immunity and respiratory function and it even has warming essential oils for like seasonal support and this roll-on is really to help your respiratory and immunity but also to really help target some specific areas that you’re trying to calm and soothe what’s also so cool about this is that it even has a little qr code from cue sciences so that you can tell exactly what the test results were from your specific little roll-on so it’s very much about the client and making sure that they have the best product available and oil usually isn’t very absorbing in your body because you know oil and water but this actually has a high absorption rate too so what we’re gonna do is i’m just going to target some specific areas it’s really good to put this on like your chest on your palms even some like pressure point areas okay so remember none of this is going to get you high or anything okay do you mind handing me your bomb okay thank you okay very okay nice here let’s go this side because you know we’re constantly typing we’re constantly on our phones so i think getting this little area would be nice okay okay very nice okay now if you can raise your neck i’m just going to get with your permission i’m just going to get close right here to like right under your clavicle right under your clavicle right under your clavicle and uh we’re just going to put this right on your chest okay this will hopefully help suit some of those like allergies and things you’ve been having okay so i’m just gonna go through just yeah thank you please please go up okay just nice and soup just nice and calmly putting this on there it’s gonna be nice and soothing okay soothing soothing soothing and what’s so cool is that there’s other type of hemp oils that you can use to roll on whether it’s like you just need like pain relief or in this case something to boost your respiratory and immunity function okay now we are going to get your bombs okay so i just want you to do this yes okay got the palm okay cool just go ahead on the fingertips those nice little pressure points right on the fingertips those little pressure points right on the fingertips pressure points pressure points okay okay so because the cbd oil and hemp oil have high absorption rates this one’s particularly hemp oil because it has a high absorption rate it means it’s going to be fast acting okay so you might feel some pretty instant relief okay so that’s very nice all right so the next thing i’m going to be using on you is this renew renew renew hemp topical cream with full spectrum so this renew topical cream as aloe vera so that it won’t irritate irritate irritate your skin okay it also has jojoba i think i’m pronouncing that right jojoba which is really used to like moisturize and calm your skin so this should be really good for you it’s like for all skin types but basically this is an everyday use for aches and pains this one in particular i use on my lower back because sometimes i you know just have trouble with my lower back i’ve been stretching but as i get older and older sometimes i just wake up uncomfortably and so this quickly i just put a little bit on and it helps so i thought we could put a little bit on like your shoulders and your neck and give you a little bit of a massage how does that sound yeah actually a lot of massage parlors use this because it has a really high absorption rate and it smells delicious because they put essential oils that also will help bring that sensory sensory calming ability to it it actually smells really good okay so we’re going to take a little bit of this cream we’re going to take a little bit of the screen we’re going to take okay so it feels very nice and soothing and i think that has a lot to do with the jojoba oil and the aloe vera i really like the sticky sound so sticky sounds okay so now what i’m going to do is i’m just going to go through and just put a little bit of this on your neck okay so we’re going to start with the neck okay yeah we’re just gonna go down right there right there can you lean your neck a little bit okay yeah we’re just gonna oh okay i got a nice little knot right there okay gonna go down on the shoulder a little bit and grab the shoulder and just really go crazy right here in those little crevices you know like right around like here because there’s like little bones like little muscles and knots that get in between there so we’re just gonna okay okay other side okay lean the neck definitely feels like this side is not as dense which is nice shelter we’re just gonna do this a little bit more okay so now let’s work on the um arms okay so i put a little bit of the defend roll on your palms and your forearms but now we’re gonna do the upper arms okay so i’m just gonna go here we’re just gonna go down and down your elbow down to your elbow okay other one okay down to your elbows down to your elbows okay i’m just gonna do a little bit around the neck okay just a little bit around the neck a little bit around the neck little bit around the neck that’s awesome okay let’s go a little bit on the forearm and the other one okay just really make sure that it’s all really gone on the neck i really got it all gone on both sides of the neck what i love about cbd and have oils is that they come in so many different forms now not just in creams and roll-ons but you can also do like little pictures where you can go under your tongue i even give cbd to my pets specifically one of them because he suffers with a lot of anxiety so i really always want to make sure that um on the days that he’s like really hyped up that he has something to calm him down and make him feel naturally okay i think there are a lot of misconceptions about the cannabis plant and specifically just in general like things like cbd and amp i mean they even have flavored cbd now so if you’re someone who doesn’t like like that very plant natural taste they have even stuff for that you never know you know from b17 apricot kernels to cbd there’s so many natural natural remedies that we could be using so like i said i’m not a professional or an expert but i myself use these products and i’ve never ever felt anything psychologically or you know crazy because they’re really just healing products and just like with anything else that you buy you know don’t just get like any cbd or hemp oil or like buy it on amazon like really do your research because it could really benefit you if you get a product that really not only cares for how it develops and distributes the product but also one that actually can give you the health properties that the plant is meant to do okay so before we end the session i was thinking maybe another drink another sip of your drink cool so okay here take a sip very good so this should really help you calm and relieve any stress before you go to bed okay i’m just gonna set it aside for you and that’s really it for today’s cbd cbd cbd session i hope you learned something different and new about cbd and some of the benefits of the seed oil as well as i mentioned i am not a professional or an expert but i’ve just seen the benefits that this can give me and my family whether it’s my dad using the creams for his arthritis or me using it for my back pain or my anxiety or even giving my pets some for their anxiety and even my grandma god rest her soul because of the cbd and thc mixtures along with natural mushrooms she was able to live a lot longer with a very serious terminal cancer than doctors ever could have imagined so it really is something that is meant to really help and it’s also something that you should research something that is a discovery you know like it’s just constantly there’s new things and new innovations happening so i really hope that you got some relief tonight i hope to see you again very soon make sure to like and subscribe and let me know what other videos you would like to see to help you calmly relax relax to relax relax until i see you again bye

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