CBD Oil: Beneficial or Bull$%!T?

CBD Oil: Beneficial or Bull$%!T?

The Issue with CBD
The issue is CBD is that ANYONE can make their own private label CBD oil company. There are so many brands — what are potency are you taking? You have no idea unless you have a super pure form of CBD oil and a company that is tested and standardized. 

Although he was skeptical going into it, he feels like he has his ‘CBD formula’ and will continue to take it. For him, it’s been beneficial with sleep, anxiety, and body aches. He feels better, and it’s a game-changer for his his overall well-being and health. You need to decide for yourself and be careful with the brand you’re buying.

CBD Oil: Beneficial or Bull$%!T?

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What’s up gentlemen today I want to talk about a hot topic something that you guys have been probably hearing a lot about and that is CBD oil now big disclaimer right up front I’m in no way shape or form at all recommending that you take CBD oil this is something that you’ve got to do your own research you’ve got to decide whether or not it’s right for you alright today I just want to share with you my experience and what I have found as a result of using CBD oil every day for the past seven months these are my bottles of CBD oil a few months ago back in April I did a video talking about my nighttime routine in that I sort of told you that I was starting to experiment with CBD oil and I was liking the results but I wasn’t ready to share my thoughts I did that last video back in April about trying CBD I got tons of companies reaching out saying hey do you want to try my CBD do you want to try our CBD do you want to try our CBD the issue with CBD in this industry something that you’re going to find out if you start exploring and experimenting is that anybody and their mother can create a private-label CBD company there are a lot of companies out there that manufacture hemp or that grow hemp that are like oh let’s get in on the CBD market and their private labeling the stuff and so there are so many tons of different brands out there now the big issue is that you have no idea what you’re taking you have no idea of the potency the strength and with CBD it is my personal opinion that you got to know what the hell you are actually taking a lot of these I would say the majority of these CBD companies out there you really have no idea and the only way you’re going to be able to figure out dosage and if something’s working and what you can change is if you have a super pure form of CBD oil and you actually are buying it from a company that is like in the business of standardizing things testing things and making sure that the product that they’re giving you is pure and plant therapy is a company that’s been around for years I have known about the because they specialize in essential oils and oil therapies and that is why the company plant therapy is my choice and my partner for this video I’ve been using plant therapies CBD oil for the past four months they’re in the business of oils and extracts and making sure that the quality is there the transparency is their plan therapy is the best in the business in my opinion I have tried a lot of other CBD brands and I noticed the biggest difference when I was actually able to know what specific dosage I was taking and then monitor it and adjust it from there the plan therapy extracts are pure they do the research they cite all of their research guys they have done an amazing job cutting out all the [ __ ] and making sure that they are providing you incredible information something that I asked them to do for you because there are so much information out there when it comes to CBD oil on our landing page down below they have three sections that I encourage you to go and check out if you’re thinking about experimenting or trying CBD oil number one is the frequently asked question you’ve got a question about CBD oil chances are somebody else has had that question it’s going to be listed there along with the answer there’s also going to be a section about the proposed benefits of CBD oil and then there’s also and this is something that’s incredibly important the serving chart so that you know sort of what you’re taking how to sort of structure a plan that’s going to be right for you and if after and only after you do all of your research you decide that you want to try CBD oil guys you will not go wrong buying from plant therapy we have a discount code there are also three different strengths there they have three different flavors you’ve got natural you are like unflavored you’ve got cinnamon and you’ve got pina colada I am a fan of the sentiment and the natural just doesn’t really taste like anything that’s it now let’s talk about my experience with CBD alright so about seven months ago I decided it was finally time for me to try CBD oil I had been suffering with a little bit of anxiety I’ve also been suffering from some injuries from working out I’ve always slept like really good but three benefits primary benefits that you hear people reporting from trying CBD oil is sleep anxiety and sort of like inflammation now the reason why those three things are so like reported when it comes to CBD oil is what CBD oil is now I’m not going to attempt to try and explain what a cannabinoid is and how you’ve got different receptors like in your brain and in your body that’s part of like the endocrine system I’m not going to go into the whole independent how cannabinoids work but if you are interested in learning why CBD oil is actually effective for treating certain things guys hit our link and go read sort of the FAQ s and more about CBD oil and how it really works but at the end of the day about seven months ago I decided I was going to give it a try for one is anxiety I have been a little bit stressed lately and not like feeling like myself and so I was you know like hey if this can help a little bit with anxiety and kind of just like take the edge off I’m good um the other thing is sleep now I typically sleep very well but I was like hey if it can improve my sleep I know that sleep is like one of the most important things that you’re going to do during the day or during the night that’s going to help you with so many other things and the other thing is inflammation I have been suffering because I exercise like all the time and I use my body hard I am always dealing with like some type of injury and I had something called plantar fasciitis for a few months and probably started about I don’t know probably nine months ago and it just wasn’t getting any better and it was a bit debilitating and so I’m like alright I got to try something because what I’m trying is not working and I did not want to go to like a position and just get like shot with like a cortisone shot or something like that I am a firm believer that nature can heal us but I’m not like some like crazy over-the-top like weirdo like never use like antibiotics and definitely get your vaccines but I am a believer in in nutrition I’m believer in supplements and taking multivitamins and vitamin b-complex and C and d3 like I believe in all that stuff I grew up on it I was in the nutrition industry for a long time and it’s just something that I personally believe in for me and so I decided to give CBD oil a try I went to one of my buddies who was sort of in the business I’m like yo can you hook me up he’s like yeah and so he sent me this I’m like all right I had no idea what I was doing but I was like all right I’m gonna try this at night now something else you need to understand they’re really two types of different CBD oil there is full spectrum and there is broad spectrum CBD full spectrum means that it also has THC THC is the stuff in weed that gets you high now in CBD oil that is full-spectrum it is a very low dose like I think legally it has to be like under like 0.3% and and I could be wrong about that in order for it to be sold legally but I didn’t want to take anything with THC I don’t smoke weed personally not that I have anything against it I know a lot of people some of my best friends some of my loved ones absolutely do smoke weed it’s just not something that I like I don’t like the way that it makes me feel and so I decided to go with a broad spectrum full spectrum CBD has everything including a little bit of THC I didn’t want that and so I went broad-spectrum and so I got my bottle I was like all right he’s like yo use one dropper I’m like all right I had no idea what milligram I didn’t know anything about that but at night before I went to bed like after I brushed my teeth and did all that I took a dropper under my tongue held it there under my tongue for about a minute swallowed it and that first night I slept like a frickin rock was it the CBD I had no idea all I knew is that I slept like a rock I’m like damn I slept like super sound I didn’t sleep longer but when I woke up I felt just like invigorated I felt like I got more sleep than I actually did and so I’m like yo that was pretty awesome and so next night guess what I did boom exactly again and guess what I slept like a rock so month number one through three I took it one time a day at night before I went to bed and my sleep was good my anxiety I didn’t really notice anything my plantar fasciitis in my body it’s still eight and so I really didn’t notice anything there and then once I started doing more research I realized that a lot of people are saying that you need to take CBD oil actually twice a day and so when I started with actually I started with this one therapy I started with the lowest dosage 16 milligrams or 16 milligram milliliters 500 milligram bottle like I said guys if you have no idea about dosage that link down below there’s a chart that actually will talk you through sort of how to start using this and trying it and all that’s good stuff anyway took it at night but then what I started doing in the afternoon at around 11 o’clock after I got done exercising I started taking it again and almost immediately I felt this like it was weird I felt this just like calmness and I’m like could it be like the CBD oil or is it totally like placebo effect but the next day did it again afternoon along with at night and I was chill I felt better and then I’m like alright I really got to test this out and so then the third day I didn’t take it and I I don’t know like I said I don’t know if it was placebo effect I personally don’t believe it is because I was like I was chilled I felt good I wasn’t all like stressed out and anxious something else that happened about like two weeks after I started taking it twice a day my foot my leg it started to feel better I wasn’t all like sore and getting like muscle cramps and spasms now I’m not saying that everything is linked I’m not saying that CBD oil cured everything but I know that my foot started to feel better and so the next bottle that I got from plant therapy actually upped the dosage to thirty three milligrams with a thousand milligrams bottle and and that’s when it kind of like went away completely my pain in my foot twice a day rocking this and honestly I’m on my fourth bottle now of of the plant therapy CBD I feel better than I’ve felt in a really long time and I was a bit skeptical from from the first time I started hearing about CBD am I you know like I was like okay this is just a fad this really doesn’t work and so going into it being a skeptic and really taking my time over the past seven months and sort of analyzing and trying different dosages and and and different amounts like I feel like I have like my formula for me and I’m going to continue to take CVD oil because I truly feel for me it was beneficial and I feel great and so I just wanted to do this video and kind of share my opinion my opinion is for me I feel like it’s made a big difference for me I’m gonna keep doing it but I don’t know I mean you’ve got to decide for yourself like I said there’s a ton of information out there there also a ton of brands you’ve just got to be careful you’ve got to make sure that the brand that you’re buying is pure you’ve got to make sure that you know what you’re doing and you don’t just like try like one milligram this day and one milligram that day and just like all over the place typically you don’t just try something once and feel like amazing for me I don’t know if it was placebo effect I don’t know if it was the CBD oil but I noticed the difference my anxiety I noticed that immediately my sleep but regardless of if it was possible effect or not I don’t care because I feel better I just wanted to do this video I told you that I would back in April when I sort of mentioned that I was starting to use CBD oil and seeing some positive results for me I’m gonna keep doing it for me I love it for me I truly feel like it’s been a bit of a game changer in my overall well-being in health I don’t know what the long-term effects of CBD oil is I don’t know that it’s been out long enough there could be adverse effects I have no idea but I know that for right now you know I I dig it and I encourage you that if you’re somebody who struggles with something of you know sleep anxiety or maybe you know pain or some issues but but there are other things right because you know this endocrine system it’s like a collection of like glands and it regulates hormones and just makes everything in your body work better and so do your research like I said there are other reported benefits but these were the three most reported and the three that I was interested in seeing if it would actually have an effect on me but at the end of the day guys you’ve got to decide for yourself do not do it because I’m doing it do it because you want to you have to do your research

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