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Do Not Do Carb Cycling on Keto & Intermittent Fasting - Dr.Berg's Answers Why

Dr. Berg talks about carb cycling. Because most people are insulin resistance, they do not do well on carbs. They need a low carb diet. Because if takes a while to convert to ketosis, adding carbs back into the diet merely puts them back into sugar burning and slows their progress. Our body was designed to burn fat and live on ketones merely from the massive fat storage it has compared to the small amount of glycogen reserve.
Yes, carbs will make you feel better as you are going through keto adaptation because it will raise the blood sugar, but at the expense of taking you away from running on ketones. The best thing to do is do keto correctly with intermittent fasting so you are 100% in keto adaption and the need for carbs will be non-existent.

Do Not do Carb Cccling on Intermittent Fasting

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Hey guys listen to this video I’m gonna talk about carb cycling okay my I’m gonna give you my opinion on it here’s what most people do they start off with burning sugar they’re running on their glycogen okay and then they decide to go on a ketogenic diet so then they start converting over keto adaptation start burning their fat and start writing your body’s on ketones okay now you have a lot more stored fat than you dude stored sugar you have like an average thin person that weighs 154 pounds would have at least seventy seven thousand calories of extra fat reserve but we only have 1,700 calories of stored sugar so just based on that it makes more sense that our bodies are meant to run on fat fuel not carbs now one of the reasons why people want to do carb cycling is for their performance they feel better and that usually is because their blood Sugar’s kind of go down and they they don’t have enough fuel to support the muscles but if you actually fully adapt yourself to keto okay with time and done correctly you will not have this lower blood sugar you’ll be able to switch over to fat burning very very comfortably in your your performance will be very very high endurance athletes that get into ketosis for months and months and even up to a year burn three times as much fat as anyone else their systems are very efficient at burning ketones and they don’t have this drop in performance at all now if we look at the majority of population I would say at least 60% they have something called insulin resistance they cannot get away with carb cycling they’re already Carbajal –ax now that would be equivalent to taking an alcoholic and putting them on alcohol cycling where they can drink a few times a week that is going to be disastrous but of course they’re gonna feel better because they won’t have the withdrawals but they will get worse the same thing with carbs as soon as you start feeding the person carbs allowing them to cycle in their carbs they never fully adapt to running your body on ketones be it takes time to go from burning sugar to burning fat it’s very fast to go back to burning sugar but if this takes a long time so it’s not a good thing for the average person for the majority of the population who is insulin resistant now if you can get your body fully adapted to running and on ketones you will not have problems with your performance and if your body needs glucose it will make it the liver has the capacity to make glucose on a protein and out of fat all right thanks for watching hey guys a lot of you already have my book some of you don’t but this new edition called the new body type guide is an upgrade from my last Edition called the seven principles of fat burning it has a hundred and fifty six images 378 pages full glossary I talk about keyed out in a minute fasting the body types in detail I have a new stressed chapter I’m going to show you exactly what to eat any comprehensive FAQ I put a link down below check it out

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