Best CBD Gummies: Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)

Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)

If you’ve been carefully following the marijuana legal battle, you know CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is on the brink of a major medical breakthrough. Every day major news stations broadcast incredible stories of everyday men and women changing their lives for the better.

In fact, the medical industry is starting to gather huge support from a growing group of heavy hitters in the medical and political community.

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Hello my name is dr. David Allen I’m a retired cardiac surgeon and a member of the International can annoy tree search society ICRS that means I’m a cannabinoid research scientist and I’m here to tell you about the discovery of the endocannabinoid system the ECS and the significance and how it was will change medicine and we discovered the endocannabinoid system about 30 years ago and we really didn’t understand the significance of its discovery and so we we found out that this is a chemical communication that your body has it’s not electrical its chemical and it’s kind of like the hormone systems that that people are familiar with and your body makes these cannabinoids or endogenous so they’re endocannabinoids and they perform some miraculous functions in the body and we’re just learning the significance of these of these functions and basically the endocannabinoid system is responsible for homeostasis most people don’t understand what that really means but it’s a it’s the body’s ability to maintain itself and function in the proper environment and so it’s critically important that the doctors in the future understand this control mechanism and we’re finding out that they that manipulation of this endocannabinoid system will control diabetes it controls cancer controls whether you can survive a heart attack or stroke and so this is a critically important for doctors to understand this new science and the discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical scientific discovery ever and will will save more lives than the discovery and application of sterile surgical technique and I’m a heart surgeon saying that so more people will be saved by manipulation of the endocannabinoid system then are currently saved by by surgery but recent research has been looking at cannabis in the different cannabinoids there’s over 80 plus cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant the second most dominant one besides THC is cannabidiol or CBD and the research now is over 1200 peer-reviewed journals on CBD it’s probably the most exciting and researched ingredient or substance right now around the world it doesn’t have a psychoactive or high that is associate with THC but it has a tremendous amount of other benefits including research shows anti-seizure antiepileptic which is why it’s gotten a lot of popularity to allow children with seizure disorders and they’re getting benefits from this plant and a safe non-toxic way versus all these drugs that typically don’t work and there’s neuroprotective benefits so you see a lot with concussions and the NFL’s other research being done now with chronic traumatic encephalopathy or chronically banging your head or out it was anti-anxiety which is really important it’s the anti THC of sorts that calms you down it helps you manage stress better which is how I look at it as much more as a preventative or daily used substance than just treating disease states and this immune support there’s it’s a huge antioxidant this is a tremendous teaser sometimes to talk about what it doesn’t do than what it does dr. alan shackelford is a Harvard trained physician he’s also among a handful of doctors in Colorado who give prescriptions for medical marijuana from the moment Charlotte entered his office he knew she was in trouble while he was just examining her she had two seizures she’d failed everything there were no more options for her everything had been tried except cannabis here’s how scientists think it might work marijuana is made up of two ingredients th see that’s the psychoactive part that makes you high CBD also called cannabidiol it’s the CBD that scientists think modulates electrical and chemical activity to help quiet the excessive activity in the brain that causes seizures I’ve been telling my patients if dr. Julie Holland is the editor of the pot book a complete guide to cannabis for a long time the work on cannabis and epilepsy was sort of inconclusive maybe it works maybe it doesn’t they couldn’t quite figure it out it’s only when they really started separating THC from CBD that they saw you know definitively yes CBD seems to really stop seizures work so in the 1930s they made tinctures what were they make an intention is for and why were they doing these teams well I mean the medicinal uses of hemp are just numerous the hemp helps well we can talk about the cancer affects of hemp but it helps with inflammation it’s very anti-inflammatory it helps with seizures it’s very effective with PTSD for the vets that are coming back that had post-traumatic traumatic stress disorder very effective at treating that it’s an anti-inflammatory but then of the uses of hemp for cancer what I’ve studied because of my book cancer step outside the box and the number of cancers there’s about a dozen different cancers that have been studied in depth with MIT with medicinal marijuana with him and so the studies from brain cancer to prostate cancer to pancreatic cancer uterine cancer cervical cancer prostate cancer it’s amazing okay so what is in a hemp yeah that it’s this THC correct well there’s there’s chemicals that are called cannabinoids right THC is short for Delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol when I’d you said it because I couldn’t that’s the only time I’ll get it right but I got it right so that’s the one th THC is the one kanuto that everyone’s are familiar with that’s the one that’s psychoactive and that’s the one that gets you high if you smoke it okay but there’s other cannabinoids one that one is called CBD cannabidiol and it’s very medicinal used it’s there’s not there’s no psychoactive component of CBD so what did you extract these say make tincture yeah it could make tea out of you can make tea you can eat it it’s a great superfood you’re into raw a lot of people use raw hemp in theirs do you get high off of hemp if you eat it as a Superfund oh well just the seed you’ve got a heat you got to heat the THC to make it become psychoactive so people that eat the plant they put in a smoothie you know they’re super green smoothies right not going to get high off of that because you didn’t superheat it but is then if you put in a smoothie like that is a good prevention to cancer it is it’s very well it’s it’s got a perfect ratio of omega-3 Dhin to six fatty acids it’s got its got more GLA gamma linolenic acid than any other plant so it’s got some really great fats your your well aware of the importance of fats in your diet so hip has it’s a perfect superfood to eat but it’s also medicine I just never understood why hemp had gotten such a bad rap and now I understand that was really politically motivated by somebody who owned basically trees and didn’t want to be in competition with the hemp to make paper and yet throughout the years after that so many people suffered because of that yes so I I guess it’s actually a good thing that people are coming around a little bit it is I’m really encouraged about the different legislation in different states that are trying to legalize medicinal hemp because of the fact that it is so good it is so it’s not just a superfood it’s not just great for industrial uses as we’ve mentioned but it is really it’s a really good medicine thank you so much for coming on – I really appreciate you being here Oh

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