Are There Any Pills That Burn Belly Fat?

What is Belly Fat and How to Reduce it ?

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hi everyone welcome to another topic on nutrition so let us discuss on this belly fat today this question is asked several times by many people that how to reduce you know their fat on your belly or how does one accumulate fat on the belly area so even if a person is thin or slim I mean they would not have fat on their arms or chest or legs they would be slim they would be thin but they would have a big stomach where a lot of fat is being accumulated so even with people who are obese of fat they would have fat accumulation all over the body even in their arms and legs so it includes the stomach of area but in some people it’s only fat accumulation they only have a big belly so how to reduce this inches of belly so remember that there is nothing as a spot reduction you cannot spot at a particular area and reduce the fat only at that particular region so it’s nothing like a laser beam like you point it at a particular direction a particular point and that would burn you know burn your fat at that area burn fat at a specific region so there is nothing as a spot reduction or you know reducing your fat only at a particular area or only concentrating on that area so there are many reasons for the accumulation of fat on the abdominal region so first it is understand right how fat is stored or you know accumulated on this area so if you look at this figure this diagram it’s just a rough figure for you all to understand this is the stomach the abdominal area where you know you have your organs over here your liver stomach intestines pancreas all the organs required for digestion so this fat which I have named it is called subcutaneous fat so fat just below the skin which you can pinch like you can pinch your arms like if you just pinch your skin you could you know understand whether you have fat like it is soft so the fat that is just present below the skin is subcutaneous fat and this is present all around your body like in your legs in your arms everywhere so there are some devices used to calculate the fat they are called those calipers we you just have that pinch test pinch the skin and you see how much you know fat is being accumulated at particular area there are many areas to calculate the subcutaneous fat so this region which is called it’s the muscle region so ab exercises everyone wants to focus on ab exercises to reduce their belly fat so that’s the abs but remember that if you focus on only doing exercise targeting your abs thinking under the impression that you would reduce your belly fat or have that nice good six-pack and then you are in the wrong impression because that Roni may be strengthen your muscles on your abdominal region but the presence of the fat would be the same the there would be no utilization of the fact new targeting doing the specific exercise is not going to hold good so the visceral fat is the stored fat around the organs it’s in this region so that is the reason that some people you know may have a tight stomach but they have the presence of visceral fat it’s only accumulation of fat at on this region so having you know no fat around the legs thighs but only accumulation is because of the presence of this visceral fat so even if a person is thin or fat or whatever structure but they would have a belly accumulation of fat in this region then that’s because of the presence of visceral fat excessive amount yes fat is essential it is required by the body it’s a cushioning it absorbs the shock and it’s surrounded around the organs so yes a certain quantity of fat is required it is essential but excessive deposition of unwanted fat in this area would be the visceral fat and being under the impression that only targeting your muscles to reduce that fat on that area would not do good if the only solution is through eating right having the right food so now let us understand the reasons or the causes of this so there’s a hormone called as cortisol hormone and how moons are nothing but the chemical messengers in your body so everything in your body is governed or it’s ruled by huh moans huh moans it maintains the stability of your body it’s just like you know having a remote control in your hand so how you would operate it or how you would use it it depends on you so Hammad’s do play a very important role in one’s overall health and body body composition so how moans we’ll study or we understand it in another video of mine so the major reason or the major contributor of abdomen belly fat is cortisol so there could be many reasons it depends on every individual every case is different and unique it depends on individual lifestyle food habits they are hormonal imbalance if they would have also if they are on some medication so many things need to be considered and you know are are contributors for in health so when the cortisol hormone is increases its elevated so that increases the deposition of fat on the abdominal area that’s the belly fat so this could get regard with stress yes stress does cause and is a big contributor for bad health for gaining fat so when the increase of stress is a you know maybe at your workplace or your house or any kind of stress stress for a prolonged period which would again cause lot of harmonal imbalance in one system so everything is correlated and cold linked lack of sleep lack of sleep it’s not about quantity it’s about quality of sleep yes good quality and quantity of sleep is required which is inter you know related correlated with cortisol hormone so lack of sleep you know insufficient amount of sleep or irregular timings of sleep no good quality of sleep having disturbed sleep could elevate increase the level of cortisol also stress so all these things are correlated increase of stress would increase got a little activity also it could trigger sleep so it’s all a cyclic process how moons do play a very important role in one’s overall health and body so we’ll understand this in depth in map coming videos so remember that to have good health and have good body you need to have a balance of hormones and imbalance imbalance and activity of hormones would trigger lot of things in the body and it could in turn give all these effects so we’ll understand the role of each hormone and how it affects the body in my upcoming videos so let us get a more thorough understanding of concepts and let us get our doubts and a myth scared also very several questions being asked by all these videos which I will be posting a map coming videos so subscribe to my channel as you all in my next video

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This is the most common question asked and requirement of many people. Considering thin and normal people who have only a slight belly fat and wish to reduce only that belly, firstly let’s get this cleared that “There is no spot reduction”; “you just cannot target a particular point like a laser beam and try to burn that fat (spot reduction)”. When fat loss occurs there would be decrease in fat proportionally all over the body. Considering people only with a big belly ( accumulation of fat only around the abdomen area), one of the causes could be increase in level of cortisol hormone, the other reasons would vary from individual to individual depending on lifestyle, habits, type of food and intake, medication etc.


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