Another Reason Why You Should do Healthy Keto

The benefits I have from IF and healthy keto are weight loss and much more. Having fibromyalgia for over 20 years, I didn’t believe that people could get better from diet! Boy was I wrong! I lost all the widespread muscle pain! I still have fatigue and insomnia and am working on that. But the pain and tingling muscles is gone!! My skin also improved as many skin tags disappeared. My nails are like in my 20s! I am 65 yrs old. Doing this for a yr now and also good digestion. I need to lose a bit more but know I eat too many calories lol. I am 137 lbs. and 5′ 2″. Thank you.

Video Transcript

all right well i found another reason  why you should be doing healthy keto surprise you know we know healthy keto helps with  weight loss and many different conditions but when you do healthy keto and intermittent fasting it  can greatly help your absorption of nutrients i mean the fasting alone is going to decrease  the need for the requirements of nutrients but what about healthy keto what can that do for  your nutrients one of the biggest things it’s going to do it’s going to start correcting insulin  resistance whether you have diabetes pre-diabetes or not the majority of the population has insulin  resistance and that alone is going to block the absorption of many nutrients okay the one i’m  going to talk about today is calcium okay to show you what’s involved in absorbing calcium it’s  it goes way beyond just taking your one a day centrum silver that a lot of people are taking  or someone who’s menopausal who’s taking their um calcium supplement which is basically  rocks they’re taking like one and a half grams of calcium per day thinking that’s going  to help them with their calcium requirements so let’s kind of go through the list just with  calcium number one when you fix insulin resistance okay you’re gonna instantly start helping yourself  absorb calcium all right number two when you start to do fasting and stop eating grains whole  grains and refined carbohydrates you’re going to start to heal the inside of your colon reducing  inflammation and all of that is going to increase your absorption because malabsorption in your gut  is a huge barrier in absorbing many nutrients zinc and definitely calcium now i’ve talked a lot  about vitamin d in other videos especially as it relates to calcium vitamin d helps a person  absorb calcium by 20 times okay so in other words if you’re deficient in vitamin d because you’re  not eating the right foods or taking the right supplements or whatever your calcium is going to  be 20 times less concentrated in your blood and calcium is very very essential not just in your  bones and your muscles but from the function of cell to cell communication i’ve done a whole video  on that if you haven’t seen that one i put a link down below it’s pretty interesting if you’re on  the wrong diet because you’re not doing healthy keto you’re inevitably going to be consuming  more phytates especially in whole grains and other things like soy and that’s going to block  calcium zinc iron and other minerals and then there are other foods that can actually block  nutrients as well like foods high in oxalates spinach chocolate almonds block calcium it doesn’t  help you if they’re high in oxalates because that calcium is unavailable to you now keto has  moderate protein okay it’s not high protein it’s a moderate protein there are some reports that  show that when you actually do too much protein that can deplete some of your calcium as well  it’s not just about taking a nutrient it’s about absorbing the nutrient and there’s a lot of things  that you can be doing and taking that can be not only blocking these nutrients but causing these  nutrients to be eliminated through your body and then when you have hormonal imbalances not  just insulin being a problem but also estrogen that can influence calcium as well and this is  why like women that go through menopause that have an imbalance with estrogen can be deficient in  calcium and it has nothing to do with taking calcium it has to do with the hormone imbalance  that doesn’t allow you to utilize calcium properly and then we get to your stomach acid  if you don’t have enough stomach acid you’re not going to absorb calcium too well you’re not going  to absorb iron too well you’re not going to absorb magnesium too well and so one of the cool things  about healthy keto is it’s going to naturally start clearing up conditions that can lead to  low stomach acid and also include as a part of it sea salt which is very necessary in building your  stomach acid and one more point if you’re not on healthy keto and you’re doing a lot of refined  carbohydrates those refined carbohydrates are going to greatly increase the demand for many  nutrients like vitamin b1 calcium in fact in the presence of glucose your body will not be  able to absorb vitamin c it’s going to absorb the glucose instead why because the chemistry in  glucose and vitamin c are very very similar and so again it’s not just about taking nutrients it’s  about getting them in your body and being absorbed so anyway if you’re new to my channel and you want  to know how to do healthy keto with intermittent fasting click the link down below you can download  the plan there’s no funnel attached to this plan you can get it for free check it out hey before  you go if you’re benefiting from any of my content i would love to hear about your success  story please share it in the link down below

Dr. Berg: The Benefits of Healthy Keto (Part 1)

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