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Hello I’m new to your channel and honey listen that drink works fast I literally just made some drink it while I was working out and yesssss it works your awesome for sharing this with us thank you be blessed

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Want to know the best natural herbal remedy that grows wild in your own backyard? You'll be surprised as I was... take a look..

hi guys in today’s video i’m going to show you a natural remedy to lose stomach fat fast this is a stomach fat burning drink and it’s so powerful you can make it in your own kitchen no exercise no diet i’m also going to show you some special stomach massage techniques to give you much more ab definition so sit back relax and let’s get started [Music] now before we begin don’t forget to follow me at anita samantha on instagram for daily updates and tips and of course my youtube channel hit that subscribe and bell button and all my links will be down below for my diy ebook and go ahead and thumbs up this video so i can keep making great content for you guys now let’s get into our stomach fat loss now you are going to need a pot to make this mixture because we’re going to be boiling it up and you’re also going to need some clean drinking water as the base we are going to be using four cups of water for this mixture or this drink so just measure out four cups as the first step now while pouring the water i do want to let you guys know this drink is going to work best on an empty stomach right in the morning i will be explaining all of the benefits with the ingredients and how exactly it works it has been used for centuries to burn stomach fat naturally and promote stomach fat loss so your metabolism can get going you can lean out you can cure bloating or if you just have some extra weight around your midsection you can get rid of that too and it works so well so i’m excited to share this little secret with you guys so once you have the water you’ll want to set your stove to the highest heat setting for 10 minutes so it can start to get nice and steamy and 10 minutes later it should start looking like this and now it’s time to add the next ingredient which is some ground cinnamon i also love using cinnamon sticks but for the purpose of this video i’ll use ground cinnamon since i know a lot of people have it and it works just as well now cinnamon is known to be one of the best spices for weight loss not only does it help burn fat and regulate fat cells but it also helps suppress your appetite regulate blood sugar levels and speed up your metabolism to help the rest of your body lose weight as well so for this drink you’re gonna be needing about two tablespoons of cinnamon but if you are using cinnamon sticks i recommend using five to six so you guys will notice immediately when you pour the two tablespoons of cinnamon into the water it will start to boil and that is the perfect sign because you are infusing the water with the cinnamon kind of like a tea giving it a good good stir because you don’t want it to clump you want this to be smooth and easily absorbed so once pouring that in i’m going to lower the heat to medium this is really important because you don’t want it burning the cinnamon and then i’m gonna set it to five minutes after the five minutes goes by it’s time to add the rest of the ingredients one of them is one more half tablespoon of cinnamon i know you guys are probably like why are we adding more but it’s because you want a little more fresh and strength with this spoon than the other spoons if that makes sense so this one won’t boil as much then you want to give it one more stir before we add the next set of ingredients and at this point the mixture will look like hot chocolate and you want to turn off the heat at this point it is so so so important before these ingredients so next up you’re just going to need some honey about a spoonful of honey to be exact and if you hear me say this right now comment honey in the comment section so i can see who my true subscribers are and show you so so so much love so honey is amazing for weight loss especially paired with cinnamon and it makes this taste so sweet it spikes your insulin and it has some amazing properties and the last ingredient you’ll be needing is some lemon juice i just use a cap size amount this is great for detox great for bloating and great for finally getting rid of that stubborn stomach fat and by the way if you guys have any questions about substitutes let me know in the comments as well so now you want to give it a nice good stir and it should be looking like this you guys it actually tastes really good and it starts to grow on you because you just know it’s so good for your body and removing that fat so then i’m gonna go ahead once it’s cooled down a little bit and pour it into a mug sometimes i drink about 8 to 12 ounces of this other days i just sip it throughout the day but i find this works the absolute best in the morning on an empty stomach and you do want to make sure you stir it just so you can keep it nice and mixed up and then i like to relax and drink it up you guys like i said we only use four cups of water and with the boiling it reduces down so it’s totally fine if you drink the entire thing that is the goal so now it’s time to get into the belly fat massage to help that stubborn fat wake up and detox from your body so this is the cellulite and fat removing roller from the ibiza glow.com and this works so well you guys to promote the lymphatic drainage in your stomach the more you actually massage your stomach the more that it helps promote this drainage which drains everything from fat to extra fluid to areas that you want more definition i’m sure you guys have seen this but it works so well you guys i will have it linked down below but i like to take about 15 minutes a day it actually works best if you apply some cocoa butter or a nice soothing serum on beforehand and spend 15 minutes doing this on your stomach and you will see dramatic results and definition so i hope you guys love this video all the details will be linked down below thumbs it up if you made it to the end and comment i finished also don’t forget to follow me on instagram anita samantha subscribe to this youtube channel for more videos and for more beauty hacks check out my ebook listed down below or go to my website anita samantha.com so thank you guys i love you can’t wait to see your results and i’ll see you soon for a new video [Music] you

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