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High Blood Pressure| Enjoy Your Bacon @ Your Own Risk!

High Blood Pressure is a very common disease. Infact, cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 causes of death, according to studies. THE WHO, states that 2.8 million people die per year as a result of being overweight or obese.

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Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel my name about high is pressure according to our world in data the leading cause of death globally is cardiovascular diseases not murder not accidents cardiovascular diseases now it makes you wonder with all the things people do today like sky diving mountain climbing swimming with crocodiles swimming with sharks playing with lions we’re being taken out by cardiovascular diseases according to research the number increased from 12.1 million in 1990 to 18.6 million in 2019 and people of african descent make up the majority according to today’s dietitian black adults are twice as likely as white adults to have a stroke twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes 3 and 1.5 times as likely to have high blood pressure according to the world health organization 2.8 million people die per year as a result of being obese and overweight [Music] now keep in mind it’s estimated 7.6 billion people on the planet and we’re dying in millions so when humans will be extinct if we don’t wake up and you can say well we can populate with the amount of same-sex marriages with the amount of women on contraceptives the amount of abortions taking place and then on top of that we have unhealthy diets and unhealthy lifestyles i’d beg to differ we’re not able to populate at the rate we once were a few years ago with the diet being so poor the infertility rate is increasing in both men and women now one of the diseases that comes under cardiovascular diseases is high blood pressure now when people hear that their blood pressure is high the first thing they stop doing is stop seasoning their meats but they will continue to eat the meat the same things with persons with diabetes when they hear that their share levels are too high they would stop eating sugary food but then they’d continue to eat meat seasonings the herbs okay the majority of the seasoning we use to season our foods with they’re just herbs garlic powder is just dehydrated garlic crumbled or blended they’re just herbs now when your blood pressure levels are high it’s not mainly because of the salt used to season the meat it’s because of the salt used to preserve the meat so because you’re consuming foods that contains sodium it causes your body to hold on to water so that your body can then use the water to wash the salt away but as your body holds on to this water what is then happening is causing your arteries in the heart to then become constricted so your heart is unable to pump blood the way it should and this is how you get high blood pressure according to meat institute salt is added to foods to assist in reducing and preventing microbial growth aid in extracting salt-soluble meat proteins for emulsion stability increase the ability of meat to bind during cooking increase the water holding capacity of meat products and enhance basic meat taste and flavor this is why pork chop bacon corn beef taste the way they do because of the salt used to preserve these meats so you can stop seasoning your meat all you want your blood pressure levels are still going to be high as long as you consume the meat this is why most of you stay on those blood pressure pills for the rest of your life this is why you can’t come off because you won’t change the diet you think discontinuing seasoning your foods is going to assist you but it’s not the seasoning they’re only herbs so i came across this video while i was researching this topic your bacon is good for you your processed meats are good for you they will not cause cancer and i’m like are you really encouraging people to eat this mess when it’s clear that the diet contributes to the majority of the diseases faced today [Music] then i took a look at the comments and i’m reading them like wow people really like to be told things that makes them feel good whether it’s the truth or not but anyway let’s get into this video let’s talk for a few minutes about whether bacon and other processed meats give you cancer or not or increase your cancer risk i’ve actually been working on this video for a few months because the science and the expert opinion and the personal opinion are so convoluted and so muddied and so full of crap in many cases that it took me a minute to kind of get to the bottom of what actually was going on with this myth that eating processed meat increases your cancer risk that is not a myth first of all it’s a lot of studies that proves that processed meat is linked to cancer i’m not really going to get into the studies this in reference to it causing cancer because that’s not what we’re talking about but it’s not a myth and honestly there is really no studies that proves that red meat does not cause cancer now what he’s really debunking is the nitrate issue but let’s just get into it so let’s talk about whether you should enjoy your bacon and other processed meats or whether you should avoid them because they’ll cause cancer first of all i’m going to talk about the two things i always talk about which are the common sense of the issue and then the research around the issue and we’re going to start with common sense because i think you should always start with common sense if we understand the science behind the benefits of consuming herbs versus the benefits of consuming dead flesh then you’d really say well the common sense is humans should not consume animals if we just gonna talk about common sense of the issue so let’s talk about this so human beings have been curing meats using some form of sodium nitrate nitrite potassium nitrate nitrite for at least 3 000 years it was a thing that was done routinely you had to cure the meat or it would spoil sad high blood pressure is caused due to high sodium levels and i also stated that they do use these things to preserve the meat now 3 000 years is a little bit of time when you think about how long the earth is estimated to have been here and so our ancestors found out a way to do it now back when they cured it it contained much much more salt much more nitrates and nitrites than than it currently contains and we don’t really have any reports in in the old you know text or anything of people dropping dead of cancer all the time because they ate processed meat our ancestors back then were very smart very aware and very observant i think they would have seen the pattern that if you eat too much processed meat or cured bacon that you die of cancer and they would probably stop that according to research the ancestral africans participated in agriculture and sustained on a diet that focused on vegetables beans tubers grains roots and greens that is the original african diet according to research but then again meat is only a few million years old the earth is over four billion years old that’s number one number two the federal government since the 70s has limited strictly limited the amount of nitrates and nitrites that can occur in processed meat basically and a nitrate is basically it’s just a chemical ion and you can only have one part per million of nitrite in cured or processed meat and nitrite is a nitrogen atom with two oxygen atoms attached instead of three and so a lot of people get confused about the nitrate nitrite which one’s good which one’s bad and so basically what i’m about to tell you it may shock you a little bit but human uh saliva you make nitrates in your saliva okay so when you eat a source of nitrogen your body the upper part of your gastrointestinal system absorbs that and it’s put into your blood circulation and your body recycles it and you excrete it again as nitrate in your saliva in your spit now usually the body if something’s a poison your body will immediately filter that out of the bloodstream with the liver or the kidneys or both or it’ll use the cytochrome p450 system in the liver to break that down right or to attach something to it and then immediately excrete it and you either urinate it out or you poop it out that’s how we get rid of poisons but for some reason even though nitrates are deadly poison and cause cancer immediately your body recycles this and you excrete it in your saliva every day lots of it lots of it way more nitrate than you would get from eating an entire pound of bacon you excrete in your saliva every single day you just keep recycling it over and over it’s almost like your body thinks it’s good for you or something so yeah your your body recycles it and you excrete it in your saliva so you can swallow it over and over and over so i think the human body would have figured out by now if this were carcinogenic to get rid of this asap another thing is that’s really weird but totally true i saw it in multiple studies and i’m going to link a bunch of stuff down below so you can verify this i don’t want you to ever blindly believe my expert opinion or anyone else’s expert opinion because often expert opinion is full of crap that’s like me saying to you according to research the food spirit consuming is giving us cancer but don’t listen to me because what i’m saying is an expert opinion and expert opinions for the crop vegetables like lettuce and celery and beets contain huge amounts of nitrates yeah yeah that’s right and there’s actually research that shows that 80 of the nitrate that you ingest every day comes from vegetables yeah not bacon not salami not pastrami not bologna none of the processed meats you get very very tiny tiny amounts 10 parts per million one part per million from processed meat you get 80 of the nitrates that you ingest every day from your vegetables and our our vegan brothers and sisters would get 100 of the nitrates that they ingest every day from vegetables that’s where they get them from and they they actually would get more nitrates on a daily basis because they eat so many veggies than people who eat lots of meat and so you can see right away from the common sense you’re going what what yeah it gets better so okay the original research study which wasn’t actually research it was one of those expert opinion things that i talked to you about a minute ago from mit very very preeminent very respected university right it’s been around more than a hundred years they said nitrates in food caused cancer and they published this study back in i think it was 79 1979 and so turns out that this was not peer reviewed there was no meaningful rcts no double blinding this was basically just their expert opinion but as is the federal the federal government is want to do they very often do kind of like they did with ansel keys they just said oh gosh nitrates will cause cancer we better make some guidelines right now and so based on no research that was credible in any way this was made into basically federal law that nitrates will cause cancer and that you had to limit the amount of nitrates and nitrites that you put in your processed meats if you were a meat processor and so it kind of reminds you of the ansel keys seven country study episode where basically based on flawed non-peer-reviewed research all of a sudden now we have federal guidelines of how you should eat so yeah that’s this is where this all started was an mit publication that said nitrate causes cancer in rodents not even in humans and the federal government immediately put some guidelines in place to protect us from this imagined threats and so uh in 1981 the national academies of science did a big review of all the available research and they said nitrates are absolutely no risk for cancer they’re not carcinogenic at all we don’t know what they were talking about then in 1983 the national research council looked at this subject again and they said and that’s where we come to the conclusion that the original mit article was based it was never peer reviewed and so what peer review means is is i’ll write a research study and then i’ll send it to 20 other doctors and i’ll let them read it and and they’ll try to pick it apart and they’ll try to say oh this is not this is wrong this is factually incorrect there’s no research to back up this statement you made this statement wait your expert opinion is based on nothing and so then that wouldn’t get published if it was full of crap but the mit study was never subjected to peer review prior to publication so it just got published and it was gospel and so the in 1983 the national research council said yeah that that that uh study had fatal flaws that’s a quote for what they said and had no peer review and shouldn’t be acted on at all but it was too late the federal guidelines were already in place and if you know anything about government you know that once a law is enacted or once a guideline’s in place it’s hell to get it reversed and so that we still have this even though it’s based on literally no meaning for research whatsoever since the since 1983 there’s been at least 50 different studies and different reviews of the literature that can’t find any link between nitrates nitrites and increased cancer risk are you liking where we’re going with this so far so basically in in the 50 studies and reviews they keep coming up with you know maybe nitrites might actually i mean not nitrates might actually be healthy for us because remember i said earlier that nitrates and nitrites can can easily form nitric oxide which you may have heard of before it may sound familiar it actually dilates our blood vessels and so it lowers high blood pressure and it also helps with erectile dysfunction and so we’re actually now there’s ongoing research to use nitrates therapeutically as medicines to see if they can’t make a nitrate pill that will lower your blood pressure and help with ed no joke no joke whatsoever nitrates is actually beneficial according to your research then we should still go back to the plants i mean that’s what you’re saying because you said earlier that there are tiny nitrates in meat and the vegan brothers and sisters would gain 100 of nitrates but then according to your research nitrates can actually be beneficial for us so it still goes back to the meat is useless and that we should encourage people to consume more of a plant-based diet because no matter how you flip the coin it still goes back to a plant-based diet it’s actually research that shows that 80 of the nitrate that you ingest every day comes from vegetables yeah not bacon not salami not pastrami not bologna none of the processed meats you get very very tiny tiny amounts 10 parts per million one part per million from processed meat you get eighty percent of the nitrates that you ingest every day from your vegetables and our our our vegan brothers and sisters would get 100 of the nitrates that they ingest every day from vegetables that and then the 50 studies and reviews they keep coming up with nitrates might actually be healthy for us you get 80 of the nitrates that you ingest every day from your vegetables nitrates might actually be healthy for us you get 80 of the nitrates that you ingest every day from your vegetables and so all of the opinions that you hear out there oh bacon causes cancer red meat causes cancer nitrate nitrite yeah it’s all based on nothing literally less than nothing actually another thing you might you might find this interesting this is actually federal law if you use if you make a nitrate in the in the factory right and so sodium nitrate potassium nitrate even though it’s the exact same molecule you have to disclose that and you have to limit how much you put in processed meat but if you use celery salt which remember celery is very very high in nitrates you can say that your meat is nitrate and nitrite free even though it’s full of nitrates because they came from celery true story federal law i mean that’s fair coming from a natural source that’s like me saying birth control is real hormones now birth control is the exact same hormones that is in the female body estrogen and progesterone but one was produced in the laboratory and one was produced when my body instructed it to do so you’re debunking the nitrate issue what about the hormonal issue what about the cross breeding what about the chemicals that are added to the meat so that the meat can be produced in higher quantities and so you if you watch many youtube videos about this as i’ve watched a ton trying to do this research meet uh meet uh people at the usda they’ll just dance around this issue they’ll be like well you know we don’t consider that to be uh you know an artificial source of nitrate so it’s it’s legal to put in the meat it’s not it’s the same exact molecule there is no difference between this sodium nitrate and this sodium nitrate it’s just where they came from that’s the only difference it’s just where they came from that’s the only difference it’s just where they came from that’s the only difference it’s just where they came from that’s the only difference i’m going to do a video explaining why eating healthy is important it goes far beyond just physical health it’s mental spiritual it even has something to do with your gut you have a hair anyways i had a gut feeling eating healthy strengthens that that’s what we call a second brain so when you eat foods i’m going to do another video explaining [Music] that

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