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5 Things that QUICKLY Lower Blood Pressure

5 Things that QUICKLY Lower Blood Pressure – High Blood Pressure Symptoms

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In this video you are going to learn five things that can quickly lower your blood pressure my name is dr. story I’ve been a chiropractor for over 24 years I’m gonna give you some realistic advice based on my experience this is stuff that you can use almost right away I teach this to patients I’m going to explain the five things that can quickly lower blood pressure now some of these things have long-term effects some of these things are just quick fixes but nonetheless if you’re having high blood pressure you want to get it down so let’s get into it number ones beets beets or beet juice whichever way you want to use it can actually significantly lower your blood pressure very very quickly the reason why is because beets have nitrates in them which our body converts into nitric oxide which helps dilate the blood vessels and that is how it works now if you don’t like beet juice or eating beets I personally like beets so I could eat them on a salad I could drink the juice no problem but if you do not like it I’m gonna put a link down below of a recipe that you can use where you won’t even taste the beets it’s in a smoothie and what happens is I give this to my kids and they don’t even taste it so if you don’t like the taste of beets but you want the benefits of it then you could use that recipe number two deep breathing exercise if you’re having high blood pressure right now within five minutes we can reduce your blood pressure and how you do this is by deep breathing thirty deep breaths and what you do is you deep breathe in as deep as you humanly can and then just let the air out and just totally let your body go limp and relaxed and then you repeat it again inhale as deep as you possibly can and then exhale don’t even worry about whether you’re breathing with your chest or your belly whatever deep breathing thirty times will significantly lower your blood pressure the details are in another video I’ll put the link in the description most of the complaints about deep breathing are that oh well you’re just trying to make it temporary low yeah you are if you have high blood pressure and you want to lower it within five minutes show me anything else can do it that quickly easily for cheap it’s deep breathing but the benefits of deep breathing go farther than that if you were to do the deep breathing exercise that are in the video and do them every single day overtime they have an effect on your body long term much like brushing your teeth overtime has benefits one could argue that brushing your teeth is only temporary because as soon as you eat your teeth are dirty again right well but if you brush your teeth every single day you’re giving your body a break from the food that you’re putting on your teeth same thing with the breathing so the breathing is beneficial short-term but it’s also beneficial long-term so deep breathing is something that you definitely want to get into number three is magnesium if you have magnesium available 500 milligrams significantly lowers your blood pressure very very quickly you can also eat a lot of food that has magnesium but you do need to digest it and and that takes a little longer so if you’re using a plant-based diet and you’re eating a tremendous amount of colorful leafy vegetables you’re probably getting a tremendous amount of magnesium already however if you don’t eat that way you can also take magnesium supplements number four is actually surprising stare at fish swimming in as fish tank if you were to get a fish tank and actually just sit occasionally and watch the fish fish swim in the little fish tank you will actually quickly lower your blood pressure there have been studies done where patients were take put into a doctor’s office taking their blood pressure and then other people were sat in the waiting room staring at a fish tank for five or ten minutes before they had their blood pressure taken drop 20 points so staring and relaxing at a fish tank is very soothing to the mind and can significantly lower your blood pressure the fifth and final thing that you can do to lower your blood pressure very very quickly is to use acupuncture points or pressure points the first one is large intestine number eleven and it’s right there in the web of the thumb so what you would do how do you do the procedure is you take your finger or your thumb and you’ve just massaged into that area real firmly and that will actually help lower your blood pressure the next one is the pericardium number six so if you find the creases there go three fingers width down right there in between those two tendons is the area you would massage that area the last area that you can try to massage is if you bend your elbow like this that spot where the crease finishes on your elbow is the large intestine number eleven and then on the other side of the elbow right there is the heart number three and you can massage those areas and you will find that massaging these acupuncture points significantly lowers your blood pressure and it’s very very quick so if you thought this video is interesting give me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel share it on Facebook Instagram and Twitter because it just might help someone with their blood pressure

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